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  1. Even as Harry Potter fan growing up and a coaster fan, this announcement kinda makes me hate the series. I'm hoping the coasters get relocated to a place where they can finally duel again. I have a bad feeling they will be scrapped though.
  2. RMC Hurler will have a rattle confirmed. Tear it down now. But for real. I'm so excited to see this thing get built.
  3. While it's been frustrating to not have an official announcement, I'm really loving the anticipation of watching this monster come together piece by piece. The massive outward banked airtime hill on RMC Mean Streak looks like a seriously demented version of Lightning Rod's ~twist~and~shout~, which might be my favorite element on the ride. I have no idea how fast the train will take the element, but I am expecting strong floating airtime, but the lateral nature will make it feel wonderfully bizarre. Does anyone know how tall the MCBR on Mean Streak was? I'm curious how many feet of track might come after that drop. Also, how well do RMC coasters do with hourly capacity?
  4. The POV looks amazing! Still surprised how quickly this went up. I thought it was gonna open in July. I'm flying into MCO tomorrow afternoon. I thought I was going to just miss riding this scrappy coaster. But I have changed my plans so I can get a few rides on it. I'll try to report back tomorrow night with a review. I hope the opening goes well so I can get my first GG woodie, and first inverting woodie.
  5. Happy to hear your TREAT YOSELF weekend turned out well. I305 and Skyrush are perfect compliments to each other on the intensity spectrum. One tries to kill you with positive G force, speed, and whip lash, the other tries to rocket you into a tree while cutting off thigh circulation. I would love to know more about the design process for each coaster. I imagine the design team finishing the layouts saying "maybe this is too much, should we maybe change it?" And then just saying screw it people can handle it. I305 is perfect up until the trim. If they had that trim removed, and added 2 insane Skyrush airtime moments, it would probably be my #1 coaster.
  6. IMO Fury 325 does offer one of the most complete rides out there. It offers such a variety of elements. Awesome drop, speed, some decent twisty, sideways airtime, and ending airtime. Probably the best ride B&M has ever built. It's truly a best in class ride. i305 on the other hand... pure speed, blackout inducing positives, crazy laterals, breakneck pacing... so much that it's almost stupid. This on paper loses to Fury 325. But the unrelenting intensity is what sells it for me. I'll admit, when I first saw the design for i305 I thought it was kinda stupid. I thought "a 305 foot tall coaster that just does a bunch of turns... lame." After riding it over the years , I realize that I like my coasters to give me a blackout, or give me lightly sore thighs from airtime. I just lucky that I live within a 3 hour drive from Fury and i305. Cedar Fair blessed the south with two great Giga coasters for us to argue about.
  7. Took a trip to the park on Saturday. The weather forecast was 62 and overcast, which was great because I hate hot Virginia days. Bought a ticket+fastlane plus combo during cyber Monday, and decided to use it even though the park was not too crowded for a Saturday. We rolled into the park at 1 pm and stayed till close. Not having to get there at opening is why I will pay for FL+. Most of the crowd were school kids for a music festival. I would say the ratio of kids to adults was 15:1. It looks like this festival is going for the next few weekends. Most lines were nonexistent probably because of the forecast, save Volcano at 45 mins, Flight of Fear at 30+ mins, and Backlot at 25 mins, which I expected. At the end of the day I got 11 rides on i305, 3 rides in the front on Volcano, 4 rides on Dominator, and was able to hit everything else in the park except Shenandoah because it was too cold, and i'm clearly not worthy to ride. I went to Carowinds a few weeks ago and got 15 rides on Fury. Not that it really matters, but I can now confidently say that I prefer Intimidator 305. Fury 325 gets high marks for being a very well rounded coaster experience that is great for re-rides. However you really only get the full experience in the front. Intimidator 305 is just insane, and it doesn't matter what seat you sit in. I think the drop in the back seat has the best airtime for a giga coaster. Up until the trim brake, the pacing of the ride is unmatched. The positive G's, airtime, and insane laterals always leave me with the biggest smile on my face. I don't care that i305 is dropped into a field, y'all can have Fury. Overall the operations were pretty great yesterday. The crews on Rebel Yell, Grizzly, Dominator, and i305 were exceptionally good. All were running two trains, and hitting very fast dispatch times. At night i305 was killing it. Oh and RMC Hurler. Lots of track missing, nothing crazy new to report, you can spot some new RMC track through the woods on Grizzly. I'm excited to see how this project turns out.
