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  1. Nitro> Apollos Chariot Intimidator> Nitro Fury 325> The top 3 I305 > Most of the coasters in the top 15 Maverick> All of the B&M Hypers and MF and Bizarro. The GTAs are really admiring these B&M Hypers! Oh almost forgot, WC, New Texas Giant, IR > Nitro, AC, Intimidator
  2. El Toro. Couldn't recall the date, but it was an amazing experience for one of my many times on the bull! I was waiting, and got on the ride, and as I was going up the lift, it began to pour! Took 7th row.
  3. B&M- Hypers Intamin- Woodie (El Toro) RMC- I-Box Premier- YOLOcoaster Vekoma- Flying Dutchman Gerstlauer- Eurofighter Zamperla- Air Race Huss- Frisbee S&S- 4D Free Spin
  4. This years GTAs weren't very good. Millennium Force won AGAIN, and I think in my opinion I305 is better than MF, which didn't even make the top 10. Wicked Cyclone deserves to be in the top 10, and not NTG. Even though Is a good ride, Mummy was going against coasters which may have been overall better, like Space Mountain, and Rock n' Roller Coaster. I wasn't surprised Fury would win best new ride, however I was when Dive Bomber won best water ride. Europa won best park, again, which, even though is a great park, isn't as great as CP. Glad Schlitterbahn retained, because if it didn't, that would've made it worse. Yea. So, it clearly wasn't the best, and I'm hoping that next year MF can finally lose its #1 title, maybe change things up a bit, and the fact that CP is hosting next year could be a sign that they may win best park next year. Hoping for a good one!
  5. ^ yea i agree. This is probably one of the worst years for six flags with the exception of Joker and TM. My guess is that Six Flags is trying to get super loops at all of the parks, so La Ronde, Mexico, Great America, and Magic Mountain should be getting one next year. Unless, because SF calls them coasters, it'll be the 20th coaster at SFMM. So big disappointment at SFMM in 2017?
  6. You know what everyones wanted this whole time? A wing coaster. Back in Spring, people were saying it was between a 4D, a Wing, or a Justice League. And most people wanted a wing, but were expecting a 4D. Because of X Flight, NJ is now really wanting a wing. I'm telling you, thats the reason why everyone is complaining.
  7. Skull mountain is quite bumpy and gives you some whiplash, but imo, the back row of SM isn't bad. Yes it does hurt a lil bit, but since its in the dark and you can't really see the track, you feel like your going a lot faster.
  8. Their probably gonna cut down lots of trees near the picnic grove and the water tower. They have a few acres of space, good for a wingrider.
  9. Wing coaster rumor! This was on the survey and was sent to ONLY GREAT ADVENTURE, unlike the 4D free-fly. https://instagram.com/p/35HMsCsi47/ Thoughts?
  10. They really should because Jurassic World was so good. They should make an entire section of the park dedicated to the Jurassic Park series and call it: Jurassic World!
  11. And you can also kinda see purple and yellow track behind one of I305's airtime hills.
  12. Hi, I attempted to download Moby's Steel Jungle v1 and v2 just like I do with all of my other cs. Whenever I open Moby's in the game, it always crashes. Any help?
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