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  1. Looking forward to riding Ice Breaker some time in the spring/summer when im in Orlando!
  2. I worked with a manager at Dorney that used to be at Geauga Lake and help at CP during weekends. He worked maverick on their busiest operating day in their history. Park closed at 12. Had a 3 hr line. Then took another hour to transfer all the trains off the track. Didnt get out into after 4am. CP and many other CF parks rely heavily on international employees.
  3. Carrie Boldman Named Vice President & General Manager at Cedar Point "SANDUSKY, Ohio (April 6, 2021) – Cedar Point today announced that Carrie Boldman has been named vice president and general manager of the park. She succeeds Jason McClure, who has been promoted to senior vice president, park operations, at Cedar Point’s parent company, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. Boldman previously served as Cedar Point’s vice president of merchandise and games, and brings 25 years of experience in strategic development, brand management and merchandising expertise to her new role. She spent 16 years as director of product development and design for Disney Parks and Resorts. She then spent two years as director of marketing and sales for The Chef’s Garden, a family-owned sustainable farm in Huron, Ohio, before joining the Cedar Fair team in 2013. Boldman will also make history as the first female general manager of the park in its 150 years of operation. “Carrie is a talented leader with an impressive track record in product development and design,” said Tim Fisher, chief operating officer of Cedar Fair. “We are confident that her skills and experience will help build on Cedar Point’s rich legacy of creating memorable experiences for the millions of guests who visit the park each year.” “As a Huron native who grew up coming to Cedar Point and spent six years working here as a seasonal associate, I am tremendously proud to have the opportunity lead this talented team,” said Boldman, whose two daughters also work at the park. “The park has been a vital part of the Sandusky community for 150 years, and I look forward to forging even stronger connections with our guests through fun, immersive experiences.” In McClure’s new role, he will oversee operations at the following Cedar Fair parks: Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto; Cedar Point; Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon, Michigan; Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania; Kings Island near Cincinnati; and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. He had served as vice president and general manager at Cedar Point since 2014, with responsibility for the day-to-day operations and financial performance of the 150-year-old amusement park. He began his Cedar Fair career in 2001 in the finance division of Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina. McClure earned his way up to vice president of finance and, in 2005, transitioned to the same role at Kings Island. In 2008, he became vice president and general manager of Dorney Park before taking the top role at Cedar Point. “Jason brings significant operations and finance experience to this senior leadership role, as well as a deep passion for delivering on our commitment to provide guests with fun, dynamic and memorable experiences they can share with their family and friends,” Fisher said. “I am thrilled to take on this new role, leading several Cedar Fair parks in their mission to deliver great experiences and memories for our guests and associates,” said McClure. “Cedar Point is in great hands. Carrie is passionate about the park, its associates and their desire to continue the legacy of providing legendary fun, and I look forward to continue working with her and the Cedar Point team.”" https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/media-center/cedar-point-names-new-general-manager
  4. Family took the day and went to Hersheypark for their Christmas Candyland event. Weather was perfect; cold and overcast. Park looked beautiful with all they lights. The snow definitely added extra beauty to everything. The new Chocolatetown looks fantastic. Cant wait for the restaurant and ice cream parlor to open up! I did not ride Candymonium, did not feel like doing the walk of shame. Now onto photos! The new entryway is great. Love the openness and the view of the water and coaster. I like fun and chocolate Love the color of the ride. The sign is one of the best i've seen! I always need to take some type of sunset picture! Wish the lights went up the tree more, but they still looked great! New this year was TREEville At the Boardwalk. Some tree were decorated by a certain group and if you took a photo in front of them, you got a price. And the price was...... HERSHEY CANDY this was decorated after hot chocolate! This was themed to.... PEPSI (Coke is still better) Seems a little cold for the wave pool. Waterpark themed tree!! They had the 'welcome' sign at the end of the treevillage. Grabfries are a gods gift from heaven. From Fahrenheit all the way back towards the whip, they had the 12 days of Christmas. Unfortunately, this is the only photo that came out half decent. We did ride the train, but we did it before the sun had fully set, so we didnt get to see the lights in their awe. Triple tower looks good in christmas colors! So the area down by the water was absolutely beautiful. The trees were all full of lights. Some videos of the light shows! Here is a quick hyperlapse! 20201220_183234.mp4 20201220_183124.mp4 170351803_20201220_1830451.mp4 Fresh giant donut? YES PLEASE!! Lastly, we made our way over to Chocolate World to end the night. New entry way looks nice at night! This house of candy was absolutely incredible! I can not imagine spending numerous work days building this. Love the kit-kat flooring. Really brighten ups the house! This was so cool to see. Great job by the people that built it! All in all, it was a great day at the park. The new entrance was great. Hershey really made a great investment with that. Hopefully I can come back and ride Candymonium.
  5. There is not a Cedar Fair park that is farther south than Carowinds.... You can maybe argue that Schlitterbahn is farther south... Or are you referring to parks farther south of CP and MiA? I know there were a few from Dorney that were trying to go down and help at Carowinds.
  6. The new hotels look great! Love the idea of adding solar panels. Wish more parks would realize the huge benefit to them!
  7. You can thank all the workers from other cedar fair parks for that!
  8. Thank you! The event was awesome! Their brews and bbq event is great event also. It was hard to get on rides, but i didnt feel like doing the walk of shame. Goal is to lose some weight so i can get back to riding!
