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  1. In regards to certain rides being open at certain times; last year when I was working there for three days (with people from dorney. We sent people up to help with staffing at CP) one of the employees told me that the open and close stuff based on where people are in the park.
  2. Guess they dont want to deal with the thousands of people that will be complaining. What could they say, except "You're welcome, for closing the coaster so you don't get hurt." You know people will go complain because other rides are closed and they had to wait for food and other stupid stuff.
  3. Guess they dont want to deal with the thousands of people that will be complaining.
  4. The first hotel I posted above (Here. I always recommend this place when people ask where to stay.) is 5 minutes from the park, but also about a 10 minute drive from Cincinnati. When I was there a few year ago, I only did the river front park. Down by the two stadiums there are some pretty cool things to do. There is a casino right of the highway as well. Not so sure with food options.
  5. Here. I always recommend this place when people ask where to stay. or here. You can't go wrong with either. Both are perfect.
  6. I honestly do not understand why people go to a park for the "opening day" of a ride and wait HOURS in line when you can basically go a couple of weeks later and ride with a significantly (in this case maybe several hours) less of a wait in line. Is it really worth the bragging rights? Am I missing something? Then again, I watched people wait two hours for a freaking donut at Universal on the opening day a few weeks back and I went about a week later and walked right up to the cash register... I would kind of go with them having bragging rights. They can say that they rode SV (or any coaster) on opening day like they won the noble prize. Those same people will 97% of the time, go online and complain about how busy the park was and how they waited so long to ride the ride.
  7. That will be one of the new world records for SV - longest line! I am tempted to go earlier rather than later, but I prefer to get some re-rides. Late summer might be better than the next couple weeks for that? When valravn opened a few year ago, I went their first week of daily operations, and only waited an 1 and 45 minutes for valravn. But with SV, it'll probably be worse. So I'd wait till like August or so to go out.
  8. I definitely think the wait on opening will be 6-8 hours. With the hype that the coaster is receiving, i can see the park beating Gatekeepers opening weekend, which is apparently their most successful opening weekend in the history of the park.
  9. Even better would be to switch back and forth between the video footage and zoomed in stills. I use a really big monitor and the areas of the park that are usually discussed (tunnel, lumberjack etc) are very tiny on my screen. The zoomed in images you've been posting on instagram have been looking really good lately. Thanks for that suggestion! Will def try it out Would be cool to add in arrows or circles to things you're talking about. I'm not familiar with the park. Watching the videos I never know where to look for things.
  10. Remember though, at Walt Disney World they have all kinds of special "themed costumes" in certain areas. You'll be able to find them in their normal costumes still in the other parks. Oh yes very true!
  11. Awesome report Robb! Not sure how i feel with Chip and Dale getting new outfits as they are my favorite... Hopefully the outfits grow on me. With my many visits to the park, i dont think ive ever seen the bird show before. That upsets me.
  12. I love when parks spend money in lanscaping. The park looks better than it did whe i visited last summer. The fountain looks incredible.
  13. No no. That would not be their fault. That would be on cedar fair for not investing capital into the park.
  14. www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-bz-universal-acquires-more-property-20180412-story,amp.html?__twitter_impression=true Looks like universal just bought some more land in Orlando.
  15. That right there is a good enough reason to put no stock whatsoever in TripAdvisor reviews... because everyone knows Dorney Park never has lines, even on Saturdays in the middle of June. Whoops. I meant to say July, but even if they have to wait like 5-10 minutes, they will complain.
  16. in my favorite top three things to do online, probably number 3, is going through Dorneys Trip Advisor reviews and reading the negative ones. I love when people complain about having to wait in long lines, on a saturday, in the middle of june. I just dont understand why people complain about long lines when YOU'RE AT AN AMUSEMENT PARK. Cedar Fair (at least Dorney) can fall under this as well. In my 4 1/2 years at the park, games operators were making 7.25 an hour until the 2016 season. They finally gave a raise to all the departments because employee turnover was awful. Rides and foods actually had to raise the wages twice in the 2016 season because they were still hurting for employees. As a department supervisor (right under the area manager) i was making 10 an hour, which was, imho, below of what i should of been getting.
  17. Surprised no one posted this yet. Its Steel Vengeance control panel getting programmed
  18. Gotta book through frontier if you can. They have like 90% off flights of you fly from April or may.
  19. Most relate-able post of the day. There have been times when 3 or 4 hours have past its felt like 2.
  20. I was getting so hyped, especially for that lazy river.
  21. ^ doing the 3D buildings is pretty cool at amusement parks. I spend way to much of my time on google maps and good earth.
  22. So Google Earth has finally started updating the maps, and Mean Stre.... I mean Steel Vengeance, looks so nice. Google Maps
  23. It might be a few years, if at all. Carowinds Hurler isn't that bad; not that great either. Honestly it's a snoozefest from what it once was IMO. For 2019 [Project alpha]: There are already markers and drilling in the station area where Thunder Road was and the former Sand Dune Lagoon. There are pictures out there showing this, but from another forum site, so I won't share them here. Interesting.
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