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  1. Absolutely: KD BGW Probably: CW CP Hershey SFGADV SFA Possibly: KI HolidayWorld
  2. There are 8 cars on Swarm in your picture, but in real life there are Seven. Kudos to me! Nice drawings, though.
  3. You might as well do Alpie before Griffon, if you're going in that order. What I would do is at rope drop go to LNM, then if it's open sky ride to griffon, then work around the park from there. Verbolten's line may look long, but it moves quickly. If you ride griffon later in the day, there will be a line. Any flats/ Mach tower lines should be manageable, if you're going during the day.
  4. Granted, but your name is Clark Grizwold. I wish for SFA to call their Superloop what it really is.
  5. Hi, everyone! I know several of you have been hoping for a more recent trip report of Six Flags over Texas, and here it is. I visited the first day of fright fest, so crowds were very heavy. I ended up getting flag pass gold, which supposedly cuts the line in half. However, if you plan your times well enough, it can turn a 2 hr.+ wait into ten minutes. Also, I have to comment on the great customer service at the flash pass center. The lady at the booth saw I enjoyed the rides, but due to financial constraints, I opted not to pay the $30 extra for NTAG and Texas Skyscreamer. She then proceeded to get me a front of the line pass for NTAG! Talk about customer care! Now on to the review of the park and rides! Overall: As my first Six Flags Park, I wasn't really sure of what to expect. I had heard mostly God reviews of SFOT, but nothing too outstanding. I found the atmosphere to be much different than Cedar Fair's. It seemed more tacky, like they cared about bringing people in more than creating a great theme park. However, several of the rides were top notch. They really did a great job with them. I'll talk about that later. They did a good job theming the section around Runaway Mountain, Old South. The food looked good, but I didn't really get anything to eat. I'll place my ride reviews in order from favorite to least favorite. New Texas Giant 9.9/10 - RMC made an extremely smooth coaster with this one. Great transitions, great airtime, cool overbanked turns, and good theming in the station. Best coaster in the park, IMO. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast 8.5/10 - Intense launch, intense top hat, intense turns, this ride was intense, but fun intense. But even more intense was... Batman: Backwards 8/10 - I actually came off with a minor headache after this one. That a good thing, in a way. This coaster delivers a great experience, and even after knowing the layout, I had no idea of what to expect. Shockwave 7.8/10 - Great Schwarzkopf looper, crazy loops. The second and third drops have great air. I can see why this one is a bit of a "cult classic". Runaway Mountain 7.5/10 - Wasn't sure of what to expect, but long story short, it was great. I don't want to squash the ride by saying this, but it was very short. Superman: Tower of Power 6.9/10 - Actually tame. Drops had good air, launch good g forces. Even with the height, it wasn't that extreme. Texas Skyscreamer 6.1/10 - An extreme Windseeker, although it didn't really seem 400 feet tall. The chains added a fun element. Titan 5.9/10 - I'm not looking for a fight, I just didn't have a great experience with the ride. I sat 2nd to last row, and single seats kept opening up throughout the train. Being a single rider on this one, I asked both the ride op and person in the seat if I could ride. The rider said yes, and the op said "no, you have to wait for your seat." This was a nuisance for everyone I the line behind me as well, and caused them to wait an extra train (which was about 5 min. extra with the terrible operations they had). The ride was very good, though. La Vibora 5.5/10 - A lot like Avalanche at Kings Dominion, but be warned. You hit the brake run HARD. Judge Roy Scream 5.7/10 - This old woodie is showing its age, as the wood bends as the train enters the station. Otherwise, a good family ride. Runaway Mine Train 3.5/10 - Nostalgic, but very rough and boring. Cool drop at the end, though. If you skipped the reviews, this is where the photos come in. Also, I wasn't able to ride Pandemonium as the FrightFest event was starting, and lines were long even with FlashPass. Thanks for reading, now for the photos! Poor Quality, but FlashPass is heavily recommended for busy days. After picking up FlashPass, we headed to Batman: Backwards. After that was Mr. Freeze. Something tells me there will be more emphasis on this store next year... Superman and Mine Train were after Mr. Freeze. Superman would have been bored.. What's that peeking over the trees? It's subpar layout.. er.. Shockwave! No, seriously, this coaster is super smooth for its age. Oh Runaway Mountain, did your sign run away? Pun intended. Texas Giant's line was long... Good thing the Flash was looking out for me! The FrightFest Decorations were great! Another park, another Panda Express Yes, NTAG, I still see you. Time to start heading out. But not before rides on Skyscreamer... ... And Judge Roy Scream! (These were the only pics I had) Bye, Aquaman, maybe next time.. Bye, kiddie rides! Maybe one day Superman will approve... With that, a great day comes to an end. Comments are appreciated! I'd love to hear your feedback for future TR's!
