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  1. Awesome! I can't wait to see what they replace it with. That would be a great expansion pad for the park's next major addition like a haunt maze or another chicken tender stand. Ive heard from rumors that there is a possibility that they will use that land for....... wait for it..... a hotel.......
  2. I know dorneys will be closing after next season. They haven't made the parks money in years, especially since cardholders got in for free.
  3. Oh Al, he was a mean man. Cant push down on the restraint. Lion King is hands down one of the best shows there is. You also know that these awards are a joke when Steel Force is the 44th best steel coaster in the world.....
  4. Busch gardens Tampa is now closed all day tomorrow, Saturday the 9th.
  5. T2:3D isn't anywhere near any of the Potter lands so I'd say it's pretty unlikely. Also, Potter isn't a "Universal franchise" which is what it said in the announcement. My apologies. Didn't see the "Universal franchise" part on Twitter.
  6. Yeah knowing dorney it probably isn't much other than the new cafe in wwk.
  7. Yeah this pretty much sums it up for me too. I love being at an amusement park in the fall. Ill take going to any park in the fall over the summer any time. I dont really do any of the haunt stuff either. When i went to Cedar Point a few years ago at the end of September, it was honestly perfect- no lines, weather was in the 70s and the skies were blue. I wasnt sweating my butt off from the heat.
  8. It could be, it could be for something else. Like a ride or waterslide. Not really sure. I have/had a feeling they didn't announce everything because they were waiting for final approval, so this could be it. Or it could be for the restaurant.
  9. I did a Sunday in fall a few years ago, and there were little crowds. We got to the park around 12:30 and did everything we wanted by 6.
  10. ^^ from what I was told when I worked at the park this summer is that maintenance turned off the holding break because it takes so much power and electricity to run it, that the park turned it off to help save the money.
  11. Apparently this is the concept art for the new cafe in the water park. If this is really it, I have absolutely no idea where it will be because space is limited. The only place I could honestly think of is next to the wave pool on the grass area.
  12. While Dorney is selling all season fast lane plus for $125 next year
  13. Silver Dollar City is an hour after Kings Dominion. Yeah I juast realised that.
  14. It's almost here!!! Looks like I have to get my laptop now to watch theirs and kd at the same time. #FirstWorldProblems
  15. They'll be crying for the rest of their life because it's never happening. But the dinos alive contract ends next year! Totally a woodie going back there. GCI all the way. One of those bike cops at the park told me. He totally knows what he's talking about.
  16. They'll be crying for the rest of their life because it's never happening.
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