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  1. Just throwing this out there, perhaps 110 feet will have something to do with this ride. the real mayflower was 110' long and maybe they will have a 110 foot tall inversion or something.
  2. Kings dominion had a miniature version of that in the 90's when the water park was built. They may put in a bigger one as part of the nostalgia of the 40th anniversary celebration.
  3. If you are a single rider and sit next to a non enthusiast and you explain the exact specifics of the rides to them.
  4. Afterburn would be my first choice, but I think Valleyfair needs a better invert than that, and afterburn, from what I've heard, is good. That's how bad valley fair needs a coaster. I could see a smoother alpengeist style invert coming, maybe. I think relocating an invert to valleyfair would be nice, but all of those mentioned were from parks that really need them to have a solid lineup, with the exception of carowinds. However, carowinds is also supposed to be a growing park, and they need afterburn to really solidify a big three by 2015. But all in all, afterburn would be fine at either park, just better at carowinds.
  5. Maybe they can make the waves more frequent at the wave pool... But that's wishful thinking. Ideally, I would like a cleanup, perhaps a vanish point, etc. slide, a mat slide, and renovations to the bathrooms and restaurants.
  6. If they were to do that, they would most likely put it in the very back of the park, or take out shoot the curl and freestylin'. I find shoot the curl to be gross and in need of cleaning, but somewhat fun, and freestylin' to be a bit boring. Some new slides and perhaps a new water coaster would be a welcome addition for me.
  7. I like most of the water slides, I just don't love them. They have some good slides, but there are newer, better options on the market. They already have tornado, which is cool, but some of the enclosed ones need some serious tlc to be brought up to par. I would like them to put in a version of Vanish Point (like the one at Water Country USA), or something along those lines. Although I would like a new coaster, I think this is the best option for the park and would enjoy it more if this happened.
  8. I think they will go big, just not giga big. I could see and thing from 150-250 feet tall (maybe with a launch, maybe not), probably with inversions (holiday worlds first on a coaster), with a small indoor section and a special element unique to the coaster (I.e. Verbolten/th13teen...). I could see them doing a splashdown, as it fits with the theme, but it's unlikely, IMO. Keep in mind Holiday World is a family park, and won't go overboard.
  9. It all depends n the day. Usually, they run 2, when I'm there. If it is a Monday, Tuesday, etc. with a rain projection, they will probably not run 2. This is just from my experience. I don't know if this is completely correct. The wait on July 4th at 9 pm was around 40 min... If that says anything. Haha... I see what you did there.
  10. KD's lineup strength depends on how you view it. The optimist: Man! Two (maybe three) world class coasters! Plus a giant drop tower! And a good kids area! I'm going now! The indifferent person: It's okay i guess. At least some of the lines in Old Va aren't long. The pessimist: 11-12 of the 14 coasters are only average/above average? Count me out! The clueless: I thought Flight of Fear was supposed to be at Kings Island! See, KD's lineup strength is all in the eye of the beholder. I personally am the optimist, and am one of the few that actually enjoys the Grove/Old Virginia section for its classic thrills and lack of huge rides. I would like them to put in something though.
  11. I would disagree with the vertical drop coaster, only because it doesn't offer an Immelmann, I think. Most of the time I don't use VD coasters in my parks. But on the whole, RCT 2 is a more realistic game for park design, looks, and ride designs, but RCT 3 is better for overall park experience. I like RCT 2 much better.
  12. I don't understand why some people think of Flight of Fear as a big three member. Nice to see someone else doesn't think it is.. I would rank it 5th in their current lineup. But yes, same here. They could take out grizzly and put it in its old spot, utilizing the extra land and revitalizing the Old Virginia area. They could even include some grizzly elements like the tunnel with the turn... But I'm getting ahead of myself. I would think 2016 or 2017, because of planning and all. MAYBE 2018 if the coaster is planned to be top 5 in the world (though doubtful).
  13. Yes, I know several people who are like that. KD also has no hypers in General. it's giga is world class, but it needs some others to put I between Dominator/ Volcano and i305.
  14. Volcano, at KD, is a great coaster, but it is HORRIBLE in terms of reliability. It seems like every time I go there (around once a week, give or take) it closes at least once per time. That and TTD, Etc. are not the most reliable, and that is what Cedar Fair is looking for. A reliable coaster! Intamins may be record breakers, but they break down too often.
  15. I agree completely! The Grizzly offers the 2nd best night ride in the state (besides i305), IMO. I really like the tunnel and the turn inside. Sadly, most of the GP doesn't feel the same about keeping it (at least the GP that I've been around).
  16. I agree. And it would give the park an attendance boost, which would help Cedar Fair be more willing to turn it into a better park.
  17. I would like BGW to put in a flyer, but with so much speculation of a SMUF clone and BGW's need for a mid size family coaster, I don't think that will happen.
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