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  1. Now that you mention it, that's all I can notice!! I think the track is placed on the left side of the picture to make room for the catwalks on the right. I didn't notice the whole thing until you pointed it out, but the track starts being towards the one side of the ledgers at the top of the drop, and then ends up being centered at the bottom. A similar thing happens on the metal lift structure i305 is built on. The track is to the right of the structure with the catwalk on the left. Once you crest the apex of the hill and the cat walk ends you can see how the track remains to the right. You only really notice it after multiple rides, but it doesn't matter cause you are hurtling 305 feet down. Now that this structure is finished and so many other projects well underway, it's gonna be a long off season.
  2. Your captions and thoughts from the trip were perfect. Namely this one When I hear people complain about Thunderhead I scratch my head. It's my favorite GCI and manages to do everything that LR doesn't do. It's an amazing wooden coaster 1-2 punch. After I rode LR, I thought it was my clear #1 wooden if I were to ~rank them~ but after doing a marathon session on El Toro this year it's hard to say. El Toro has some of the best sustained airtime on a coaster... but the airtime onslaught on LR after the 90 degree outside banked top hat through the quad down is truly coaster perfection. It doesn't really matter though cause rankings don't matter and both make it into my GOD TIER of coasters. Thanks for the laughs!
  3. The shaping of the drop as it goes from ~80 degrees to vertical looks so wonky in an amazing way. I'm thinking it might give a strong yank of extra crazy airtime late in the drop like Skyrush's infamous descent. Cedar Point and RMC have really exceeded anything I might have imagined from this conversion.
  4. The weather in NC always seems to swing around a lot. The average high for December is 51 F, but it varies widely. One day you will have a high of 35 F, then the next day they high will be at 80 F. It can feel very bizarre. The lowest I have seen things go is ~7 F but that was once over 5 years. To answer the question of year round operations, I don't think they could get away with it. The months of January through early March feel more like winter than not, and I can see most people not wanting to go to the park.
  5. See now what you said right here makes too much sense. Spending $1 to protect a $500+ product while you ride one of the best wooden coasters in the world is too logical and clearly Six Flags is the devil. Granted, I usually travel light at Theme parks. At GADV I even leave my phone in the car to avoid the El Toro situation so I can get as many rides as possible. I know where my priorities stand.
  6. I went to the park last year mid September on a Saturday and a Sunday. The Sunday was significantly less crowded than the Saturday. Between both days I was able to get 9 rides on LR and multiple rides on everything else. If I were to guess longest wait times you would experience I might say 45 mins for LR, 30 40 mins for Firechaser, 15 minutes for Mystery Mine, and 10 minutes for everything else. Download the Dollywood app this weekend and you should get a good idea of crowds and lines. Unless there is a crazy event I don't know about, I would say go for it and have fun!
  7. All these accounts about lose articles flying around on LR has me surprised. Has the loading procedure changed on LR since last year? Last year before you were even assigned a row, an attendant would loudly state something like "Lightning Rod WILL take any lose articles you have and EJECT THEM FROM THE TRAIN. If this happens WE WILL NOT GO FIND YOUR PHONE. ALL ARTICLES MUST BE PLACED IN THE BIN! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED." Then upon loading they would take your articles for you and place them in the bin. The process was a bit extra, but I think it worked. Even if they still did this I can see people being stupid enough to ignore it so they can get a crappy snap chat.
  8. I'll certainly miss this iconic attraction. Back when it was still dueling it was arguably B&Ms greatest achievement. I got to ride in 2008 when HP land didn't exist, and the ride still dueled. The original queue was amazing, both tracks felt very different. The close call on the loop was an incredible coaster moment. When I came back years later as a HP fan, I was dismayed to see the coasters no longer dueling. The ride felt like an after thought in the HP world rather than a star attraction. I'm sure the suits have done their math about this and determined that a new attraction is well worth taking these coasters out. I know many friends that lose it when they hear "NEW HARRY POTTER WORLD EXPANSION." They start planning trips and everything. I'm hoping that the area will be turned into a forbidden forest area with cool mythical animals, and a coaster themed to riding a Thestral. This would also tie in with their "Mythical Beasts" movies I think. I know Universal can do big things with the space, so I'm excited to see what is next despite the loss of these iconic coasters.
  9. This. When I rode it 10+ times last September I remember the airtime on the first hump and drop to be underwhelming compared to El Toro, even in the back seat. That being said, the airtime only gets stronger on the ride with each consecutive hill. I remember strong floater on the drop. Cool strong sideways airtime on the next two elements, and then beautiful ejector on the twist and shout. From that point on is an insane onslaught of ejector.
