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  1. Sorry I'm reporting an old post but I've been thinking is too. It has been 5 YEARS since kd's last coaster, and the HXLC station is still back there. I think it would be really cool if they built something that intertwines with the grizzly and the rapids. And I don't think they would demolish hurler since they JUST retracked it this year.
  2. I have no clue but the best way to get it to spin is to have 2 adults in the corners of the cars. One adult in each corner. They spin much more, and faster.
  3. Always a good time there. I too was surprised that I liked Rajin Cajun so much. I look forward to it when I get there. Yeah, Roar can be rough; believe it or not, it was worst last year. I agree on the rapids ride, though it is hit or miss. One time I got soaked on it. They had a Wild West show last year, then turned it into a gladiator show for this year. When you come back, try the water park too; Nothing like Bonzai Pipelines. It is a lot of fun. If you ever come on the weekend, they'll have 2 trains going. I hear you on KD. As far as theming goes, it's more set up like a big carnival ( not including the kids section). OMG btw the gladiator show was so cheesy like they tried British accents but they failed and it was in front of a Wild West background. It was wack yo.
  4. Are the rapids by a different company then roman rapids at bg? Cause I always get soaked ok that. And I really didn't like the seats. There was almost nowhere to hold on to. They didn't have the lil circular thing to hold on to so I held the bar underneath the seat and the seat next to me. And I did kinda want to go to the watermark, but since this was my first time I wanted to do all of the roller coasters. Idk if or when I'll be going again. It's 3 hours and 20 mins from where I live in charlottesville, Virginia. And even if I did go again, idk if I would go to the water park. I think it's like how many times can you ride a roller coaster per year vs how many times can you go to a pool. Only if I was going 2 days in a row would I go to the water park. This is all parks. Bg, kd, sf.
  5. Ok so I went to the park today this was my first time ever visiting sfa, and I was very surprised by it! There are a lot of people on here who hate on it, but I think it is a nice small park. The themeing is better than kings dominion but not as good as Busch. Ok so I think my favorite coaster of the day was wild one. It was so incredibly smooth, so whatever they did to the track on that one they need to do it on roar-fast! I was surprised by the speed it generates and I really like that. I rode this twice, once during the day and there was a 15 minute line (or something) and then at the end of the day and it was a walk on. Rajin Cajun was my second favorite (I'm dead serious about this one) just because of like how giggly it is. Like it's not intense at all, it's just a fun ride! Then when it starts spinning, it keeps spinning, and spinning, and spinning. Even though everyone doesn't like how the station and queue are open and stuff, I really liked that! I remember when it was at sfga, and had the facade, that was cool, but I think I like this better with the lil plants n stuff and the openess so you can see the coaster. I rode this once and it had a small line. I really loved apocalypse's themeing more then the actual ride. I think the color scheme fits well where it is, and it stands out. The coaster is very smooth except for the bottom of the first drop, and coming directly out of the corkscrew, there was some head banging. But overall I have come to realize that I like b&m stand up coasters better than Togo stand ups. Both times I rode this they were walk ons. The second time only 4 people were riding in the entire train. Ok wtf is mind eraser doing all the way in the back of the park in the middle of a Wild West village? Like wtf. Six flags better get it's ish together cause that's just dumb looking. I haven't ridden a slc since like 2009 at gardaland (where it almost knocked my tooth out) and mind eraser was pretty rough in some spots and I've noticed that's it's because the seats shake a lot. It's not even the cars it's just that however the seats are attached to the actual car that has the wheels is just like loose or something. It's wack. But seriously, the name and theme (or no theme) is SO OUT OF PLACE it's just kind like blah I rode it twice during the day and both were walk ons. Roar holy moly this was the first coaster I went on and people are all like "ooh they retracked it it's smooth now" no. Uh uh. Nope. Holy wow idk if millennium flyer trains would help, or if like a complete retracking by like rmc (not iron horse or whatever) would help, but something about this coaster needs to get fixed. I love the layout though. This was my first twister coaster and I like it, it was just rough. Now IK some people like that, but can we make it so that at least the people who don't like that can enjoy it? I rode twice and both were walk ons. I really liked jokers jinx because of not having the mcbb. After going though the hoops the ride is so intense and it goes so fast and it's wonderful. I've been on fof bit this is better. I rode this twice, first they had to send out two test trains back to back for some reason so it was like a 5 min wait, then later it was literally a walk on. Like I walked up and got on. Superman. Superman is just kinda like blah cause like I really don't like prolonged helixes and so this ride was just kinda eh. I really hate the restraints. They hurt my groin and there is no need for those stupid ankle bracelets things. My fav part of this ride was the beginning and the end. So from the first drop to the bottom of the second hill and then the bunny hops. I think this ride could be much more thrilling if it didn't have the first helix and had like a Bizzaro first turn where it's like overbanked and low to the ground. Then maybe it could like double back or something with more hills, then it could go on to the second helix. But right now as it is it's just kinda eh. I did ride it twice though. Both with -5 min lines. Before I go on to batwing I would just love to say how funny I think it is that the coasters are set up in a pattern where everyone goes from jokers jinx, to superman, to batwing, to superman, to joker. I swear I rode all those coasters with the exact same people time. I've never ridden a flying coaster before, and this thing is scary like WOW. I had no idea what to expect out of this. It was really fun, but 1 they seriously need to open the second station, and get that second train going, cause they dispatch trains so slowly. I really liked going down head first over the loop. I rode twice once in the back and once in the second row with 15 min lines. People are saying things about the giant space in between batwing and superman and I have comments about that 1 it's not that big yall r exaggerating. 