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  1. Well back in there is where grave walkers is for haunt, and they always were using it for parking on saturday.
  2. i always thought a new woodie or a wing rider would fit in with the forestry feel back by dinos. I can dream though ride??
  3. there is never a lot of foot traffic down in the lower midway now with stinger always being closed and possessed running off and on. And with one food stand and a ritas there is not much down there. Opening it up down there would be a wonderful idea for the park.
  4. There is so much space back in there to where they could make a new lower midway down there. Which would bring a lot more foot traffic down there.
  5. Heard some things around dorney, the building going up behind Demon Drop is going to be CornStalkers and BloodShed, being moved from waterpark and being combined into one. They are doing this to open up more space for boo blast. Heard they maybe adding a hey ride. And rumor is that once Dinosaurs Alive is removed from the park, a coaster will more likely be added down there. So far nothing about what will be new for next year.
  6. Really on the fence about going. Would love to make the trip out there esp. with getting into knotts free.
  7. So happy Disney banned them! Now its just a waiting game to see who follows suit. Really hope Cedar Fair is next. I'm starting to see more people with them while working at Dorney.
  8. There is this thing workers call at dorney and its the dorney bubble. Whenever they call for rain it never rains at the park. It could rain all around the park but not directly at the park.
  9. So I visited KD this past week, on the 10th, and i noticed that the ride operators were very slow. Not sure if it was because the park was dead or not, but they were very slow. On the other hand, my trip to the park was good. I305 was wonderful. Woodens gave me a headache for the ages. And for working at a Cedar Fair park myself, i've never seen food prices so high before. Will make a trip down again in the future.
  10. My first trip to Cedar Point was amazing! Gatekeeper is now my new favorite ride. Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster were amazing! Got the first train of the day on Wednesday, May 20th, on Millennium. Rode it 3 times before the lines got long! Rougarou was good! Maverick was awesome! was closed all of Wednesday Raptor was good, corkscrew was a favorite, and Magnum was so rough. Woodens were okay. Very nice sign there! Few lights out on the lift but still beautiful Me in front of the gatekeeper sign. So high! so many awards... ... and more awards!!! From the sky ride and through the key hole they go!!
  11. Hello fellow friend, i believe i can help you out here. 1) Yes there is an ERT at Dorney. Pass holders can enter the park 30 minutes before opening, usually 9:30 in the morning and ride certain rides. Talon is one of them. 2) Meal can vary. Chickie and Petes would be my go to place to eat. But the park is offering all day dinning this year, which might be a good idea. 3) There are lockers at all thrill rides (expect demon drop) and they are free. 4) The discount would be 10% on both merch and food. 5) Lines will vary on park attendance, like all parks. Mid tuesday in july will be a good time to go. There will more likely be summer camp kids at the park, but they spend a lot of time in the water park and playing games. Most of the guest will be in the water park during the day and work their way into the park around 2-4 o'clock pm. so lines should not be to to bad, give or take 15-25 minutes depending on the ride. Possessed and Dominator usually have fast queue lines early/mid day. Talon, Hydra, and Steel Force will have the 15-25 minute queue time. Hope i helped you out!
  12. Going May 18th-21st with some friends, (we all work at Dorney Park) and it will be my first time visiting CP. Anybody have do's and dont's? if there is any 'donts' at CP!
  13. WOW!!! That looks amazing. I was going to try a do an Epcot Entrance but couldnt find anything to help built it!!
  14. 1. Do you have your videos set to auto-play on your: Yes I do. 2. Do you regularly "share" content from Facebook "page" (like the TPR page) to your own personal Facebook page? And have you shared something from the TPR page? Yes, I regularly share stuff on my facebook page, esp. TPR. 3. What kind of content are you most likely to share? (Videos, Photos, News Stories, etc?) I share about everything. 4. How long on average do you watch a video posted to Facebook for? Do you watch the entire video? First 30 seconds? Until you get bored? THe whole video. 5. How important are "video thumbnails" to you? (the image you see with the > Play icon before you click to watch a video) Somewhat important. 6. What do you like/dislike about Facebook? What features do you use the most and which ones annoy you? I like seeing the different news and videos. Dont really dislike much. Like all the features and dont really get annoyed with anything. 7. Is there anything that TPR does or doesn't do on Facebook that you think we should be doing more/less of? I would share/post more new articles about parks around the world.
  15. I couldnt get the picture i wanted to use to fit, so i went with talon, my favorite coaster! p.s- if someone could help me with getting the picture I would like to use to work, it would be much appreciated!
  16. Love the idea of a new coaster at CP, but I would like to see the company focus on some of their other parks over the next few years!!
  17. Intamin: El Toro, and Possessed (Dorney Park) B&M: Tie between Nitro, Talon (Dorney park) and Apollos Chariot
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