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  1. Coaster looks amazing! Cant wait to ride! Adding to an already great coaster lineup. On a side note, the parks live stream was absolutely terrible.
  2. Remember when so many people were confident that Cedar Point were going to build some crazy coaster because its their 150th anniversary. Good times. Good times.
  3. I wonder if that has a lot to do with the park treating their employees well. People love Knoebels because the employees treat the guests well. The employees enjoy their jobs, and in turn the guests, because Knoebels treats them well? Seems likely to me. I'm glad you had a good visit. Thanks for sharing. Definitely is. My sister was talking to a worker who said she drives an hour and a half for work because she loves it. Food lines were busy, but not one employee had an attitude. Staff was incredible.
  4. Mini trip report!! Took a wonderful day trip up to knoebels with my mom, sister, and grandmother on a beautiful saturday in august with temperatures in the low 80s and no humidity. It was their first time there for all three. I visited fornthe first time last year with tpr. Arrived around 11:45 to 2 lanes of inbound traffic, which was expected with this wonderful weather. The park does a wonderdul job with their traffic. Really impressed with that! Walked around for the first hour or so and then stopped and got lunch at the international food court. Ordered a meatball sub, garlic toast, and a large soda all for $11 dollars. I love it. The food was amazing. Highly recommend the meatball sub. Side note: a security guard saw us looking at the map, confused on where to go, and approached us asking if we needed help. You dont usually see that at six flags or even some cedar fair parks. Staff is so amazing there! Didnt do any of the coasters but did take a nice relaxing ride on both trains and the scrnic skyway. Watched Group Du Jour at the band shell, really good group that played some good songs. Enjoyed some very good ice cream. Played fascinations with my mom and sister. Both their first times playing and my mom won on the second game we played. (Beginners luck.) Also did the coal mine museum and knoebels history. Really cool seeing the history of the park with photos and a timeline. All in all, it was a wonderful and perfect day at the park. Parking was over half full by the time i arrived. Have to admit, knoebels does a hell of a job with their traffic. Kudos to them. Impulse is such a fun ride! Love the loop! I do argee, best carousel there is! Love when parks display their Golden Ticket Awards! Love the dedication from the knoebels team! Park has very nice landscaping throughout! Parks are always better at night! Reminds me of a candy cane!
  5. This looks amazing! Cant wait to get back to holiday world in the coming years!
  6. Well no, it's July. Thanks for informing me about that. I will be sure to use this information wisely.
  7. I've heard that winter fest isn't happening just yet. Also, Stinger The Revenge?
  8. I saw on snapchat that the park was parking cars down in gravewalkers, which usually means they are expecting huge crowds
  9. Gatlinburg does the first fourth of july parade in the country at midnight. Its really cool and fun. Id recommend sitting by the Gatlinburg brewing company. anywhere within the blue circle is a good place to watch it. The parade starts just up the road and usually isnt that crowded. The red circle is public parking. Easy in and out. Id park there a few hours before and then to walk around Gatlinburg and do some of the shops on the main road. You can check out more into here, parade link We didnt do the fireworks because we went to dollywood on the fourth, which wasnt that busy, sobwe did the parks fireworks. Check out more info here.fireworks link Dollywood has an amazing fireworks show on the fourth. id watch them near the front entrance. Get a really nice view of them and great photo opts, plus the exit is right there. Gatlinburg, pigeon forge and dollywood are the best place to be on fourth of july.
  10. Wawa or wendys. In all seriousness though, ive heard good things about tidal wave cafe. If you can, use it at chickie and petes.
  11. That section of the park is always so nice and well landscaped! During haunt, its even better!
  12. That last photo is beautiful! Amd the ones from hydra are fantastic! Hydra really is a photogenic coaster! Glas to hear you had a good time at the park!
  13. Does anyone know roughly when school go back? Want to try and plan a trip for august.
  14. Dorney disabled the holding break on Possessed because it cost them too much electricity and power to run it.
  15. My thoughts: They posted this sign up knowing it will draw attention and create talk about the park on social media networks. My thoughts 2.0: They are stating that some type of journey or expedition is on the way.
  16. There is a 99% chance that cedar point already has their next coaster planned out and designed.
  17. CP, CW, Carowinds, and KI were more than likely probably the biggest money makers, as well as the cali parks. And parks will always turn to poor weather as an excuse for bad attendance. I know dorney closed a lot this year for weather, more than the last few years. Knoebels and hershey both had the flooding issues. Parks will 100% of the time blame weather.
  18. Attendance up 1% with both steel Vengeance and twisted timbers opening in the same year is not good. Itll be very interesting to see how Carowinds and Canadas Wonderland do with their new coasters this summer.
  19. Guessing this took place in a maze, no boos dont work in mazes. So even if she had a no boo and went into a maze, she'll still get scared by actors. There is advertising at EVERY.STORE. in the park for no boos. The roving cart literally 15 ft from the main entrance has them. They're impossible to miss!
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