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  1. So I was looking at the new park map and... Why don't they connect the ricochet dead end up to soak city? That way ricochet wouldn't be a dead end, soak city wouldn't be a dead end, and there could be new things on the new pathway......?
  2. I've seen a lot on here about kings dominion, and I can tell you that volcano, the rapids, and the log flume get the most waits out of anything. After that fof gets some but it depends when. I305 is either empty or -30 mins (surprisingly). I rode twice in a row last time I went. All of the other rides have -15 min waits at most. It's a fun park.
  3. 1 that dead end can't really have anything done with it because roman rapids are just sitting there but the new coaster is kinda back there so there'll be more of a point to go back there. 2 from alpenguiest to Ireland it's just kinda weird the main path really isn't marked and if you don't know where you're going you may end up in he griffon dead end or something they need signs right there.
  4. Exactly right. It is so annoyingly difficult to get from County Fair or Hometown Square to Yankee Harbor. If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to go to batman and wished there was a path to cut the loop, I would almost have enough to pay for a bottle of water. I laughed so hard because it's so true lol omg *edit: I'm sorry this is a quote idk how to do things I'm sorry
  5. Oh we'll if nobody comes to ride the new coaster I guess that means more rides for me oh well.
  6. I was thinking in investing stock into Cedar Fair and I was wondering if it was a good choice, considering the time of year, also thinking about if the parks are run well, as well as thinking about this year being a good year for Cedar Fair. Any advice would help. Thank you.
  7. It is a beautiful coaster but if rmc could do something like a crossover between Texas giant and medusa it could be the greatest rmc revamp ever.
  8. The park have done from day one of the webcam, how have you not noticed already? I don't look at the webcam I just look on here.
  9. *looks* ......are they.....*looks closer* ........are they trying to...hide the tunnel...? There's a patch the looks photoshopped right where the tunnel after the drop would be...*confusion?*
  10. Ya know I love coasters like i305 but I also applaud coasters that pack a punch and are rerideable. Alpenguist is on the top of my list because it's a great coaster with great elements in a great setting and I could reride it over and over because it's a very smooth ride with some force, but not a huge amount, which is a good thing IMO.
  11. I think people get really excited about flat rides since these days most parks have few.
  12. Alpenguists lift is so loud you can't hear yourself speak it's horrible lol they need to do something about that. Also I hate how snappy it is into the mcbr but in general this is my favorite coaster that I've ridden I love it so much.
  13. I love how the coaster looks like through the trees and on the hill I love it lol
  14. I was thinking the same thing lol like goodness that's going to be close!
  15. I always thought that a sky screamer clone (kennywood) could go nicely in this park. It's a nice smooth ride and it's not too intense! I could also see the 4D dark ride, AND the swing at this park.
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