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  1. I think they should put in a MAJOR steel before they even think about putting in anything else.
  2. I definitely think KD's next coaster will be a B&M or a GCI, as those are two companies KD has no NEW coasters in. Dominator is an above average floor less, but it was relocated. As for the hyper idea, I would like to see them put in a "step down i305", as that would be very marketable as an option for people who don't want to experience the height/ g-forces of i305 but also want a good thrill. Any style of hyper (wing, invert, etc.) would not only be a good fit but may possibly break records.
  3. Backlot stunt coaster also is launched, so if KD removed it they would have a much harder time getting the "launch capital of the world" title. Avalanche is just unique, and is from Mack rides. I would like to see hurler go, not because it is rough but because I find it one of the more boring coasters in the park. I could see them remove any of the following: 1. Anaconda- unlikely - because of the minor renovations this year. Also it is in a challenging location. 2. Hurler- unlikely - low ridership and rough, even with the retracking. However, KD keeps sprucing it up. 3. Shockwave - maybe - it is in a tough location, but a family coaster or anything with a small footprint could go there. 4. Grizzly- likely - rough, low ridership, in an unpopular area of the park, could be taken down with hurler for a GCI woodie. These are the possible coasters that could be taken down for a new coaster or dark ride. I think KD needs either an invert, new water park, family coaster, woodie, or B&M hyper.
  4. I do agree with the load times, my friend and I were waiting for 40+ minutes with a line that didn't really go far past the station. As for the GP, there is always a line. However, when I went on it, the bunny hops hurt even with a low seat height. Also, the restraints felt like death contraptions. I'd imagine it's the same on all Togo stand ups. But yes, it gives KD a stand up, which many parks don't have. Overall, I think the only thing keeping it is the space it takes up and the reliability.
  5. Personally I would like to see shockwave go and a small family coaster or dark ride or even a few flat rides to be put in shock waves old spot.
  6. Good point, this could just be like "white lightning" from carowinds.
  7. Does anybody suspect at all that the unused trademark from Carowinds (either fury... or centurion) could be coming to kings dominion as either a mid sized coaster or a dark ride?
  8. I haven't been myself, but from everything I've heard I would. If you want to ride all the major coasters in one day, if it is a weekday, that may be possible. Once again, I am basing this off of what I heard. Also, I would not get there before 9 or 9:30.
  9. Oh, that's actually great news for the wait times of this new ride! Can they run two trains?
  10. I haven't been to SFDK, but I've heard that Superman is just a capacity nightmare. I think the the fact this ride is cloned is not a huge deal considering the location of the other clones (California, Germany).
  11. Continuing off this, I agree. Matt ouimet has been good for cedar fair. Back to coasters, I count ninja as a large family coaster, kind of like Big Bad Wolf was.
  12. Yes,pandemonium's capacity is just plain bad. I was just suggesting a spinning mouse model found at several six flags parks. They could easily relocate one. However, I doubt they will do that.
  13. I would think a Pandemonium clone would be a good, non inversion coaster for the park. When SFMM announces new rides, I wouldn't be surprised if a flat ride package (with a s&s screamin swing) and a family coaster is included. But I could also see them getting just a coaster, being SFMM.
  14. How can a ride with no over the shoulder restraints have head banging? There's nothing to bang your head into. Personally I think Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion is an amazingly smooth and awesome ride. The one at Kings Island throws you around a lot more but I enjoy that ride also. Head banging... I misspoke. I banged my head on the seat quite a few times, even though I kept my head back. I also found it jolty... That was the word I was looking for. All in all, I think I just rode it on a bad day.
  15. I find Flight of Fear (KD) to have head banging. I just don't think it is that great. I cannot compare it to the one at KI, as I haven't been there, but the KD one was average at best.
  16. Er, you're kidding, right? The tour is worth it. Thanks for the help. I read about clean up attempts at SFA, but all in all BGW is much cleaner. I was (sort of) kidding with the credits at SFA. It is almost as close to me as BGW, so I figured, why not look into it. Also, from what I remember the service everywhere was good at Busch Gardens.
  17. About the clone, I think it'll be called diablo or something. Also, I may be able to go to either BGW or SFA in August. Kings Dominion is my home park, so I go there quite often. However, I have not been to SFA but have been to BGW but only been able to ride Loch Ness Monster, Verbolten, and Pompeii. Is BGW still worth it, or should I go to get some new credits at SFA? Side note: if I do decide to go to BGW, should I do a roller coaster insider tour?
  18. Wind seekers. Especially at larger parks, they provide refreshing views.
  19. That's exactly what I thought. I would imagine it would be changed to a floor less since that would really improve the coaster.
  20. I think the ride could be MaxAir. I know that May not be the general consensus, but if MaxAir is renamed,then there will be less fallback if it goes badly. If it's a coaster, then it'll be either Mean Streak, Corkscrew, or maybe Mantis.
  21. I view mr. Freeze as an "advanced shuttle loop" or a different version of FOF. All coasters in that episode were good, I just don't agree with the order. With that being said, Mr.Freeze was the best there.
  22. Theme parks. The rides, although fewer, give a better experience and the park just has a nicer atmosphere
  23. That's EXACTLY how I would have scored them! Although they are both unique style coasters, YOLOcoaster is the better ride, even though Premier isn't my favorite manufacturer. Also, there are multiple wing riders, and Full Throttle has some unique elements specific to it.
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