  8. How does Kings Dominion usually do with rain? The forecast for Saturday calls for 60 degrees and rain until 1 or 2pm. This seems like a perfect day to show up a little late, and then avoid crowds, but I was wondering if anyone had info on how the park behaves with rain. Thanks! Edit: Used the search function and it looks like KD does pretty well in the rain. A few years ago I stayed at a Howard Johnson in Ashland and it was clean, got the job done. It looks like it might have been changed to a Quality Inn now, so it might have been updated. It looks like it was in your price range.
  9. The line is usually short so it's easy to get multiple rides. I usually do the back car for the first ride, the drop is best there. Then I usually do row 2. Stadium seating means it's kinda like the front but with a much shorter wait.
  10. My last trip to CP was in May and most of the early entry coasters were having issues. If you are staying at a CP hotel, ask returning guests how early entry coasters were performing. On my last trip Maverick and Valravn were both having issues in the morning. The next morning, I got into the park by 9am, and saw that MF, and Valravn were not cycling trains yet, so I decided to do Gatekeeper first. This ended up being the right plan cause Valravn didn't open until 9:25, MF didn't open till 9:35, and Maverick didn't open until 10:20 am. I would still recommend Maverick first, but be aware that things might not be cooperating that early in the season. Oh and have a great time cause CP is amazing.
  11. And the park is usually empty! The last time I visited was for 2 hours. I was driving down 95, had a platinum pass and just pulled off. I hit up Volcano, Grizzly, Dominator, and got 7 rides on i305.... in 2 hours! The only thing that might be ~missing~ is an airtime monster, and RMC Hurler will certainly fill that void while trying to eject you into Grizzly. Sure, the layout and feel of the park is weird, but it makes me love it more. Only in Cedar Fair world can a Nascar coaster be next to an alien coaster, next to a stunt car coaster, next to a snake coaster, by a volcano in the Jungle, which is next to an Avalanche. It makes no damn sense, but sign me up. It all makes when you see the singing mushrooms.
  12. Makes sense. I would love to be a fly on the wall for this stage of design. I remember watching a documentary about building Fury where they sort of discussed this process. I think my question about Intimdator vs Intamin creations is better stated as "THIS RIDE IS SO DAMN GOOD WITHOUT TRIMS, WHY ARE THEY ON?"
  13. Most of the rides I have had on intimidator are just okay. The trims make it super controlled and rather forgettable for a 230 ft tall coaster. I did have one ride in the middle of summer however where the trims were not hitting hard/ at all, and the ride was fantastic. Very strong floater air and a great contrast to Fury. I don't understand how Intamin can run a ride like El Toro or Skyrush where the trains just run wild, and then B&M designs a ride and decides that a trim is needed before two airtime hills. This no trim era is potentially exciting, but the cold weather does slow the trains a lot. When I went to the park opening weekend two years ago, it was very cold. Intimidator was crawling through the course so trims might be off till it fully warms up? I'm not holding my breath for this to last.
  14. I'm cracking up because I did some of those same calculations in excel but I didn't wanna seem too nerdy. I 100% appreciate that you went all in on the math to see the full range of possibilities, and to know that my math was in the right range. Good work!
