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  1. Don't know if you saw this but https://dgg7tpqbqoprk.cloudfront.net/galleries/1431380576-78a3011f052ba9a2770c99720f2c0a7f.jpg if you were to see in the back behind WindSeeker, you would see a orange and green HYPER COASTER.
  2. I feel like simply removing the audio equipment and replacing the missing row of seats would make the coaster feel worlds better than it does now. I've seen POVs of Bizarro, and personally I think the on-board audio is a good touch. But I agree with replacing the missing row of seats. What it really needs is new restraints. That would make it feel worlds better.
  3. Oldest wooden- Thunderhawk at Dorney Park Oldest steel- SooperDooperLooper at Hersheypark
  4. ^Great Adventure has Green Lantern and Zumi with single-rider. And the Flash Pass would be worth it if you were to go on a weekend. Rides like Toro, Ka, Superman, and Nitro tend to get quite long waits on crowded days. Bizarro isn't needed for the Flash Pass, it usually has very short waits. Green Lantern, and Batman usually don't have very long waits, but on really crowded days, they usually tend to get 30-45 min. Same with El Diablo, but it has longer lines more often, due to low capacity. So I would get the Flash Pass for one of those really hot and crowded Saturdays.
  5. On June 20th, in the morning, I will be leaving to SFNE from Jersey. I plan to go to the park as soon as we get there. We do have Six Flags Season Passes. We would stay there for the day, and then check in at our hotel down the road. Then, on the morning of June 21st, we would leave from our hotel,and might head down to Lake Compounce for the day. We would probably spend most of the day there, leaving LC at around 7ish, and head back home in the night. Do you have any advice on this trip, like crowds, planning, and overall.
  6. Yes some Six Flags parks have added decent rides in the past few years, but some. Well, - La Ronde hasn't added a BRAND NEW coaster since Goliath - Besides Medusa: Steel Coaster, Mexico hasn't really added much. - SFDK got shows (pretty good though) - Over Georgia hasn't gotten a pretty decent ride since 2011. - Great Adventure hasn't added a BRAND NEW coaster since Toro - America- Starting to climb up there, Coaster then Super Loop then waterpark expansion And the rest are good (new england, st louis, magic mountain, over texas, fiesta texas, great america)
  7. Well true about the revamp thing. But still. Six Flags hasn't put in a good lineup of rides recently. (besides the RMCs and X-Flight)
  8. Six Flags hasn't really spent as much as they did before after El Toro. Now they're the Six Flags you see today, mostly installing rides under 10 million. X Flight was their last decently expensive coaster. That was 2012.
  9. Great Adventure: Removing Rolling Thunder Removing GASM Calling El Diablo a damn coaster (Six Flags in general)
  10. Well, Cedar Fair doesn't work with Intamin a lot, and Six Flags doesn't put in very expensive items. But yea, it's a really unique coaster, and I wouldn't want something like this anywhere else. That's whats unique about Toro. And Toro did cost 12 Million.
  11. I found this interesting prediction of what Georgia Cyclone may look like if it gets the treatment. Very accurate.
  12. Thanks everyone for the advice! I will put Lake Compounce into consideration!
  13. Want to ride an RMC bad, but that will be broken in a week.
  14. It would be cool if Le Monstre got the treatment. It would be similar to Medsua: SC. Sort of.
  15. Hey guys. I'm heading to the park from Jersey on June 20th, leaving in the morning, and staying at a hotel overnight. Then, i'm heading back to the park the next day after checking out, and after my time at the park on the 21st, I would head back home. Do you guys have any tips for me? Thanks
  16. "So guys which side do you want to go on?" (referring to Twisted Colossus)
  17. The woodies currently in the running for the treatment are... Le Monstre Roar Great American Scream Machine Georgia Cyclone Boss Screamin' Eagle Let me know if there are any I forgot, or if any of these don't sound like they should be in this list.
  18. A little late, but last time I rode Nitro, I got 2nd row on Train C, and 4th row on Train A. Honestly, I thought Train A was much smoother than Train C, even though Train A didn't run well at the beginning of the year. They must have refurbished it very well, recently.
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