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  1. Idk what it is but I noticed like an employee gate right across from rodeo, could that be a place for a path?
  2. That is exactly what I told them. They have lots of land back there and if they built to the left of where the exit of Batwing is they could eventually attach a pathway from there to where the river rapids is. In my honest opinion if they want to get rid of a "major" ride I would take out the river rapids ride or at least improve it. It is one of the worst I have ever rode. SO AGREE I RODE IT AT LEAST 5 TIMES AND I DIDNT GET WET AT. ALL.
  3. I feel like I'm the only one here but I don't like grizzly it's rough and boring I like hurler better
  4. I loooooooove dominator it's so great my fav part is the turn after the loop like the speed and the head choppers it's one of my fav coasters there.
  6. I'm sorry but serious question people have been joking about the bolts but I'm actually wondering what happens to the can someone enlighten me? Nothing. The wheels will not hit the bolts. The trains don't move enough side-to-side for that to happen. Are the bolts still on the track when the coaster runs?
  7. I'm sorry but serious question people have been joking about the bolts but I'm actually wondering what happens to the can someone enlighten me?
  8. I love lighting on rides. It's why kennywood is one of my favorite parks!
  9. Bgfans said that there was a tweet u can look up the article I just read it off their fb page (bgfans) so
  10. http://kdfans.com/2014/waterworks-2015-details-and-safari-village-stage/ Actually turn up tho
  11. I have the same headache when I see both I would laugh so hard then ride anaconda while singing anaconda it would make me so happy
  12. That whole paragraph right there is why I think cedar fair is so much better than six flags by far. I cannot agree more with that whole thing. One question, how do you know their putting more infests true in with the waterpark expansion? Besides volcano and carousel what else is there?
  13. You understand these are everyday rules that are meant to be broken? Just go to high school
  14. It really has like every news thing in the country is like OMG A NEW THING when I'm just kinda like "it's like the zacspins" but dad doesn't understand he's like "but it's something new" and I'm like "but it's like the zacspins" and he's like "..........but it's something new." So it's cool that it's getting hype I guess (get hype, turnup)
  15. Ok so I think valleyfair needs a coaster badly after looking at their lineup so that should come 2015 then maybe a park like great america or kd will get one next.
  16. They sound like some of the older folks over at SFSTL thread. At least they have a somewhat legitimate beef, unlike KD. I think 5+ years is a long space with no new coaster.
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