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  1. Ouch. Raptor is easily one of the loudest coasters I have ridden, how do you not hear that thing coming? If he already jumped the fence and retrieved his phone, a small part of me would believe that he was trying to take an up close selfie of the train flying by. Kind of like the guy that tried to take a selfie with a train and got kicked in the head by a conductor.
  2. -As long as it doesn't touch my face I think it could be a really crazy awesome idea. -An upcharge coaster would be terrilble -If this coaster is a dive coaster with a VR tie in, I could imagine being in a VR world where you dive over a cliff, or are on some mission and have to jump out of a plane with a jet pack, having a VR world that syncs with a coaster could be awesome -imagine taking i305 and syncing the layout to something like a futuristic VR racing track I don't know the specifics of how it would work, but I think the idea certainly has promise, and if it does get implement I expect opinions to be dived.
  3. Right? If RMC figured out a way to make a #1 roller coaster out of toothbrushes, old copies of 50 shades of grey, and hubcaps I would be in favor as long as it delivered an insane ride. RMC is really blurring the line between wooden and steel and roller coaster and it's awesome to watch.
  4. When I first heard about Lightning Rod being launched I was skeptical, but the way that it utilizes the launch as a lift and basically rockets you into an air time hill that is quickly followed by a second air time hill/main drop is really unique. No second is wasted on this coaster. That drop is probably going to deliver some of the strongest sustained ejector out there, and it will be down an extremely steep drop, intro a valley. The launch might be good for capacity if loading times are quick considering the short ride duration. Is this RMC's first time working with LIM/LSM? I hope it doesn't become a big source of downtime.
  5. ever better a quad down I can accept being wrong for more airtime. I'm still in disbelief. A launched terrain wooden coaster with 12 airtime moments. RMC is really changing the game.
  6. Did I spy a triple down in that video? This ride looks absolutely insane! Planning my trip now.
  7. Launched lift into airtime hills and ~900 ft more track than outlaw run! what is it gonna look like!
  8. If this is the case, I AM HERE FOR IT! I wasn't feeling the idea of a strict launch, but a LSM style lift into an airtime hill would be the best thing ever
  9. It looks so messed up in the best possible way. A great addition for a Jersey Shore park. It'll be on my radar for the next time I'm in that area!
  10. Should have clarified, I could see an inline loading arrangement being possible allowing for quick loading and unloading. Using old style trains with floors could also increase capacity by not needing the complicated raising and lowering floor.
  11. I agree that the Griffon trains look a little unwieldy (although it's kind of cool to see that huge train turning upside above you when you are standing on the bridge watching it). Although I would prefer bigger trains to increase capacity, I suspect we will see slightly narrower ones to deal with the all the maneuvers it apparently will have after the drop (if the Sandusky Register article was credible). With B&M making faster lifts, I would argue that it might be possible to see dual loading stations and a fast lift. These would help increase the capacity and allow for smaller trains that can do tighter maneuvers.
  12. Looking for a little help here with tips for my first CP trip! -Going to CP Friday Aug 28th, and Sat the 29th -Staying in breakers express both nights to get early access -Thinking about getting fast lane plus on saturday.... thoughts? -For early entry is it through the main gate, or is there a side entrance? -Does anyone have a link regarding how I should hit rides? I think I wanna try to wait to ride Maverick till later in the first day, as to not spoil myself too early -Has anyone used the all day meal plan? It looks like it might be worth it Thanks!
  13. Between this water park name, the new food options, and a hornet attack, guest can get the full Carolina experience!
  14. Every time I hear that name, I think of sushi. I now want Lagoon to serve the "Lagoon Roll" sushi in one of their restaurants. Ugh, and now I just want sushi in general. "Lagoon Roll" sounds very tasty! How does the lagoon roll ride? It looks like it has a lot of potential to be awkward. If possible rate using sushi terminology. Great footage, thanks!
  15. Whoa! With only a 100 foot tall coaster you get: Barrel roll drop 9 moments of what will probably be extreme airtime Crazy Looking Transitions I will need to visit Kentucky Kingdom in the next few years I'm constantly amazed with how varied the layouts of RMC conversions are. It's just so cool to see them take an old structure and remix it with extreme airtime and crazy laterals. It's nice to see a more "classic" out and back L-shaped layout. That ending bit looks like it's gonna throw riders around a lot. Now to see what Dollywood has in store!
