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  1. I mean I already have the tickets (we got the Christmas in July sale woo) do you think I'll need a fast pass like how long are lines on a Tuesday at the end of July
  2. So I'm going to the point on Tuesday the 28th, and I saw that they weren't selling fastpasses for that day. Is this because there's going to be so many people thee that they already ran out? Or is this because there's going to be so little people that they just decided that they don't need them?
  3. Wait so I'm going to cedar point and I have glasses and a strap will they make me take it off?
  4. I always think about people's opinions about roller coasters like people on Roller Coaster Tycoon. Some people like this ride, some like that, and you can't change their opinions.
  5. If you were responding to me, I love backlot stunt coaster and I don't want it removed. While we're on the subject I think the theming is getting a bit old, don't you think?
  6. I grey out of backlot and black out on i305. Loose my vision in the turn, regain it at the top of the first hill. I don't really like blacking out. I would rather see where I'm going.
  7. Do you mean the sky rocket at Kennywood? Yes I do not the bgw clones
  8. Can we get a sky rocket clone where shockwave is? That ride is so much fun.
  9. Because **** Alpengiest. Referencing certifiedcoastergeek's post Alpengeist makes me want to get a faint hammer and smash the whole thing. Nononono. Shhhhhhhhh shh shh shh. No.
  10. Flying ace and that weird area around it is sort of out of place cause it's not really, like...IN Planet Snoopy. It's like far out lol. It's also a lot like Windseeker. They should do something about that. Also I would like to mention how underrated those drop floor slides are. Those were surprisingly fun lol.
  11. Can I ask the question of what concrete information do you have about old va getting expanded? Nobody knows any clues about any expansion, and you guys are talking like you know the plans for the next 5 years.
  12. I thought intimidator was more intense too. I blacked out in the "secret" second row, and I greyed out (but less so) in the very back.
  13. Alpenguist is actually my fav coaster, period lol. (I haven't been around a huge amount, but enough)
  14. Ok guys I have a trip report. So I went on Thursday, and I had a fun time. I skipped shockwave and grizzly, and the crypt was closed. 305 was running 1 train, along with all the woodies. I went on my first drop slide and omg they are so much fun. U go flying lol I didn't realize how fast they were. I would also like to say that for everyone who hates hurler but loves grizzly, grizzly is equally as rough as hurler (I thought hurler was less rough until Thursday lol) but yeah both are equally rough, and hurler is definatly not more rough than grizzly. Rebal yell is fun, it was running well, also racing well. I love soak city, everything has paint and it's just really nice, like the wall along the new path, and all the new lockers and stuff in the back. I still think they should make a path from hurler to the soak city splash house, because theta would make soak city a loop, also give more traffic to the back side of the park. Yeah so I had a fun time. It was funny whenever I got in line, I got in the shortest part, because right after me a huge group of people would always get in. I guess I was lucky. I learned how to get really high on flying eagles also, they was fun. I want a flat ride in that lil field next to dominator a croc screws, cause dominator isn't really near anything, and it takes a while to walk over there so I feel like there should be a supporting ride next to it. But yeah I had a fun time woop woop.
  15. Ok so idk if I'm going on a weekday or a weekend but my home park is kd so would ki be worth it? They're almost the same park in a way. Could you really get all rides in on a weekday in July at cedar point? I don't have early access so that's another ting
  16. I have a question. So I'm driving up to michigan in July, and I was wondering which park was more worth my time, because I only have one day.my home park is kings dominion. I feel like the lines would be way too long at cp to get everything done, so I need suggestions on what to do. Should I go to kings island or cedar point for my one amusment park day?
  17. Wild one is short but really fast and really smooth it's so much fun it really is that good.
  18. Y'all's i gots a question. So I'm going to michigan this summer (I live in Virginia) in the middle of July and I want to go to an amusement park. But I was really wondering which would be more worth my time, kings island or cedar point (is anyone has any other suggestions that's cool) because I only have one day, so would it be worth it to go to cedar point if there's like longs lines and I might not get to ride everything? I need pros/cons/help/suggestions.
  19. I305 surprisingly always has extremely short lines. You only have to wait one or two trains it's amazing. Sometimes it's even a walk on.
  20. I mean for me it doesn't do anything with the ride itself like it's still fun even if it's there like oh well there's a slight brake it's at the almost end of the ride it's fine.
  21. Hi I need help with an 8 car trainer glitch. It's when there's just a tower of land on one block and it goes very high. I've fixed this but I can't remember how. Someone help.
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