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  1. Totally Tounge in cheek, a Mack water cannon boat ride done to whaling . But Mack has this on it's Web site
  2. You know they have pulled it off before with MoA and Edmonton, they are picking up the pieces here and were the only ones willing and Miami is bending over for them as well. I figure it gets done this time, they wanted the bond deal and they got it.
  3. There's a gambling measure headed for the ballot in the fall that if voted in would lead the way for a Hard Rock Casino to built into the nearby grandstand of the horse track as well.
  4. All the artwork show an 8 person train. That makes a lot of these tight turns possible and a small park can pull that off but this would be a non starter for many parks due to capacity issues. Now, if you did a dueling coaster like this a mid sized park would actually have enough people to have it dueling most of the time.
  5. Boy bands need to stick to doing interviews with Tiger Beat and sing songs wrote for them. [youtu_be]https://youtu.be/3wGJVTrckNc[/youtu_be]
  6. I read yesterday that this project got it's ok from the FAA. It has also added a surf park (collection of flow riders to the roof of the parking structure/hotel.
  7. Funspot eyes waterpark expansion in wake of Wet and Wild closing http://www.mynews13.com/content/news/cfnews13/on-the-town/article.html/content/news/articles/cfn/2015/6/17/wet_n_wild_orlando_t.htmltv
  8. An update via their Facebook page. Appears the infrastructure work needed by the city has been put out for bid. https://m.facebook.com/adventurepointepark?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fadventurepointepark
  9. This ride so gives off an Indiana Jones feel yet it's Busch Gardens exploiting it not Disney.
  10. The addition of a coaster at both Florida parks will help push combo tickets for visitors and combo APs for locals.
  11. I would love to see an RMC redo. Keep it dueling but make one much different from the other. One would have inversions while the other gets revamped san inversions.
  12. I would hope there is some ride that is soon in the works for San Antonio regardless of habitat expendures. Compare ride adds at the Busch Parks and the other two SeaWorld parks to San Antonio over last few years. Talk about a lack of love. I have a feeling with Manby, he'll see this and correct it.
  13. What is San Antonio Alex. It's long overdue, has plenty of room and likely has the most growth potential of any of their current parks considering the lack major parks in Texas ouside of Six Flags.
  14. Surprisingly, there's not that many Mack Spinners out there. The major difference is Mack's are trains, not individual cars and more likely to be custom in layout. I could have seen a Crush's inspired spinner at SeaWorld. Are we sure this for sure a spinner? With what seems like indoor and outdoor sections maybe it's s less immersive version of the new Minimoys ride system. That's another one I could see at SeaWorld with aquarium sections to view during the ride.
  15. SeaWorld was upgraded to a buy from neutral by Goldman Sachs, stock has been up over 3% most of the day. Just wanted to throw that out since many think it's on the ropes. I'm making bank on them in the mean time.
  16. I agree it's more of a lack of proper marketing, compelling additions and Universal evolving into a multiday park with the Potter magic and aggressive attraction growth. Throw in the fact they have missed the park owned hotel bus and you have a park thats missing out that's also staring a secondary attraction boom like the Eye complex and proposed polarcoaster complex and you got to get aggressive. Sea World's animal and Sea attractions have to,set them apart from the explosion of aquariums over the past 15 years. Shark tubes are everywhere. That one reason I think Blue Ocean was concieved. It takes their biggest marine draw and gives it more of an immersive, natural feel with expanded viewing opportunities That also addresses some of the criticisms that plague them. It reminds me of the Whale Shark viewing structure at Chimelong Ocean in China. Make no mistake, some will never be satisfied as they want an end to All captive animals. The Orcas are the big shiny trophy that will help with the rest.
  17. I wonder why the park has a limit of 200ft? Is that imposed by the city? Seems odd since Skyplex, at well over 500 ft, will be just down the street. . I think they are having to seek a variance.
