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  1. I agree. I think it's great that BGW is getting a premier clone, as they are great, but it just doesn't seem like something BGW would do. They always put in great, custom, we'll themed coasters, but while a new coaster is a new coaster, I am a bit surprised that BGW would do this before a custom coaster (or a woodie). However, i am excited that they are getting a good clone.
  2. I would say they would remove Wild One before they put RMC steel track on it. I could see it getting new prefab wood , but it is a classic, out and back woodie. There's not too much RMC can do to make it a hybrid.
  3. Alright- guess what time it is? TRIP REPORT TIME!! ok, so this TR will be relatively short, and photos are a no- for this one. I have some, but they are not worth sharing. So we only went in the evening, and managed to get a few rides in. It was actually really crowded for a Tuesday! We got a walk on on Dominator, in the back row. Then we got a ride on the drop zone and had dinner- the cheesesteaks were actually not half bad, but eat them right away! Mine was cold. After that, we hopped another ride on drop zone and headed to the wind seeker. Then,we did Ricochet and Rebel yell before going to volcano for an evening ride. On our way out, I got another walk on on Dominator and with that our night ended. I guess some reviews are in order: Dominator (2): good as always, I noticed little to no B&M rattle tonight, which was a pleasant surprise. 8.5/10 Drop Zone (2): very good drop, great views, short lines, just don't ride right after dinner. 8/10 Windseeker: glorified observation tower, good views, a good break from the crowds. Relaxing. 6.5/10 Ricochet: Good little wild mouse with a cool drop. A bit jerky. 5/10 Rebel Yell: sweet racing woodie, a bit rough tonight, and operations were a bit slow. 7/10 Volcano: surprisingly long lines for a Tuesday (40 min.) but the (short) ride is worth it. 9/10 Side note: I did not ride I305 tonight. Seeing as I come here every week, I just didn't find the time for it. It was a choice between Volcano and I305, and I chose Volcano just because I hadn't ridden it in awhile. However, I305 blows all the other coasters there out of the water. I'll go ahead and review it here: Intimidator 305: Front row!!! Insane ejector air, everything is intense! Best seat: 1st row right side! 10/10 Thanks for reading, if you even read it.
  4. Most of the time, the ride ops are friendly and great at dispatching. But a couple of times a ride op was looking off when everybody was saying clear but she still wouldn't start the blue train. But most of the time they are some of the better ops in the park.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I would agree that I305 is one of the most intense out there. Leviathan seems fun, and I may be riding it next year! MF seems like it has it's club of fanboys and haters, though.
  6. His is especially true with SFMM, and I think that it deflates the experience. There is nothing wrong with a lot of coasters though.
  7. Magnum xl 200 had a lot to do with this, IMO. Before, it was about all the rides. After that, most parks tried to build bigger, better coasters and focused less on flats.
  8. How does this compare to i305 and millennium force? Especially during the helix it packs a punch.
  9. Anaconda at KD has THE WORST restraints! I was in second row and at the MCBR they became looser. I was still safe, but I will not be riding it anymore. They were Not unlocked, but the clicked one notch looser, scaring me half to death. Is this common on arrow loopers? LNM at BGW I have had great experiences with.
  10. True, didn't catch that. Sorry about the mix-up. Just out of curiosity, how much did alpengeist cost when built (compared to raptor/banshee)? I consider those some of the best inverts.
  11. I always grey out during the first turn, but when I ride it at night, I don't grey out at all! Yes, you may be thinking, well that's because it's night out, but I could clearly see the station and even the (if blurry and dim) lights of the park.
  12. It's interesting about the raptor-banshee comparison.however, I thought apollo's chariot was the 1st B&M hyper?
  13. I must be the exact opposite. I see patches on dominator... Occasionally. I305 is a completely different story. Unless I'm in the right seat 4th row, I grey out every time. Especially in the front row! However, ride front whenever possible. I guess some people experience it, some don't.
  14. Impressive, and it is a great tribute. Flywheel seems a bit weird, but acceptable.
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