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  1. Last year on the tpr trip, there was an issue with 9ne of the guys not fitting. He tried using his elbows, other tried helping him, but we got yelled out if we did help him.
  2. I feel for her, but at the same time I can't help but feel that it's turned into nothing more than a money grab now. If he had the phone in his pocket(as he claims) how can the park be held responsible? If she is to go after anyone, it would be the guy with the phone.....not the park. I assume the phone was not retrieved by the individual, so his info should be on the phone. The park posts the rules, and they are clearly posted. They can't enforce what they can't see. Sucks she got hit, but I hope she doesn't get a dime from the park. Go after the person responsible for the injury, guests need to be held responsible for their stupid actions. The park will pay out though no matter what. So she'll more than likely go after the park. Which is annoying because 1) it's not the parks fault and 2) the guy was a dumb ass. I also find it funny how she says she is never going back fo kd again because she is scared. But does she not realize this can happen at any park?
  3. Really enjoying the mobile site on my phone way more than the desktop version!!!
  4. Okay. I am officially putting 'Going to Japan' on my bucket list. Looks like you are all having a wonderful time there! So jealous!!
  5. Im gonna put that right next to my Firechaser Express sticker on my car
  6. ^ dorney allowed facial hair last year and tattoos this year, which is a huge plus. In my opinion, people are probably finally realizing that working at an amusement park (not just cedar point) is awful because the parks work you to death, with small pay and little incentives. In my 4 1/2 years at dorney, 3 1/2 as a supervisor my summer was working 6 days a week, 50-60, some times 70 hours a week. Getting paid around 9.00-9.50 as an area games supervisor is not ideal. I know dorneys employee turnover over the years was God awful because pay sucked and they worked you to death. Ride ops and dorney were usually the worst because ride ops were getting around 7-8 dollars. I'd imagine this has some of the effect on why parks hurt for staffing.
  7. Basically the report has flaws. 1. The guy with the gash in his leg, did he rush to get through the gate before it closed. Did he do something to get injured? No details were given. 2. I'm sure Cedar Point keeps track of everything like companies do with their warehouses. But companies don't publically report if they have a minor injuries. IT may become public knowledge if something major happens. Notice Cedar Point reported earlier this year that 4 people received medical attention and were back in the park after the SV trains tapped. 3. I love how the report sells that heart conditions, back problems and other issues that Cedar Point tells you NOT to ride if you have any of these conditions are some of these unreported injuries. 4. Then when they rattled off some of the unreported injuries, each one was the result of the water oark and had nothing to do with the theme park. Typical news report... If I remember correctly, the guy tried running through the gate to get on the train in the station as the gate was closing.
  8. Coaster bill; that one of maverick is absolutely amazing! That is just an creditable shot! Amazing work! Steamedturle; the parking lot photo is beautiful! The only thing that would make it perfect is if gatekeeper was going through the keyholes I kid maybe honestly, amazing photo!
  9. Cedar point lost power at around 1:45. this video on twitter shows powers lines sparking. Also saw a tweet that showed a car that crashed in the lot.
  10. Yep! Went and double checked a few construction photos of Time Traveler and DC Rivals. Definitely very similar! I'm so pumped for this. Assuming it's what we think it will be, this is a perfect fit for Carowinds, and the US gets another huge Mack coaster! There was a photo of a wooden back that says Mack on it.
  11. Dorney is one of his parks. so clearly an rmc is going in at dorney
  12. possibly new for 2019 http://www.mcall.com/news/local/parkland/mc-nws-south-whitehall-dorney-park-dorms-20180518-story.html
  13. watching the webcams now, at 6:33pm, gatekeeper was just running.
  14. Raised $1,204 out of the $20M goal. If, IF my math is correct, thats 0.00602% of the goal. If my math is incorrect, I blame the school district i went to.
  15. Can you (or anyone affiliated w/ the park) confirm if its because of budget/how much power it sucks up, or because its broken and somehow irreparable? I've heard both excuses. Either way its lame. I was told by both a few ride supervisors and a few people from maintenance that it is because it uses so much electricity to run.
  16. They put in a brand new lawn next to Possessed. It's quite an upgrade. Also added a new 'Dorney Park' sign in the flower bed in front of apollo.
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