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  1. I've always wondered what they were going to do with that area. I think that would be really cool because you come in that way and so it would be cool to have a coaster running right alongside where you're driving. I actually think something like thunderbolt at Luna park would be good for that.
  2. What does the pricing between the 2 companies compare year to year (all parks)
  3. The thing with leviathan is that it's SO much different than behemoth. But I think that kd needs to fill that hyper coaster space that they don't have (intimidator, behemoth, shambala)
  4. Lol but people think that kd is getting their expansion after carowinds. So I want good things. Not that we haven't gotten good things (that water slide tho) but I feel that big coasters are on the horizon.
  5. I really don't think valleyfair will get one next year. Kd is long overdue for a roller coaster. I think it's their turn.
  7. Honestly, take the pretzel loop out, and flyers are rather boring. Wing Riders are more thrilling, and you don't spend 5 minutes face down in the brake run, trying to keep the pretzel you just ate from coming back up. Idk flyers are just kind of uncomfortable. It's just the position it's in it's really awkward in my opinion.
  8. I actually like hurler better than grizzly because grizzly is just really slow paced, and hurler has more airtime and a better layout. So if I had to choose, I would take out grizzly. Also grizzly has really become hidden because of DA. So I say if they built a hyper, they should make the go kart area a plaza connecting grizzly with the rest of the world again, and also take out DA. Inthink that would also open up that area a lot.
  9. I think cedar fair makes the trip worth our while, with great coasters that you can reride over and over.
  10. It's because the park doesn't have like an out and back coaster filled with a lot of airtime. I305 is really super intense too, and so you might need something a bit shorter, like in the 200-250 range.
  11. Oops lol there is another one. Why hasn't anyone posted on here? And now that it's almost 7 years from when someone last posted, what do we think now?
  12. See, now I really want that 230 ft shambala type coaster behind grizzly and hurler. I've always wanted to ride shambala.
  13. I must say I really love Cedar Fair because they spend money on GOOD rides, and they keep their parks up and well running. All of the parks investments have been really good. Unlike Six Flags where they're adding 5(?) "roller coasters" to their parks.
  14. I really want to say it's going to either be a b&m hyper like between grizzly and hurler, that area, or OH they could remove the go karts and dinosaurs alive and put it there, with it making a left turn L-shape thing going past grizzly and hurler going over the waterpark and back. That would be awesome. I would also love a wing coaster over the entrance no doubt. A coverage roll on a wing coaster would be epic.
  15. Just looking at this coaster, I would love to have this in my "local" park. It's like a medium sized coaster, but it still packs a punch. I think it's super cool. So go people who made it.
  16. I've never been to SFMM but I did notice that, like where did all that track go? I thought this was going to be a transformation, not a half demolishing!
  17. Notice the pre-drop....... [attachment=0]ImageUploadedByTapatalk1409112837.016896.jpg[/attachment] Yes but how do they have the ROOM to DO that on colossus? It goes from the lift to the drop (we guess)
  18. Yeah I have seen a wing coaster but those have like a smaller mini drop to get the momentum that they need to do the rollover. Wheres the room for that on colossus?
  19. Am I like the only one that actually likes the name twisted colossus? I think it sounds pretty darn cool. And I don't have an opinion on the drop cause like I'm still trying to figure out how it's going to like get around the inversion before the drop....yeah but idk whatever.
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