  6. 1. Taxi Jam (now called great pumpkin coaster) - Kings Dominion 10. Loch Ness Monster - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 20. Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion 30. Griffon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 40. If everything goes as planned, NTAG
  7. Has anyone considered that the first defunct B&M may have already happened? While Drachen Fire wasn't manufactured by B&M, B&M certainly had a major role in the design portion. The argument could go either way. However, I think the first defunct B&M will be vortex at CGA.
  8. I would: Revive: old school B&M's Not Revive: Any TOGO ride Kill off: Hurler clones
  9. Sadly, I do not have an answer. I would imagine for the same reasons AC at BGW won't let quick queue in the front row (longer lines, more desirable seat). Also, I am planning a trip to SFOT in the near future. It will be on a weekend before their Halloween event, and I will be there for the evening. Any recommendations on what to ride (maybe even specific rows on NTAG, Titan)? Any hidden gems that are surprisingly good? There are several ways to go about the park, which is the best? Finally, which rides have single rider lines? I know this is a mouthful, but any help is appreciated.
  10. Granted, it flys into you full force. I wish kings dominion would get a great b&m hyper next year
  11. Granted, but all they do is make viper clones. I wish stand up coasters were actually fun.
  12. I've never even had an I305 op let me re-ride with an empty station. I've gotten it once or twice, but even when it did happen, they wouldn't let me ride more than twice in a row without getting up and going back around. And Maverick needs the i305 restraints! I don't get why they haven't installed them! Its probably just cuz of CF's relationship with intamin. But even so, that ride with those restraints is not a good combo. Really? I've been able to get 4 rides in a row with out going around, one in the front row, 5th row, 10th row, and last row without going around. I had the opportunity for a 5th ride but decided to go meet up with some friends.
  13. It may be a row- filling thing. Or it may just be they don't want to give private tours. I am only guessing, these may be wrong. I agree, it is a bit of an inconvenience. So here's what I've concluded for rows on the coasters: AC: back row and front row, not in the middle Griffon: front row, back row if time LNM: back car Verbolten: probably front, can't go wrong with that Alpengeist: front row Thanks everyone for the help!
  14. Yes, that is correct, both Wikipedia and rcdb say that it opened on May 18,2012 with a soft opening on May. 11,2012. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verbolten http://rcdb.com/9463.htm Now changing topics, I will be heading to BGW on Labor Day weekend. Should I get quick queue? I know Busch hasn't been getting long lines this season, but on Labor Day weekend I figure it may be crowded. I have been here twice before, so I know the layout, I just haven't gotten a chance to ride their 'big' coasters. Any recommendations for which rows I should ride in? I already have a day plan figured out, so I already know when I will ride them. Thanks for the help!
  15. Sunday crowds can be a hit or miss, but mornings after church are usually dead. I have not experienced a rainy day this season, there may be one when I go tomorrow, so it will be an experience. Hit these first: Volcano FOF I305 Backlot Dominator (afternoon, evening only!) Any flats, and other coasters can be hit in any order. Hope this helps, this is just from my experience.
  16. Children cursing loudly in a men's section What's worse than a park with all slc's
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