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  1. Could the way Universal presents the Harry Potter land be because of J.K Rowling? Doesnt she have a really big say in everything that goes on in HP section of the park? Ive also heard that she is not a fan of the coaster, which is one reason why Universal has been rumored to remove it. Ive also heard that Universal is also planning a third park where they bought all that land not to long ago. Could it be possible that *if* that rumor is true, they might relocate the coaster to said park?
  2. That's why millennium wasn't open on pass holder preview night in 2015. My guess would be because of the water park construction? Couldn't test the ride until a certain part of construction was finished This stuff happens every year. That's why I stopped going to opening weekend. If they can't bother to get the park operating the way it should be, I can't bother to spend money with them. Not trying to pick a fight, but it's usually a lot more complicated than it seems to get rides commissioned and ready for the season. I'm not sure what the minimum cycles if for CP, but I'm guessing in the range of 50-100 for each unit/ride. Combine that with staffing levels still not where they should be as people finish school, training, etc and it takes time. Not blaming you for skipping opening weekend, though. All rides are usually 100 cycles, so for coasters its 100 cycles per train. Can maintenance get the coasters tested? They can, and they do, but they are also doing around 100 other things in the park. Can the park hire people and have them come in and test the rides? I bet they do. I'm not trying to defend CP here, since dorney didn't get their Troika open in time. Guessing the last few pages have been talking about how magnum wasn't ready for opening weekend, i am saying that the reason was 99% because of Cedar Point Shores construction. I remember when Dorney was building Trick or Treat during the summer and they had to close Steel Force because of construction going on. So i guarantee that this is why magnum was not ready.
  3. That's why millennium wasn't open on pass holder preview night in 2015. My guess would be because of the water park construction? Couldn't test the ride until a certain part of construction was finished
  4. Yes they are. They were open for opening weekend because of the heat, but not this past weekend because of the cold.
  5. Those sweatshirts were actually from last year. Not sure why they are trying to sell them.
  6. As a CP parking booth lady told us last year, "never trust anything you see on weather channel, it's always wrong." My first trip out to cedar point back in 2015, I checked the weather app and it said clear sky's and warm, the day I got there, sunny and in the 80's. The next two days, cloudy and cold. Never trust the weather.
  7. The photo is absolutely breathtaking. I would also like to say that from May 15th to the 17th, I'll be working at Cedar Point to help out the park with staffing! Even though it's a few days, I'm really excited for it!
  8. A year or so ago I remember going into the park via the resort entrance and waiting 20-30 minutes to get wanded because there were only 2 security guards and a couple of hundred people. It was definitely a thing. Definitely not fun. With the metal detectors, that wait will more than likely be cut in half now. It will be way more efficient to have people walk through the metal detectors than to have to stand there and wand people.
  9. From my understanding, the company is doing metal detectors at the main entrance off all parks.
  10. 2018: half of that is currently taking place for 2017. 2019: lol. Where? 2020: probably. 2021: eh. maybe. 2022: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. articles.mcall.com/2011-07-22/news/mc-south-whitehall-dorney-rules-chang20110722_1_tall-rides-new-rides-steel-force
  11. The threat of losing a great job. Cedar fair has an extremely strict policy on social media for employees. I've gotten in trouble a few time for it. One example would be when I posted photos of screaming swing being removed at the beginning of the new year last year. They take it extremely serious. If this person is an employee and get caught, they more than likely will lose their job.
  12. I highly highly highly recommend staying at the Hampton Inn and Suites Charlotte Pineville. Rooms are amazing. Staff was wonderful! It's maybe 5 minutes from the park, you make maybe two turns if that. So recommend this place!!
  13. Why would they do that? Dragster was under construction during most of the 2002 season. If they don't do any construction during the summer, there would be no updates to post or for people to go and get new pictures all the time.
  14. Has anybody thought that the park may stop construction during the season and then continue after Labor Day or the end of season?
  15. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/a-look-inside-cedar-points-express-hotel Nice little update on the renovations. Wonder what the surprise is?
  16. Triple Five Group: "well we would like some money to help complete the project." NJ government:
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