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  1. ok, but why do we keep getting one picture at a time? Who is taking one picture and deciding it's sufficient? Please move the camera to show the lift hill work. I'm pretty sure the marketing campaign is one leaked photo a week.
  2. Steel: 1) Skyrush -For when you want to feel like you are being dragged into hell - ride in the back left seat with your hands up 2) Intimidator 305 -I prefer being blackout 3) Maverick -Small and compact, but oh so satisfying 4) Millennium Force - Front seat at night -Bugs make a great moisturizing face mask, but a terrible toothpaste 5) Fury 325 -Who knew B&M could break out of their mold Wood: 1) Lightning Rod -Alan Schilke did some crazy stuff with those TN hills. I'm sorry so many people didn't get to ride in 2016. 2) El Toro -Airtime fart noises sooth my soul 3) Thunderhead -This ride is everything that Lightning Rod isn't and makes for a great 1-2 punch 4) Ghostrider -I rode in 2007 and remember it being relentless 5) Coney Island Cyclone -Pure fun with a rough and tumble feel 6) Lightning Racer -A modern day classic PS Chickenbowl your font choices are on point
  3. Every air time hill following the 90 degree outside banked top hat are all insane. The fake out hill after the launch, and the big drop provide some awesome strong floater. Then the wave turn provides sideways floater ala Fury 325. Then its crazy twisty sideways airtime with the 90 degree outside banked top hat. It feels like a double stengel dive with sideways airtime. From there the ride pushes into over drive and you get 7 insane ejector moments up and down a mountain. All 7 of those hills get my vote. RT hill on El Toro gets a close 2nd place. Lightning rod has more airtime moments, but El Toro gives delicious sustained ejector.
  4. Great trip report! I love 1st generation Intamin drop towers, so clunky and scary with a great drop! I really wish they would develop a newer version of them that are taller and have a funky element or two after the drop. Does Steel Dragon 2000 have a max height limit? I heard it was 6 feet tall? Six Flags Parks seem to have finally realized this. HITP at GADV was awesome, and Carowinds is coming on board with Winterfest in November. The cold weather coaster policy at GADV just needs to get adopted at other parks.
  5. Thanks for the update, great pics! I'm really excited to ride InvadR in the spring, and finally experience Tempesto! I haven't been to the park in a few years and I think the two new coasters will really round the already awesome coaster line up! When do the water rides (Le Scoot, Pompeii) usually open in the season for BGW? I have never ridden Le Scoot... therefore I have sinned. I need to atone for this and go with the ride is running.
  6. The new Mean Streak opening date is Schrodinger's Coaster. Cedar Point knows enthusiasts will pick up every crumb they put down and then argue endlessly. Whatever year it opens, I know they (Hi Tony) are having a lot of fun watching the carnage.
  7. I rode the SkyScreamer at Gadv this year for the first time and dubbed it "Anxiety Attack: The Ride." The chains made me way too nervous. I hated how it started coming back down, and then shot back up the tower. White knuckle it all you want, if that chain breaks you're going flying into the joker, or skull mountain, or the sky ride. Windseekers however didn't have this effect on me, which is weird cause those are the ones that break all the time.
  8. Carowinds will start having "Winterfest" in fall 2017 which makes a lot of sense given the NC/SC location. The amount of inclement weather Cedar Point gets would likely not make the best location for a winter event.
  9. The videos of this fire raging are so scary. Everything picked up so quickly and turned into hell on earth. It looks like 14,000 people have been displaced, and four deaths have been reported. What a nightmare. I hope the death toll doesn't climb anymore. I hope the area can rebuild swiftly and recover. Lightning Rod getting burnt down would have been the cherry on top of 2016
  10. I gotta go with very fast lift style for this based on my top coasters 1. Lightning Rod 2. Skyrush 3. i305 4. El Toro 5. Maverick Crazy fast lift right into crazy airtime is a winning combo
  11. The thought of more trims and boring airtime hills on Magnum makes me want to vomit. Magnum is a national treasure, and it will be treated as such. Thank you. The only thing that ~*might*~ need to be fixed is the awkward entrance into the pretzel turn around with the premature banking/trim combo. It's a minor gripe though. Unless they are replacing worn track, Magnum does not need to be touched cause it's one of the most wild hypers out there.
  12. Conspiracy theory time: Maybe the video was leaked anonymously by Cedar Point as a marketing strategy.... ...or enthusiasts are so thirsty for new pictures that they are willing to trespass and get arrested. How long before someone gets arrested and we get a mugshot? I give it <2 weeks. Guess we will have to rely on people using THE BOAT to cruise up near the area and take pictures.
