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  1. Yeah quite frankly that lake really doesn't look good with an odd roller coaster on it...... And i305 would look better without it............
  2. WOW THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT IVE WANTED I'm actually going to the water park this year I think
  3. Ay btw that vid was super cool I saw a few empty seats it really looks like the Huss ones like it's built the same way.
  4. OMG you can EASILY see the difference! Forget america I'm going to texas!
  5. That's why I said "in the country" and not "in the world" because IK there are many parks that are more beautiful than bg.
  6. Um, yes. I would LOVE if we got GL over here at sfa. I would LOVE that. Yall r snobs idek.
  7. Can we all think of it this way? What huge park in the us is more beautiful than bg? (Don't go saying something like kennywood cause that's a smaller park)
  8. Please god no. My one gripe with BGE of recent years is all the trees going away. I LOVED the start of Loch Ness pre-Griffon, and Griffon just striaght out ruined it. Actually, Griffon ruined a lot of visual for the park IMO. Yes, it's a beautiful ride, and fun, but I really would have rather seen it go somewhere else, then to get plopped right in the middle, ripping out Le Mans and all the trees. Alpengeist also suffers a little bit from the addition of Griffon visually, but not quite as bad. If they take out those last trees near the gated bridge, I'd rage quit on that park. It's slowly turning into yet another parking lot with rides, and part of what made that park amazing is that it wasn't. I'm not even happy with where the alleged plans for this are as is, but obviously they need to expand somehow. I wish they'd use pre-cleared land first for new attractions. It does exist on their property, they're just hesitant to use it for a variety of reasons. Fortunately I doubt they'll use that land near Ireland, because of the grade and the fact that the closest part that is usable is directly in the path of the Sky Ride. WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAH chill. To me it looks like the "williamsburg" is where there's a clearing or trees, and that's why I picked it. Chill out. But unlike most people I really like where griffon is. Yes I wish they had a few trees where it is now, but I like how it has a drop right next to Loch Ness. I do wish that the park hadn't been sold though.
  9. I'm predicting a waterpark for kd in 2015 then a coaster for 2016 by grizzly because yes they DO have this giant amount of land behind the park.
  10. Can I just say that this was the funniest quote. MAY? When do you think you live? In the middle of WWI? Try middle of June.
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