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  1. Yes. Go during the regular season and go back for Holiday in the Park because it's the sh*t. I've never been to their holiday in the park, so maybe that will be the selling point.
  2. Should I spend the money and a membership for the park? I'm really on the fence about it.
  3. sooo who wants to start a betting pool on when Hurler closes for the RMC treatment?
  4. When i first read an article earlier today about him being charged, i was confused as to why they were charging the former dirctor of ops for the death of Caleb. But after reading the whole 48 pages, i am completely happy this guy is getting charged. Spending 3 years as a supervisor at an amusement park, i could NEVER image one of my managers or dirctors telling me to altor a statement. Actually, ive been told by security to rewrite statements before because there wasnt enough details in it. This guy deserves everything that is coming for him.
  5. www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/02/12/carowinds-plans-development-on-northeast-side-of.html?ana=TRUEANTHEMTWT_CH&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_content=5a81f2474b7385000723c789&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter Could the permit be for a hotel? Carowinds plans development on northeast side of park By Ashley Fahey – Staff Writer, Charlotte Business Journal Feb 12, 2018, 2:17pm EST Updated Feb 12, 2018, 2:25pm The amusement park will begin construction on a five-floor, 130-room SpringHill Suites by Marriott hotel this spring on the northeast corner of Carowinds.
  6. Links or photo of the permit? Not sure why you'd want to see proof when the park announced it's coming down. yeah i know its coming down. I searched on South whitehalls web page and couldnt find anything. Also drive by the park everyday for work and havent seen a crane.
  7. I've accepted the fact that this will won't happen. Ever. After riding it in the summer, it was the worst decision of my life. If they were to RMC it, it would be amazing. But yeah, it'll never happen.
  8. Banshee construction started before the season as well, correct? Also, they couldve started early so that vortex can be open by seasons start, instead of having to close the ride early for construction come September/October.
  9. And the winner is playing for a chance to lose a bet to Six Flags New England. Luckily Cedar Fair already has a Patriot logo at the ready so they don't have to put in too much effort. Nah. Jags are pulling off the upset.
  10. Eh, gatekeeper was number one last year, so I'm keeping it there.. Gatekeeper Millennium force Valravn Raptor Magnum. MF and valravn could easily be switched though.
  11. All the home that dorney owns were supposed to be torn down at the end of the 2016 season. A water park expansion was suppose to happen but they switched it to the troika and bumper cars. There is an area for storm water but that's it. Only other thing is a service road to get into the back of the food stands in the water park and another that goes around the exterior of the water park. The water park paths are awful and need to be redesigned. So I hope you're right.
  12. 1) Gatekeeper 2) Millenium Force 2) Fury 325 4) Outlaw Run (new) 5) Lightning Rod 6) Valravn 7) Mystic Timber (new) 8) Skyrush 9) Diamondback 10) Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast (ST Louis; new) Honorable Mention: Mako (new) Beast (new) Thunderbird (new) Stormrunner Maverick
  13. Yeah no. The few problems though with the park building back there is 1) its a "flood" zone. so it would be hard to get anything approved, especially knowing the township. And 2) there is a water main that runs back there, and the township said they will rip out anything and everything, including a coaster, to fix it. Also, the flyers arent being moved, that plot of land has already been ripped up and back filled with dirt. Urgent scare is one of, if not, the most popular haunt attraction, that is not going anywhere any time soon.
  14. The x out spots are what dorney does not own. From what I was told is that the parking lot/parking booths are getting redone. I was told that a new coaster is going in where food fest is, which is in the top right corner in the screenshot. With dinos leaving, they could move grave walkers over back there, and use where grave walkers is now for stuff. But with it being dorney, their capital plan a can change at any time. Only time will tell.
  15. From my understanding, dorney *might* be announcing winferfest before the start of next seasson. The soon to be CEO said that one of two parks announced it, the one being KD. If you think about it, dorney has added two new family rides, two coke refill stations, and new pavilions all at the top of the park. From my understanding, and from talking to others at the park, the main midway and planet snoopy would be open for winterfest. Like what coasterbill said a a few post ago, the park could easily close off the lower s3ction of the park, but he said down by the other section of games. All they have to do is close it off by airbrush/hydra gifts, and both sides of Auntie Anne's. You would have all snoopy rides open, the carousel, wave swinger, dodgem, the trokia, wild mouse and the train open. The train could have amazing theming if dorney could get the capital for it. Hydra and talon *could* be open. You could push to have Apollo, sea dragon and musik express and enterprise open. Hence why all the new additions were at the top of the park. (The two new flats werent even suppose to happen originally.) Plus, all the buildings up that way; chickies, good time gifts, snoopy boutique, coasters, arcade, and cinnabun all have heating. The games would be easy to add heat.
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