2 y when they built batwing just smash it right up against superman? 3 they should either have a small path back to there and have like a mini go them city like at the front and fill it with flat rides 5-6 4 ORRRRR they could build like a premier launch coaster there. (Sky rocket from kennywood would fit perfectly in that footprint. Don't move it from there though) Ok about the park I was really surprised at how themed it was. I thought six flags just plopped rides everywhere randomly. My favorite sections were marti gras, coyote creek, and Main Street. One thing about coyote creek, I feel that it would fit much better if they expanded that to have the borders between roar and apocalypse, so that roar can be Wild West themed, and then make shipwreck falls be part of it, along with that gladiator show (turn it into a Wild West show) (like wtf is a gladiator show dong there) OMG SHIPWRECK FALLS OMG that was the biggest splash I have ever seen from a shoot the chute ride. Wow that was incredible. Busch gardens, take note. (I also liked the fast lift) On the OTHER HAND, renegade rapids was weak. No wet. No spash. Is it something with the boats? Cause kd and bg both have good rapids rides. Superman has so many birds/birds nests in its station. There was a cute lil mardi gras show. It was funny. I love all of the lil lawns everywhere. They looked so comfy. They should take that back road behind wild one and bring it around to gothem. Rodeo was a really fun flat ride. Lol. Worst part of the trip? The country music playing in the coyote creek. I do not like where the sky coater is. It's 2 in the morning in exhausted I'm going to bed that was a fun park I really liked it and I would go again but we did 6 hours and 40 mins worth of driving. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. I got an apocalypse t shirt yay. OMG I wrote a lot. Lol they were handing out fruit roll ups to everyone leaving the park like wtf lol. It was good tho.
  6. Hey so I'm going to the park tomorrow and I'll leave a review or something not with pix sorry
  7. I'm totally out of the loop on this. I thought Corkscrew Hill was a charming, well-done kids' ride. Why did it get replaced with a new mediocre attraction? Also, why the f$@! would they build a Superman clone??? I thought Busch was supposed to be all about quality over quantity. OMG U R SO OUT OF THE LOOP
  8. What if they built a coaster that went onto the lake? That would b kinda cool.
  9. True. I don't remember ever seeing anything flying off a train while not on the ride but I do remember getting hit by a coin (in the forehead) in Nitro's hill after the hammerhead turn. It wasn't really painful but that's because it wasn't going very fast and it was a small coin. Can I just say I was riding apollos chariot at bgw this year and we were going down the second hill and at the top of the hill someone threw their water bottle up and caught it at the bottom-BARELY. he was up in one of the front rows and I was in the back and if he haven't caught that, that was a half full water bottle being flung at 70 mph right for my face!
  10. I was surprised to see nobody discussing that tweet today. It's quite exciting. But where in the world would they have room for ANOTHER coaster?
  11. They NEEED something that goes higher than superman. They need that sky screamer, they need a lot of flat rides, and then they need a really big coaster. Sometime along the way, they need a new water slide for the water park, but like in 2016-17-18 they need that star attraction that's going to have to compete with all of sfa competitor parks (bgw, kd, hp, sfga). What they DONT need anytime soon is a dark ride. Like what even. No. People aren't going to flock to an amusement park for a decent dark ride. You know six flags is not going to pour money into a dark ride like universal or Disney is. And if it isn't as good as universal, I'm not going to make that three hour car ride up to sfa to go on a mediocre dark ride. Thank you, I'm done now.
  12. I agree. Now that the height restriction has been lifted, they may get an original ride soon. According to a manager I talked to at the park, they have seen record numbers so far this year. It may help them. How I see it is that they have a giant sidewalk with cracks from here to Minnesota and they park needs to fill those cracks before they can build a skyscraper.
  13. Verbolten is actually really really fun! It's the type that you can reride easily. It's a very giggly coaster.
  14. I'm listening to my own music cause I make music and am soon to release my first EP, titled Royal Blue!
  15. Ayyyyyy I'm a 15 yr old from virginia that makes music under the name propeller factory. I've been on probobly about 50ish coasters and my two local parks are kings dominion and Busch gardens! aaaahhhhhh roller coasters make me so excited OMG!
  16. Ok so I'm going to sfa this Thursday and I'm really excited because I get really excited whenever I think about roller coasters. But I have a question. The only reason we are going is because I got that free six flags ticket from ace. My membership expired in April, but I got it renewed about a week ago. The problem is, they haven't sent me the new card yet, but they've sent an email confirming my account. If I don't get the card by the time I leave, can I print the email and show it to them as confirmation of me being a member? Or do I have to have the actual ace card...? And one more thing, can you use both the free ticket AND the half price ticket? Cause that would also be cool. So I hope you all know something about this. I just realized that yall might not know a lot about this. But oh well. I'm going to six flags!
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