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  1. Why does CW get so many people in it's park (as much as KBF) is it because it's close to a big city? (If not then why kings island or carowinds get this many people) or is it because there's just no other competitors in Canada? Can someone help explain plz?
  2. Huh so in your guys opinions (people who live near the park/this weather) do you think that a waterpark is a good investment for a park like this if it's only used for such a short amount of time? That's also interesting that they use heated water. That must feel nice lol
  3. So I live in Virginia, and i have no idea really what the Midwest is like, so can someone tell me how warm/cold it is there? I feel like it would be really cold to be riding water slides. But also it's June so idk.
  4. MIA last major attraction was Thunderhawk in 2008 (used SLC) and there having steady increases in profits and attendances year after year. Cedar Fair is working there magic on KD. There fixing a bunch of little issues around the park instead of splashing down huge amounts of money on a roller coaster. They understand that a huge new coaster isnt needed to attract more guest. More family's will come back to a clean, upkept park. Not a teen filled thrill park with no character or charm. Trust me, KD's time will come (again). Until then, let CF work is magic by creating a better atmosphere around the park. AGREE! AGREE! I'm a teen, I like big coasters, but I also like a nice fun park. Kd is a beautiful park and I enjoy it.
  5. First of all, I would like to say that I absolutely hate those 5 ft fences that they put all over the park. Just ew they look too big, out of place, and at least make them prettier. Second of all go to the park. It's a nice experience. The coasters r nothing special but they're cool. You'll enjoy yourself.
  6. Alpenguist is one of the smoothest coatsers I've been on (aside from cobra roll and mcbr) but I can't say the same for shockwave.
  7. Agreed. They're just very bulky restraints, but the ride itself isn't uncomfotable.
  8. (This was a double post) I think mrc makeover of roar is too big for the park now. Just get the park together and on it's feet first.
  9. Build one of those wooden coasters like White(?)Lighting at Fun Spot America. That would work here.
  10. This is actually a really cute park, went for the first time last year. There were almost no lines for anything and everything was up and running. I had a really fun time but there were no standout rides, and I probobly wouldn't go back unless they got a new coaster. Doesn't mean they're not a bad park.
  11. It's kinda weird with tempesto there now because idk how long the lines are going to get on both tempesto and AC which is right next to it. I usually go across the footbridge under Nessie to verbolten then I would probs swing around to the right from there (Germany, France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy in that order) the best rides in my opinion are AC and alpenguist, but verbolten is kinda underrated sometimes it's actually REALLY fun so ride that. Have fun!
  12. ^^that budget thing is really interesting. I imagine cedar fair dealing out piles of money to the different parks like in the mafia or something llol in a dark room with just one lamp and a bunch of guys with briefcases and straight faces taking this money away lol.
  13. Wouldn't backlot be like a mini blitz coaster? It has tight turns and is low to the ground.
  14. Honestly I'm just so happy that the park looks this good. Just seeing it get better and better is just so nice and that's the main reason I go back year to year.
  15. Hey guys so my friend is going to cp on the days of may 20-21 and he's staying at breakers. He wants to know what he should do first nd whatever, so he's getting there on the evening of the 20th, so he'll only have about 2 hours that evening, and then the 21st he has the early access pass, and he's entering from the breakers entrance. What shoudk he do first/last in both of those days? Thx.
  16. Ok so I think this is why but if I'm wrong oh well someone correct me and we can all learn something. So I think it's because that from car is to like take off shakiness/rattling that the rest of the train would have if it didn't have that car. It's like I guess taking off all of the shock so that the rest of the train can be smooth. It's hard to explain someone help lol
  17. First of all, I would just like to say that I really like hurler and I don't understand how people don't like it. I mean it's fine it's not great but I don't want to tear it down. What I don't like is grizzly. It's boring and they CAN tear that down (for some new type of coaster) Second of all in that diamond falls pic, aren't the 2 bridges in the same place generally? I think the lift was like the break run of backlot, then the drop was around the splash for backlot. Am I wrong? 3rd idk if I've said this befor on here, but it want them to connect the path from ricochet/hurler to the back of the water park. There's already a road there. Why not? It would make the wart park a loop instead of a dead end.
  18. Ok so I've never been on opening day but let me tell you that you're probobly not going to get "plenty of rides" on volcano, because that always has a line on a normal operating day, but I bet you could get in all of the credits you want, it isn't that big a park. (But don't ask me about opening day crowds idk y I'm talking lol)
  19. Today is march 21st, which is the pass holder preview day (if I am correct), which means that they have probs announced tempesto.
  20. So I checked on google maps and that path does coninue around hurler, but idk if that's like a road, and also if they did that where would they connect it to soak city? Oh wait right between the wave pool (big wave bay) and the soak city splash house is another gate, and that path leads right into that lil square. So somewhere in there? The roads connect, all you would have to do was make it into an actual path.
  21. I went there for the first time this summer and it was very nice. I enjoyed it very well. I could see how it could get boring though. I wouldn't return unless they got a good coaster. (My 2 home parks r kd and bg, which r both an hour closer than sfa)
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