  16. Perhaps CP will go with the smaller dive coaster track so it can be taller and do more agile maneuvers. Unrelated, I am going to Cedar Point Friday August 28th, and Saturday August 29th. It is my first trip and I am very excited, that being said I am looking for some pointers, or planning guides that some people in here might be able to point me to. I am going to be staying at breakers express to get access to the 9am opening, and I am planning on getting fastlane plus on Saturday. I know ohio school are back in session so it should be less crowded, but if anyone can give me some crowd predictions that would be great! Thanks!
  17. ToT has a few maneuvers that can produce great airtime. The sequence is randomized though so you might not get these on every ride: My favorite was mentioned earlier My next Favorite is when you drop about 1/2 the tower, and then start to rise to 3/4 of the tower and then abruptly drop again. Your mind thinks you are going all the way to the top again, but then you unexpectedly drop again. Lastly, Is drop 1/4 and then stop for a split second, and then drop again. Oh we are stopping, are we going up, no DOWN! Truly one of the best rides in the world.
  18. 1. This was the first thing that came to mind. My first ride was in the back row on a wing seat. It's a double dose of ejector air. You get the initial cresting ejector, and then right at the end the drop wrenches you out of your seat so forcefully, that I thought I was going to die by getting catapulted into a tree or into a rock. It was amazing. 2. X's drop. Sure the ride was clunky, but I was so disoriented. Flying towards the ground face first then flipping?!?! What the hell was that! 3. My trip to Knotts in 2005. I experienced the rush of Xcelerators launch in the front seat, as well as Ghostrider in the back seat at night time, never has a ride felt more relentless, I was breathless.
  19. My vision is a remix of i305, el toro, sky rush, and Bizarro. Start with i305's layout, but make the lift as fast as skyrush and have the drop go into a tunnel with crazy LED lights. Keep the i305 layout the same through the twisties. On the return turn before the airtime hill have that dip down into another misty LED tunnel. Then remove the trim before the airtime hill and have the ride go into 2-3 large forceful airtime hills like El Toro. Then turn back using a stengel dive into a low lying helix. Exit the helix with a s-curve airtime hill, down into a misty tunnel. Maybe add another twisty bit and air hill, and then hit the brakes. This would essentially combine my favorite bits from i305, El Toro, Skyrush, and Bizarro. It would also probably cost $40 million. I have yet to ride Maverick, but I am finally going to Cedar Point in August, so this might all change then!
  20. Agreed! I visited the park this weekend, and Fury was running much faster than when I rode opening weekend. The ride gave some very forceful floater on the turnaround dive that had me thrown sideways in the back left seat, it was amazing! I also FINALLY got a front seat ride, after riding 10 times. They still don't have a mechanism in place to wait extra for the front row which really bugs me. The front seat lets you feel all of the speed and is by far the best row on the ride. Other notes, Intimidator was running very fast the one night (compared to opening weekend). It was much more impressive this time around and gave great airtime. Overall the faster running coasters made the trip a great surprise.
  21. While Carowinds is probably taking Thunder Road down for a water park expansion, it would be cool to see a slightly subdued RMC treatment to it, or Rebel Yell at KD. 1) Make the drop a little bit taller and steeper 2) Tighten up the air time hills for crazy airtime 3) Make a high five element 4) Make the turn around into a crazy airtime twisty bit 5) Tighten up the return airtime hills It would give the coaster great airtime, a RMC twist, and maintain the classic look. A thrilling racing coaster that still looks family friendly
  22. Looks so incredibly fun! Fantastic footage, thanks for sharing. I hope these catch on, I'd love to ride one soon. This concept has so much potential. Imagine a taller version (~200 ft) that starts with a holding brake on a vertical drop. Drop tower + insane spinning!
  23. First riders will be required to consume a Friendly's banana split before the ride ends. Should any toppings or ice cream be lost during the course, the riders will be escorted to the parking lot and be dealt with by security.
  24. Seriously?! Not that I'm going to make it to HW this year or the near future but that's a major bummer. One of the main reasons the ride is one of my top favorites is because it doesn't let up the whole ride - especially after that MCBR. Very disappointed. My favorite airtime hill was the one coming out of the tripple down. Glad I got to ride it a bunch last year... Does anyone have a diagram/view/schematics of voyage from the side showing how the track/elevation changes? I've always been surprised by how well it keeps it's speed. Does it climb in elevation on the ride out and then go back down hill on the trip back? Slightly off topic, sorry. The Thunderbird POV is awesome, and the ride looks great. It's awesome to seeing a B&M launch coaster. I wonder if it will be as reliable as most B&M coasters.
  25. It makes the ride look that much crazier. Old school wooden supports with crazy bright twisted track. The high five element followed by the double down looks like it should be illegal or something. That element is gonna throw you around. Every new RMC project makes me very hopeful for the future of coasters... now if I could only ride one.
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