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  1. Really? I was a gadv pass holder from 2008-2011, but I haven't been to the park since. I'm making my return this summer, and I'm really curious to see just how much has changed. Golden Kingdom and Plaza del Carnival were both excellent when they first opened.
  2. You got that right! I need to ride this. Everything from the drop, to the non-inverting loop, to the hills and twisties! Let me ride. From the off-ride POV the pacing looks awesome, even though it does look slower than Skyrush. From my experience, Skyrush was insanely fast and slowing it down by 15-20% would still probably give an awesome top 10 ride. I'm excited Ferrari World decided to build another wing rider hyper from Intamin, because Skyrush was another level of coaster awesomeness and the world needs more.
  3. I noticed that fastlane info and tickets have not been posted for the past few weeks (unless they moved it somewhere obscure). My trip should be for Friday May 20th, so I might not need it cause it's early season, but it is only a one day trip.
  4. No negativity detected chickenbowl. Just building up some healthy off season speculation. Not every element needs to be intense on this coaster. The wave turn might be the weird "calm" sideways floating eye of the storm.
  5. Agreed, I think we're gonna see a weird combo of forces. From the POV it looks like there is enough speed to give strong floater airtime (sideways to the right side of the train), and the cresting of the wave turn might have enough exaggeration to also push the rider up into their lapbar. Even if this is a slower element it will probably give a really weird falling sideways and getting pulled into nothingness effect. We have the quad down later for the crazy ejector.
  6. That wave turn is so exaggerated it looks like it's about to fall over! Every time RMC builds something, an element or two just look fake or physically wrong (in the best possible way). It's probably going to give the weirdest sideways airtime feeling ever. Thanks to those that are digging up these pictures.
  7. If we ascribe Metric Prefixes to heights we would get: Mega = 200-299 Giga = 300-399 Tera(or Strata) = 400-499 (which I agree does sound like a terrain coaster) Peta = 500-599 (This makes me think of Katniss screaming PEEEETA in the Hunger Games) It's probably just another thing for us to fight about, so everyone pick sides and let's go cause it's off season! I'm just gonna call it freaking awesome when it's built and scream PEEETA the whole way down.
  8. The different shaping on the first hill vs the second hill is very interesting, or maybe it's just me. First hill looks like it's more triangular and will give a very abrupt pop like on Magnum Second Hill looks like it will deliver very sustained ejector/floater air like on el toro. I can't wait to experience this combo!
  9. I used this calendar to plan my trip this past august. It's not updated for 2016. I went Friday August 28th and there was very little crowds, some of the major rides like Raptor and Gatekeeper were practically a walk on. MF and Maverick were <20 mins the whole day. I also went on Saturday and that was much more crowded. I would highly recommend the last week of august during the weekday as all Ohio schools were back in session.
  10. I like to ride every roller coaster at least twice, once in the front seat, and once in the back seat. No particular order. Then I make my decision from there.
  11. Fun thread! intimidator 305 - remove the trim brake and have it go into 3 airtime hills with the force of El Toro, then into a stengle dive followed by a twisty helix like ending that slams into the brakes. The ride is absolutely insane, but it always feels a touch incomplete after the trim. So much wasted speed. Too bad I don't have a few million dollars to spare to donate to this cause.
  12. I've totally thought "hey what if there was a looping spinning coaster, that would be absolutely insane" but the realist in me said, that would probably just never work. Now here we have a prototype and it looks freaking incredible. I also like how this train give the option to ride Blue Fire "traditionally" which already looks awesome, but also a way to ride on insane mode. Really curious to see where Mack takes this!
  13. That concept art for the T-Rex coaster looks AMAZING. I spy some huge loops, near vertical drops, and zero g rolls!!!
  14. I certainly do! Usually I miss a few cool updates during the week, and the email fills in those gaps.
  15. Between Wildfire and Lightning Rod RMC is going to dominate next year. Both rides look so different too! Wildfire looks like crazy alpine blitz trip through the woods where riders get thrown around every direction possible, and probably feel like they are gonna get smacked into a tree, then they leave feeling absolutely disoriented. Lightning Rod on the other hand looks like a mountain climbing roller coaster hopped up on good Appalachian crystal meth that will take you up and down a mountain and try to throw you off into a tree every chance it gets ending in a brutal quad down. What the hell is gonna happen when they build a T-rex coaster, cause my head might explode.
  16. Totally agree. I love the way Goliath's lift hill structure looks like, it's gonna be cool to see what support system the come up with to go with this new track style. It looks like they might be able to make it even boxier for long stretches of unsupported ribbon track.
  17. Or is it just actual footage of coaster enthusiasts beating up Six Flags reps for installing Larson loopers and calling them coasters?
  18. I think Fury 325 certainly deserves to make the top 10 steel in the golden ticket awards. It's a really solid fun ride full of awesome elements. Out of the 3 giga coasters I have ridden I would rank them like this: #1 MF at night in the front seat (very slight edge over i305 because it was such a euphoric experience) #2 i305 any seat any time #3 MF any seat any time #4 Fury 325 Like my ranking implies, MF is only better than i305 in one circumstance...but Nitro, AC, and Intimidator 232 all placing above i305 and Maverick?!?!? I reckon Carowinds will advertise Fury and Intimidator being ranked #4 and #7 respectively. Did anyone go to the park this weekend? What were crowds like?
