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  1. My visit back in may of 2015, most of the park lost power, my friends and I spend 4 hours in the arcade playing the Wizard of Oz game. It was also like the only building in the park that didnt lose power.
  2. I had the same problem. Just needed a little push on the lap bar but they wouldnt do it. Fortunately for me, i was able to get the little push during ERT. Robb told me while we were at Hershey not to wear a belt, and it made a HUGE difference. So if you had some on, i recommend taking it off.
  3. I keep refreshing the website with unbridled anticipation. What time is the big announcement? . Someone I know who works at the park said it's that, more than likely.
  4. I'm not one to look into stuff like this, but could they be announcing something tomorrow? If my sources are correct, dorney might be announcing a new coaster.
  5. From what I have been told, they next few years will be nice for not just dorney, but a lot of the smaller parks. The new CEO loves the smaller parks in the chain, and will be investing a lot of money in those parks.
  6. I like how hershey has the bins on the same side as the gate for on coming riders, mainly at skyrush. Simply state over the mircophone 'next riders, please place all articles in the bin to your right or left. When the gates open, please proceed to the seat' and so on. That way, the on coming riders go right onto the train while the exiting riders grab their stuff, and go.
  7. For working with with lockers, especially bestlockers, they are a pain in the a$$ to get fix. With the issues robb and bill said, with credit card readers, that was the number one most annoying thing about them. Dont even get me started on when the cash readers would go down. Everyone should really follow Knoebels and go back to the old lockers.
  8. A solo night ride on Fury is one of the most huantly beautiful things there is! It's a little scary because you are all by yourself, and it tends to be quiet, but it's amazing because its fury!
  9. Unless there is lightning within a 10 mile radius of the park, all rides stay open. Check out their blog post about weather protocol
  10. Might Crash, Broken Rails! My Cat Barfed Rankness Missus, Continue Being Rude! Maybe Canadian Bacon Rocks Many Coasters Brain Rot Moses Cant Be Real Mostly Crappy Butt Rides Miami Citizens Bite Randomly Medical Center Broken Car Messiah Cheeto Bonkers, Really I like: Maple Canadian Bacon Rocks Fixed that for you
  11. but no one would believe me because they would rather be hung up in all the drama. Aside from any parks official social media page, I would believe you before anything else.
  12. Dorney park: the only park in the world where you can go at opening, get on all the rides, and drive an hour and a half to a far better park and still make it there by noon.
  13. Nah, the people who ask those questions are just flat-out morons. The people who are all "Does this rule REALLY apply to me" are both flat-out morons and people with a sense of self-entitlement who are just trying to game the system for their own personal benefit. So basically the ' I want to speak to the manager' at any retail store person.
  14. It's actually very easy to enforce this policy. If you are on the ride with your phone, you get thrown out and banned.
  15. Those supports are usually for transfer track. Which is usually what goes up first on vertical construction. Valravn transfer track. Fury 325 transfer track Gatekeeper transfer track Leviathan transfer track.
  16. I dont want to to sound like an ass when I say this, but I probably have better resources than anyone of those people, and from what i have been told... it will be something that can be built within a short period of time, and fit right in the stinger plot of land.
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