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  1. I always have to have my hands down or else I grey out no matter where I am.
  2. Oh...well I didn't think about that since it was 3:30 in the morning.
  3. It's 3:30 in the morning and we're still talking about roller coasters. Tisk tisk. Tpr, what even?
  4. Wonder if she misspoke about the flywheel or if the animation wasn't accurate? I think I've heard from others that Anubis and Sky Rocket use flywheels to store energy for a launch. That is probably what this is. In the vid it sounds like an lsm.
  5. Can we just take this time to appreciate how huge of a land mass this is? And it's right by the road so that everyone can see it!
  6. IK I was sorta surprised when I went on it the first time. It looks really cool tho. They should put some kinda lights in the launch tunnel so you can see how fast you're going.
  7. YOURE SAYING THAT LIKE ITS A BAD THING!!! He'll if both of those went into the park next year with a couple other improvements, forget roller coasters! I would be spending HOURS on those! That would be like a dream come true!
  8. http://forum.parkfans.net/thread-2677-page-86.html Ok has anyone seen this?
  9. Holy moly goodness gracious where to start! Ok u r so nuts for doing both parks in a day because 1 the parks ARE NOT that close together distance wise. 2 idk where you're from or what your local park is, but I just went to sfa for the first time, and it is TINY compared to either bg or kd. Like bg and kd have such huge land masses, that it takes a really long time to get from one side of the park to another, let alone from coaster to coaster. So really, to enjoy each park in its entirety, I would say split the trip into 2 days, one park per day. One of the best places in bg to eat is trappers smokehouse. It's so good. Really idk many shows, I don't do that often, and the only places I really eat are Italy and France. But that's another thing, if u plan to so bg in less than a day, then you might not have any time for shows. But that's just me.
  10. The wave at the steep angle like the one at sfog or colossal curl at water country? Snake pit looks e like the best thing ever tbh. I feel that the mat racer if it went where shoot the curl is now they would have to take out the slide right next to it (name plz) so that the whole thing could fit.
  11. YAAAAAAAAAAAHS!!! Rounds, squares, and octagons of applause for this dude!
  12. They should have one of those 6 lane racers, and a vanish point type thing. Along with reprints of the slides of course.
  13. Ok thank you. Sorry you guys I got off topic that was cool though thank you.
  14. What kinds of models/coasters are heart lined and how can you tell that they're heart lined?
  15. Ok 1 what does heart lined even mean? 2 it's not rough at all where did u ride? (Actually it is right after the second launch.)
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