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  1. Just think though, the drop is twice as high because you get to go down it twice!
  2. It's funny, a few months ago I was looking at an aerial view of BGW to try and determine where they might fit another coaster. Let me just say, at the base of AC was not anywhere on the list. It's quite clever how they figured out that they can fit an awesome new ride in such a small space. I'll be making a return trip in the spring They didn't take up any valuable real estate, and BGW gets a new coaster, very smart move in my opinion.
  3. I'm hoping next year is the big year where I will finally make my first visit to Cedar Point, or the promised coaster land as I was taught when I was younger. I live in NC so I'll likely get to hit MF, i305, and Fury 325 next year! It will be great to be able to compare all three so close together.
  4. I love the floater feeling you get in the back seat of B&M mega coasters.It feels so different compared to intamin coasters where you are thrown over. It's gonna be awesome to have that for a 325 foot drop. I found this on heraldonline.com
  5. Hard to tell. It's kinda rainy and icky today in the area. It's gonna be icky the whole week it looks like. The last pieces all need to be installed at once cause they support each other. Who knows if they are gonna wait for good weather. I expect we might see them all assembled at once and then raised into place?
  6. Best Overall: El Toro. The hill over Rolling Thunder is my favorite moment, followed by the drop in the back row. I think the ejector air is the perfect amount on the hills. Enough to feel like you might die, but not enough to cause pain. OMFG I'M GONNA DIE: Sky Rush, back seat left side. The drop starts with ejector, and then you get extra crazy ejector half way down somehow. Every hill has the most insane air I have ever experienced. Then the Stengel dive gives you both air time and crazy laterals cause you get whipped around. My thighs did hurt a little afterwards, but it was worth it. Honorable Mention: I-305 opening combo - the first drop is amazing -blackout- large airtime hill with sustained floating ejector, then you get the low lying speed bump that throws you up and then slams you to the side as the twisty really starts. That low lying speed bump is one of my favorite moments because of all the directional changes.
  7. Looks like tuesday or Wednesday might be the big day where they complete the lift and drop!!! I think the next thing that they need to do is install the crown, which is like the 3-5 pieces at the top, and it all needs to be done at once. It looks like they are making decent time, I reckon once the lift is up, progress should pick up cause they won't be working at 325 feet tall. For a Six Flags timeline, they are way ahead of the game.
  8. Action Park is a shadow of what it used to be, but it still is a fantastic water park with a dash of "I might die right now." They have 25 foot cliff jumps, a "family" raft ride that feels like they laid down tarp down a mountain, and other crazy stuff.This type of slide would be awesome there and could start rebuilding their reputation as an insane water park. For those not familiar, this was built at the park many moons ago and only operated for a short time. For more info you can check out this page http://www.sky-chaser.com/coasters.htm or just google around.
  9. I had no idea the park opened in stages, cool! So what you are saying is LNM is open at like 9:30am? What time do the areas usually open for a 10am opening?
  10. Any opinions on best order to hit the major attractions in the morning? I was thinking quick jolt to get 1-2 laps on AC, then Verbolten, Griffon, then Alpengeist? Thanks
  11. I LOVE the look of B&M track. It's gonna be fun watching this get built. I live in Chapel Hill so it's gonna be awesome when it finally opens to go ride it. Three hours from i305 and 2.5 hours from Fury325, it's not the worst thing to happen to me. While I'm an Intamin lover with El Toro, i305 and Skyrush in my top three, I'm excited to ride this, it looks fun, fast, and pretty well paced. I wonder what their timeline is.
  12. Probably gonna try to go to the part on Oct 4. Looking for more info on Quick Queue, it's a little pricey, but as a coaster dork the more rides I can get without waiting the better . How does the system work at BGW? How long do lines usually get during HOS? Thanks!
  13. You could seriously fake the incandescent look with LEDs anywhere and no one would know. The technology has gotten that good. Well if that is the case, I hope parks go crazy, just adjusting the brightness so I don't get nauseous and blinded. They look so cool on ferris wheels, chaser lights, ect. Just please keep them away from roller coasters with dark forest sections like Nitro and we'll be cool.
  14. Batman: The Chiller back when it had OTSR too It was also my first inverting/ truly big coaster. Prior to that it was kiddie coasters.
  15. Been a lurker here for a long time, It's about time I started posting on TPR. I'm planning a trip to BGW October 4-5 and I'm wondering what to expect. I know that Halloween events draw more customers, especially towards the end of October. What order should I hit all the rides? I know in some parks this can make a huge difference. It's been over 10 years since I have been to BGW so there is a lot I need to see. Also any inexpensive hotel recommendations? I'm looking for something with free breakfast too....a coaster enthusiast needs unlimited food .
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