  13. Bill, that gif is the feeling when you walk into the MF techno toaster at night.
  14. MF, El Toro, and Fury 325 are my favorite coasters to wait for because you can feel the efficiency. I guess when MF stops on the lift you can also hear the efficiency.
  15. This is such a fun bet between the two parks. It probably doesn't matter which team wins, it's free advertising for both parks. It's fun to think of what the name changes might be. TTD changed to "No longer the tallest - The ride" MF changed to Millennium Forceless Raging Bull to Sedated Bull Or the winning park will make a poll and Coaster McCoasterface will get chosen.
  16. I'm passing through the park on Friday night to process my dirt cheap Six Flags gold pass. How does season pass processing work at Six Flags America? Can I get there early and get the pass processed before the park opens at 5pm? I tried looking around on the six flags site, and calling but found no answers. Thanks.
  17. Having rode TTD and KK this year within the same month, I find that TTD is smoother, but KK is way more intense. The rush I got on KK was way better than what TTD offered. It would be awesome for gadv to inVEST in the softer OTSR though, especially since they run two trains. That being said, I found the head banging to be tolerable. During my visit the park was empty and I got to ride twice in a row in the back seat and both rides kicked major butt. I left wondering why people thought it was UNTOLERABLE. Granted I grew up riding GASM and Viper at gadv so maybe my pain threshold is a lot higher.
  18. I LOVE that death seat! Skyrush is the only coaster that legitimately scared me. One of my rides on it, I left maybe a bit too much space between the lapbar and my thighs. Going over that drop... OMG, I saw my life flash before my eyes. I was like, "This is how I'm going to go...I'm going to be on the news tonight." This is exactly why Skyrush is my #1 steel. The back left seat experience can make me involuntarily scream multiple times and make me feel like I'm going to get hurled into a tree. The restraints are also so minimal and give little protection from getting thrown around like a rag doll. For me it's a plus, but I can definitely why people are not so fond. As for Best 1-2 punch: CP: Maverick and MF HP: Sky Rush and Storm Runner Dollywood: Best wooden 1-2 punch with Lightning Rod and Thunderhead, hot damn some insane air time and some great laterals/out of control
  19. You're totally right that it would be the most height added to a RMC conversion which is a concern. I'll just make the argument that if it's slated to open in 2018 vs 17, Cedar Point might take the time to make the lift taller and steeper and add new support structure to accommodate 200'. With New Texas Giant, the steep drop enabled them to add an airtime hill before the first turn. If they hit 200' with an extended structure, the drop could go directly into the first turn without an airtime hill. I'm totally managing my expectations though, and won't have a meltdown if they don't hit 200' This type of back and forth speculation is part of the fun while we wait for more details.
  20. My gut* would say Cedar Point is pushing the lift back and making it steeper. By doing this Meaner HawkStreak could easily hit 200'+. A few people have mentioned the possibility of this being the first RMC wood coaster conversion, which would be good from a marketing standpoint. This would allow Cedar Point to have: -tallest wooden coaster -fastest wooden coaster -steepest wooden coaster drop -most coasters at a park over 200 ft tall with Magnum, MF, Valravn, TTD, WT (kinda), and MeanieHawkStreak -Most inversions on a wooden coaster -or- most airtime on a coaster (which would be amazing) -some other record that wouldn't really mean anything *My gut has a BS degree in backseat park management with no qualifications. This project is gonna be exciting to watch and speculate about.
  21. Got my trip booked and ready for this weekend! What is the opening procedure like for the park? Do they let you through security before 10am and have a rope drop? Or do they wait till 10 am to start letting people through like Hershey Park and have it look like a charlie foxtrot? I just wanna figure out what time I should arrive to the park. Also, does anyone know where I might be able to find 2-day tickets? Dollywood has 1 and 3 day tickets on their site, while some hotels sell 2-day tickets if you are staying there (but we aren't staying there). It's kind of weird.
  22. Hm maybe Ill check that out next year. Yes Do! It's been 5 years since I have been, but the water park has some insane "slides" on a mountain. Some feel like that they probably shouldn't exist cause it looks like tarp laid down the side of a mountain. It's not a traditional commercial park like HH, they have tarzan swings, cliff jumps, and some other unique stuff. It's my favorite water park I have been to.
  23. I've wondered if it would be possible to put a low corkscrew there instead of the heart line. It would give the train a little bit more time to navigate the inversion but still be snappy as hell.
  24. Their VR attachment strategy seems much simpler. Probably reduces dispatch times and will work 100% of the time.
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