  10. From my POV I think the media did a piss poor job of describing the difference between 95% eclipse and totality. I was told by a science teacher friend that I needed to make the journey into totality. I was about 3.5 hours from totality and decided to make a trip out of it with friends and felt it was well worth my time. After going I can say that they were 100% right. The best way I can describe the experience using a coaster analogy is this: -Five minutes before totality when the sun is almost fully covered is like watching a POV of MF on a cell phone -When the earth gets plunged into darkness during totality is like actually being on MF at night in the front row The two experiences don't compare. That being said I love physics, so I'm the type to naturally geek out about such an event. I'll be making plans for 2024, but in a way that I make a vacation out of it. I'm just a little sad that Cedar Point will likely not be open during the time in April...
  11. I went to BGW a few years ago during their Halloween event on a Saturday. The park was very manageable from opening to ~4pm. No line over 20 mins. Then between 4pm and 6pm we started to have a few drinks and watched the park quickly get SLAMMED. We bought quick queue + access to scare mazes for the night. It got us one time use on all major attractions. After 6 pm we started to use the quick queue and got on everything well before the park closed. I think the system is different now but it was well worth the money.
  12. I for one cannot wait to ride SteVen! Cedar Point will advertise how SteVen is great for group fun! The GP will say SteVen was really intense and threw me around A LOT! Just watch out! If you are too big SteVen won't let you ride.
  13. I'm still kinda curious why this project didn't debut in 2017? I'm not complaining at all, it just seems weird that RMC had no major projects conversions in 2017, and now they have a handful for 2018. It's probably just when Cedar Fair decided to order the projects, or maybe it had to do with the new trains? It doesn't really matter at this point, but I was wondering if there was any rumblings about this? I'm so pumped to finally have an RMC less than 3 hours away.
  14. I finally got to ride Zumanjaro in May and the park was deserted. My walk back was all by myself with no one to be seen. When I finally made it all the way back to the station I was greeted by a ton of ops and no one else riding. I was the only one on for my cycle. Getting hoisted 415' into the air all by myself was nerve wracking. I thought I was going to die all by myself. When it finally dropped I couldn't believe how long the free fall was. That drop goes on FOREVER! A truly outstanding drop tower. When it finally hit the brakes there was still no one waiting, and the ops let me ride AGAIN all by myself.
  15. Skyrush is my #2 coaster, but I can totally understand why some people don't like it. I'm fairly athletic and strong, but there are times on Skyrush where I find myself fighting to stay upright. For me, it's exhilarating. But I can imagine for other people it's too much and they need to tap out. What TBpony414 said about the restraints and trains is the major factor. El Toro and Lightning Rod have insane ejector, but their restraint systems feel much more secure, and your body doesn't really get thrown around. Skyrush on the other hand throws you around like a rag doll and then won't return your calls.
  16. This ride has an amazing balance of insane elements, airtime hills, and inversions. I love the placement of the last two inversions! They break up the 27 second onslaught of airtime quite well and will be super disorienting inside the structure. As someone formerly from Team 2017, this will be worth the wait.
  17. This ride officially puts SDC on the map for me. I'll have to visit in the next two years. I hope the trains feature interchangeable protein receptacles for guests.
  18. The ride looks amazing, everything I could want. Barrel roll drop , consecutive ejector hills , funky turn around elements, and it's at KD! The name is okay... I think I might call it Scissoring Timbers.
  19. They could call it 2 Meanie 2 Streakie, RMCeezus, Emu Blazer, or something even dumber and I would not care. In fact I hope this coaster has the dumbest name ever to offset the insanity of the ride.
  20. If you can get a flight through Frontier, they aren't bad. I've only had good experiences with them, but airlines are always a mixed bag. Fares can be dirt cheap, but they charge for everything. Treat it like a flying bus. Otherwise PHL and EWR will get you there.
  21. Yeah, I think I'm just hoping for the greatest volume of that amazing RMC AIRTIMEā„¢ Their inversions are great, but airtime is where they really excel. I'm all about them going for tons of air. From the looks of it, after the drop and initial turn, we are going to get three ejector airtime hills. And that is just the run back towards Grizzly. There is probably room for at least 3 more ejector hills later on in the course. El Toro only has 3 super stand out ejector hills and it's an amazing ride. If RMC Hurler has 5-6, I'll be in heaven. Between this and i305 I'll just go back and forth until my shoulders and thighs are bruised.
  22. Congrats! That's awesome! Please take notes and report back.
  23. I sure hope it's a giga, but I'm setting my expectations to StarFlyer just in case. That way if they install a Sky Jump i'll be pleasantly surprised, and if it's a giga I'll be enthralled. Like others have said, if it is a giga I expect it to be a B&M and not intamin. I'm imagining a Giga that is really low to the ground with lots of fast turns and good terrain interaction. Such a ride would be amazing no matter who makes it.
  24. Does anyone remember when the KD FL+ season pass went on sale? With RMC Hurler coming next year I might need to indulge myself.
  25. ^I can get behind these theories, especially since I want to believe they can fit 20 airtime moments onto this conversion! I'm excited to see the full details on 8/16. Between this and RMC Mean Streak, I will certainly be getting a Platinum pass.
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