  15. I was feeling the same way. Right now Hurler is only 83' tall, but the lift angle is pretty shallow ~25 degrees. If the steepen this they can get some extra height and get in the 100' Storm chaser range. Get up to 112' we are at Wicked Cyclone, and 125' at TC. Doing some math on the conservative side I think the max height is in the 150' range. Current lift is 30 degrees steep and maxes out at 83'. If I understand trig correctly and they increase the lift angle to 45 degrees, we are looking at something that could be ~150 feet+ tall which is the height of NTAG. With that height, and an emphasis on crazy standard airtime hills, I think everyone would be hyped up. Right now I'm gonna assume it will only hit 100' and be excited to see new updates that prove me otherwise.
  16. Wow! I love how invadr interacts with the train, and Le Scoot. It's looking like RCT. If invadr runs like other GCI coasters, it should pack a nice punch. I can't wait to ride it later this year! Thanks for the update Fooz.
  17. The deal was a park ticket and fast lane plus combo for any day through August, so no. As for the Saturday vs Sunday. BGW is the better overall park where I would want to spend more time aka drink beer till 10. However if crowds can be significantly different, then it tips the balance.
  18. Looking for some trip planning feedback. I'll be doing a KD/BGW weekend trip in April/ early May. We bought our KD tickets with Fastlane back in the fall cause they were really cheap, so not worried about lines at KD. Both parks are ~10am-10pm on Saturday and then ~10am-8pm on Sunday. Right now I'm thinking Saturday BGW then Sunday KD. Does anyone have some insights for crowds around this time of year? Thanks!
  19. I noticed this as well, I think it's in Skyrush or i305 territory. Most people I rode around were blown away by it, but some people had a look of "never again." I hope they were able to fix that pothole on the big drop because it was jarring in the back row. I have faith Dollywood will get it up and running with fewer issues this season.
  20. This is just speculation, but I think it has to do with the difference in trains. Dragster's trains probably have a lower center of gravity cause they have lap bar restraints. Kingda Ka however has OTSR which raises the trains center of gravity. Launch these two different trains to 120+ mph and small vibrations become much more pronounced. Then you factor in Cedar Fair vs Six Flags and you probably have your answer. Switching the OTSRs to the soft vest ones used on i305 and Maverick would probably help matters a lot... but this is Six Flags.
  21. So I cant comment on how crowds will be because they seem unpredictable in may. But if this is your first trip to Cedar Point ever and you want to get a ton of rides in, FL+ is the way to go. As for hotels, I always stay at Breakers Express because it allows you to get in the park an hour early, which is worth it in my book. These things add up... but it's Cedar Point and I find myself shouting TREAT YO'SELF when I go.
  22. I hope they just threw $30 million at Alan Schilke and said create a masterpiece.
  23. Yeah, with the money they're spending on Hurler and Mean Streak in 2018 I didn't expect much of anything. 2019 is totally our year though... Now that Cedar Fair is finally getting into the RMC business, it almost makes me wish Hercules was still around to get the treatment. It probably would have broken someones back if it was open another 15 years though. Hydra was for the best.
  24. I love this MF reminiscing thread. I waited 16 years to finally ride MF, and absolutely loved the ride. My first giga was i305 which was absolutely insane, and then I rode Fury 325 which was also amazing. By the time I rode MF I expected it to be "Millennium Force-less" but was quite impressed with how awesome and damn fun it was. Millie is one of the most fun coasters out there, if you ride it and don't enjoy it you need to think about your life. The station queue and station music really get you amped, the opening drop is iconic, the first overbank is quite forceful, and the rest of the layout is pure speed, grace, and fun. I even agree that the final section of straight track is awesome given it's placement. Zooming over the queue is the perfect end for the ride. I rank MF and Fury about equal, they are both amazing for different reasons. I think Fury is technically the better coaster, but the setting of MF really adds a lot to the experience. I too can't wait to hear Robb's thoughts on Fury 325. I think Fury strikes a great balance between the fun of MF and the intensity of i305 without alienating some of the weaker riders that can't handle the Gs. We are truly blessed to live in a country with all 3 coasters.
  25. At face value the giant breaking wave turn on LR looks pretty basic, but it provides awesome strong sideways floater. It looks like this element might provide a similar effect but with even crazier lateral weirdness.
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