  9. Made it out to Cedar Point this past weekend, October 17th-18th with my mom and dad to visit my sister working at the park. My sister works at Dorney, but since they closed early, a bunch of full timers and seasonal workers went out to help each weekend. Some have stayed out there since the end of September, other drive back and forth each weekend. Only did the park though on the 17th. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all day, clear sky's, very comfortable temperature. It was a great day to be at the park. Attendance wise, the park seemed pretty packed. Most coasters had between an hour to hour and half wait all day. Steel Vengeance did run out of access passes by 4pm. No worries to me though, I didn't ride any of the coasters. Just walked around the park, did their trick or treat fall fest event and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the park. The park is as always, beautifully decorated and well maintained. Who ever their pumpkin supplier is, I bet they are one happy person with the amount of pumpkins that are at the park. The trick or treat fall fest event was pretty awesome. You get a card that can be used at 6 tasting locations around the park. The tasting card and all the areas that had food tasting. They also had, for an extra charge, specialty brews and booze bars. I didn't get photos for all the food that I did try, but I will still mention them. The first stop was Hugos Italian Kitchen where I tried the "Death Dog." The Death Dog was a hot dog topped with fresh jalapenos, shredded pepper jack cheese and five-alarm chili. It was good, but honestly, wasn't that hot. Next, we made our way back to Wagon Wheel Pizza where I ordered the "Fire Toasted Dessert Pizza." A dessert pizza topped with chocolate chips and marshmallow fluff, oven-toasted with drizzled raspberry sauce. This was amazing. I can't even think of words to describe it. This location was not listed on the places to go. When talking to the associate, she said this is something new they are testing for next year, and it was only available that weekend. You had the opinions of picking 1 from pulled pork, smoked ham, brisket, and Nashville hot chicken. Then you picked 1 from beans, rice or corn bread. Everything was topped off by coleslaw and pickles and barbeque sauce made inhouse. My sister and dad tried this, and it smelt amazing. Tony, if you read this, spread the word that this is a must for next year! Lastly, we ended the night by getting "Pumpkin Spiced Funnel Cake" and "Frankenstein's Fires." Pumpkin Spices Funnel Cake a a fresh deep fried funnel cake infused with pumpkin spices and topped with cream cheese frosting. Frankenstein's Fries are fresh cut fries topped with cheddar cheese, pulled pork, and candied bacon. This event was pretty cool. I definitely think this is something that the park should do every year in the fall. It is an event that can be geared towards adults and older people that might not want to do haunt. Great stay at Hotel Breakers. Love the fall decorations. Love a room with a great view!! Woodstock! Snoopy! Loved all the pumpkin decorations around the park. Nice little touches with wagons and other fall décor. Millennium Force from the train! Blue sky's over Gatekeeper. Ended the night by taking the boardwalk from the parking lot back to Breakers. Such a great location! All in all, it was a great day at the park, and overall great 2 night stay at Breakers.
  10. Looks like they are building a new bathroom and new pavilion. facebook post
  11. Cedar Point has more than likely started hiring back in December. I know Dorney Park has been hiring since December and have been doing phone interviews and Skype interviews since this whole thing started. Id imagine CP has been doing the same. When I worked for Cedar Fair as a ride-op, the ride operators still needed to cycle each ride a fairly large amount of times to make sure that the ride will function properly day to day under normal circumstances. I'm sure that maintenance needs to cycle rides their way as well, but what's that going to mean at a 2+ op ride/rides with more than one panel such as coasters? Pre-season cycling also gets ride-ops familiar with their attractions to better operate them when/if guests do show up. And once when a ride I worked at was down for over a month, the ride operators needed to cycle it again and again so that it could be re-cleared for guests. Not sure which park you worked at, but when i worked at dorney, maintenance usually ran the coasters and some other bigger rides during preseason during the day. Dorney then does a training day called Sim Day, where all the departments train as though the park is open. So all the coasters and other rides are running all day. All the ride ops get their training in and all the rides get their number of cycles in. One night when i was working in preseason, i helped run the bumper cars for a little because the ride supervisors were getting the ride through its 100 cycles.
  12. Thats usually not up to the general manager. They might have a say in some things, but not all of it. It is, mostly. You should ask him sometime about Mystic Timbers. What that was going to be before he became GM in late 2016. Also worth noting the same people were at corporate in 2014 and 2017, but compare Banshee’s theming to Mystic Timbers as an entire story-driven coaster. So...why the change? Answer: a change in leadership at the park. Mystic Timbers also has a back story behind it, which gives them the chance to do the theming they did. Banshee does not. Most of all that comes from corporate. And like i said, the GM might have some say in the theming, but probably not all of it.
  13. Thats usually not up to the general manager. They might have a say in some things, but not all of it.
  14. A few years ago, Dorney had the highest visit per season pass in the entire company. Dorney is a great family park, it sucks that CF hasnt invested more over the years.
  15. Possessed uses the highest electricity out of any right in the park. The main reason why the holding break was turned off. Plus ever since it was hit by lightning, they have had problems with it. That maintenance building in the plans houses all the electricity for the lower part of the park i believe.
  16. ^^ If CP starts hiring as early as dorney, they started back in like December. So they should have a good chunk of staff hired.
  17. Surprisingly, Dorney has a hard time staffing itself. Granted, its not as bad as CP, but they do have their challenges.
  18. Awesome review! Hopefully I will make long hour drive to check it out soon.
  19. Fly into allentown and ill pick you up and we can go together.
  20. Traffic has been backed up all day. Almost 2 hour waits just for parking.
  21. With epcot already being my favorite Disney park, these upgrades make me even more excited to visit this park!
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