  19. This x1000! After finally visiting CP last weekend it quickly became my favorite amusement park. What do you get a park that has practically everything? Even more coaster diversity by getting a dive coaster. Griffon at BG is a seriously fun ride, and Valravn looks even better. The only major thing the park has left to fix is Mean Streak, and I'm confident that will be dealt with in due time.
  20. After riding Maverick last weekend, I am really excited to see this coaster utilize a faster LSM for a launch/lift. As soon as the launch/lift on Maverick starts you know you are in for an action packed ride and you get launched over a 95 degree drop. Seeing this applied to a wooden terrain coaster is gonna be amazing.
  21. Is it weird that the element that stood out the most was the turn very low to the ground with not much banking? Hello laterals, you have come to play it seems. I also love the idea of having the left and right rails be different colors.
  22. First trip to Cedar Point 8/28-8/29 After years of waiting, I finally got to visit America's RollerCoast, and Cedar Point did not disappoint. What a fantastic park! The collection of roller coasters is phenomenal, and a dive coaster will really make the collection even better. Here are some of my thoughts below. Maverick - 10/10 This coaster easily made it into my top tier of roller coasters. I got to ride 2x in the back, and 2x in the front (one at night one in the morning). The ride really never lets up, and is non-stop action. It's not as intense as i305, but it gives a more complete coaster experience in my opinion. This just might be my favorite roller coaster but like I said, it's in my top tier with i305, Skyrush, and El Toro. My favorite part is the stengel dive, bunny hop, stengel dive combo. Millennium Force - My first ride was in the back seat after 2 laps on Maverick. I expected the ride to be, dare I say, boring? However what I experienced was an immensely fun ride.The setting on the lake is unbeatable, and the feeling of speed throughout, combined with the floater air just makes the ride 100% pure fun. In any seat I would rank MF over Fury 325, but still in my "second tier" of coasters. However at night.... MF at Night in the front Row - aka the murder of 1000 flies - On friday night we waited ~20 mins to get into the station and debated on riding in the front. Every train that came through saw the front row riders with mixed reactions. Some were covering their faces, some were looking euphoric, others were crying cause a bug hit them in the eye. We decided to take the risk and wait the extra 25 mins for the front seat. After listening to the theme song on repeat we finally boarded the train. Upon going up the lift it was immediately apparent that the entire park is covered in a blanket of flies between ground level, and ~50 ft. Any time the train dropped below this 50ft threshold it became a hilarious onslaught of flies. I laughed extremely hard the entire ride, so much so that by the end I was crying and bugs were stuck to my tears. Without question this was my best roller coaster experience ever. This brought MF up into the top tier, and perhaps my #1 coaster, but only at night in the front row. Mean Streak - I have no idea what happened on this ride, I felt like I just got shaken for 2:30 with no pay off. It wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be, but.... RMC? 3/10 TTD - I prefer this ride to KK, mostly because the restraints are much better and it allowed be to get a back seat ride without feeling like I got hit in the head with a broom stick. The station music also got stuck in our head "BABY IM READY TO GO" 9/10 Magnum XL-200 - only got to ride 2x, but caught a back seat night ride and was very impressed. For such an old iconic ride, it delivered an extremely fun, airtime filled ride. 9/10 Raptor - Can this ride get some paint please? In the same league as Alpengeist, Afterburn, and Dueling Dragons for me, hard to really rate them comparatively. 8/10 Gatekeeper - This was a big surprise for me. I had read a lot of people that felt it was boring, and even rough? I got a front seat ride on the left edge and found the ride to be a really cool experience that was just pure fun. 7/10 in any seat, and 8/10 in the front. CP has some great flats including MaxAir, Skyhawk, and Power Tower. More parks should have these types of flats. Rougarou - smacked my ears around a bit, but was a forceful floor less coaster. I prefer Dominator and Bizzaro over Rougarou, but I can't imagine liking this coaster if it was still a stand up. Parting thoughts - CP exceeded my already very high expectations. It was truly a dream come true to get to this park and ride all of the fantastic coasters this park has to offer. I will be back soon! Adding a dive coaster to the collection makes a lot of sense, sure it's probably not gonna be better than MF or Maverick, but it's gonna give a great new experience for guests and expand the types of experiences available. Hopefully Mean Streak gets the RMC treatment in the next 3 years,that will give us hardcore enthusiasts our fix.
  23. Heading to the park for the first time ever Friday and Saturday. The point online crowd predictor calls for "moderate crowds." We are considering fastlane plus for Saturday but are going to wait to buy it. What is a good indicator that it is time to buy fastlane plus? Weather is supposed to be sunny and low 80s. Thanks! I can't hardly focus with such excitement in my future. Also, Fanny packs are allowed on all rides correct?
  24. Yikes The article was suggesting theme parks need to hold guests hands because they can't come to very logical conclusions like: -fast moving metal objects filled with many people can kill you if you get in its way The only close to logical point that the article made was I'm not saying signs like this need to be there though, if a guest is stupid enough to repeat such a stunt, it would probably offer the park more legal protection. No matter how hard parks try though, it's hard to fix stupid.
  25. So while everyone is waiting till December , I have a quick question. Are fanny packs allowed on all major rides at Cedar Point? According to info on their website they are, but I wanna double check here to make sure. Thanks!
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