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  1. I went in May and all rides were fine. Like the shots of Chariot! I know that scene will be tainted by a SMUF clone though... I'm interested to see what the park does with it (naming, etc)
  2. I agree, the Tornado is down a lot . It's a shame because it's one of the more popular rides in the water park and the lines are always long by the time we get to it. And there isn't a single rider line (at least that I know of).
  3. Hi I'm Jack. You could call me a Cedar Fair Fanboy, but I still like (some) Six Flags parks. I've just gotten into counting my coasters, and am only at 21. My home park is Kings Dominion, and true to that my top 3 coasters are 1. Intimidator 305 (KD) 2. Dominator (KD) 3. Verbolten (BGW) - the reason I like Verbolten so much is for its great theming and unique elements. Also, I am a big Bolliger and Mabillard fan, as well as a classic Schwarzkopf fan. You can tell by my username. Hope to see you all around the site.
  4. First post- whoo! I think the knots idea is interesting and probably accurate. However I could see CGA or even KD get this as a dark ride because that is one area in which they are lacking, and (for CGA) the name could quite possibly indicate that is going near demon.
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