  18. What is with this "they don't have money" bit. Are they Underperforming? Yes! But they are not broke and about to fold. Blackstone owns a significant chunk of stock still. It and it's Merlin holdings are performing well on the markets. SEAS itself was at 5 bucks off it's bottom before today. With solid new leadership the willingness to spend(Blue Ocean, Falcon's Fury, new coasters for both BGs, ect) maybe they get the right marketing to take advantage of the capital expenditures. If one would have created a basket of theme park stocks(six flags, Blackstone, Cedar, Merlin) around four years ago and invested in them, they would be happy happy happy as they all have performed well. SEAS can be no different. If someone would have bought them while they at the bottom a few months back they'd have tremendous profit potential. I see this as a shark themed coaster and I figure the theming will become more elaborate as they focus on updating the shark habitat post ride. I think the ride itself is just to create buzz at the moment .
  19. Connected to Incheon International http://www.theday.com/business/20150421/mohegans-south-korean-airport-corporation-announce-casino-development
  20. Just a possibility. Herschend grew under Manby, he'll want to grow SEAS so no one park or asset exposes the company. Diversification! Herschends are old and Second Gen in the business. Third Gens are usually a disaster business wise. A healthy price could fund foundations and causes for decades without risks for the family. Most of Herschends succesful growth happened under his watch.
  21. I think you'll see a buyout of HFE in a few years by SEAS once the financials get sorted out with the stock buyback and capital put into the Orca habitats.
  22. My thought for Gwazi would be a RMC remake, still dueling but one side with inversions and the other without. That's not going to happen, though.
  23. Take notes Cedar Fair and Six Flags, new attractions on opening day.
  24. Ah, here's an update on Ft. Lauderdale's Schlitterbahn. A good ol' fed agency at work in making a mess of things: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fort-lauderdale/fl-lauderdale-schlitterbahn-faa-land-sale-20141224-story.html
  25. I read about this yesterday morning on a development website I read, as it fascinates me. I wondered when it would appear here. Seems it did in the evening. Yep, that's a De-Nicked rendering of MOA and the water park is Edmonton. I been to MOA but not Edmonton. Here's what it see in this. They seem to suggest Merlin has future here with the Lego listed, that also leads me to assume the Aquarium would be a SeaLife. I got my Google on and looked up American Dream Meadowlands and Mall of America and see where they are on those. Seems like the bonds haven't been issued yet for ADM but work is slowly taking place in the meantime. I read where they have finished up the pilings for the theme park and waterpark in a progress report given back in Jan. I know this project had to overcome renewed resistance from the NFL teams and the abyss of Jersey politics and that slowed it down. But... slowly it is happening with them even going so far as naming tenants like Saks and Lord and Taylor to FAO to and UGGS boutique . Mall of American is continuing it's expansion. So, things do happen with this outfit. From what I've read, retailers love them and when asked about being named they don't dismiss it like they usually do as they like to control that but just say nothing planned yet but we have a great relationship, yada, yada, yada. American Dreams Meadowlands links http://www.northjersey.com/news/american-dream-officials-say-financing-set-for-meadowlands-project-1.1260096 http://www.northjersey.com/news/retail-giants-lining-up-american-dream-says-1.1148277?page=all MOA progress http://finance-commerce.com/2014/12/mall-of-america-expansion/ I follow development, I know this is more likely than Miami Wilds/Paramount thema parks just because these guys have existing projects to point to. I know not everything they have tried to do has happened as well. I know that Southwest Airlines is spearheading an international terminal and expansion at Ft. Lauderdale as they move into international flights with Central and South America flights. The location seems to make sense on the grander scheme of things scale. They are targeting "international" areas. Notice that Minneapolis is an legit International airport with a direct rail link to MOA along with New York and Miami. American Dream Meadowlands has a rail link and apparently this Miami location does not have one it seems. There's a connection there. Target folks with extended layovers not just tourist to the local area. That's how we did MOA, planned 9 hours between connecting flights to hit it quickly in between. It also reminds me of Schlitterbahn's plan for a Ft. Lauderdale waterpark, I wonder where that stands.
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