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  1. This year I visited SFGA and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I usually only get to go to two (at most) theme parks a year, but I try and make them ones I haven't visited or ones I haven't been to in a while. I have been to SFGA befor,e but I went with some freinds who have not been there before. The first time I went there I rode almost all the coasters, but for some reason i left out El Toro! So El toro was my goal of that trip and it did not disappoint! Easily one of the best wooden coasters I have ever been on and possibly my favorite coaster ever! 1. El Toro Busch Gardens Williamsburg I have not been to in a while so there was quite a bit of new things in the park. The last time I went there I was young so I was too scard to go on Alpengeist and Griffon did not exist. Griffon was the most unique of the two, but Alpengeist had so much force and was beautifully layer out. 2. Alpengeist 3. Griffon
  2. Don't get me started on Harry Potter! Seriously in love with that series. I started Eragon and have yet to finish that, but I enjoyed it so far. I Liked the Hunger Games trilogy but couldn't connect with the characters as much as HP. I love fantasy novels and si-fi are good. I usually don't read that much but when I get a good book I'm hooked until I finish it.
  3. I was thinking putting a euro fighter in the nightmare building (that is if it is still there) with an outdoor section for the lift and major elements. They could do some really cool things with that building, but I doubt six flags would do that :/ if the building isn't there anymore, a simple euro fighter would do fine in that area. Don't remove the bobsleds! It is one of the few coasters there and one of the few bobsleds in the world. Another woodie would be good too they just need something!
  4. Euro Fighter!!!! They are cheap yet thrilling and don't take up that much space
  5. I went on my first stand up this year and thought it was okay. It was Green Lantern at SFGA and thought that it had to much force on my ankles. The inversions were neat though and I loved the drop and giant loop! I feel that they have potential but they need tweaking. Maybe a stand up hyper coaster would be fun with huge airtime hills and a loop or two but no crazy twists or corcscrews.
  6. Yeah I need to go on more woodies... I forgot the Cyclone from SFNE but it would have been last anyway. I'm a steel kinda person and usually don't go on wooden coasters unless I know it is good like El Toro or my friends really want to go on it. RANK THE FOLLOWING RIDING SENSATIONS <-LEAVE Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,1 Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,2 Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,3 Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,4 Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,5 Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,6 COASTER NAME PARK LOC <-LEAVE El Toro SFGAd NJ,y,y,1 Phoenix Knoebel's PA,y,n,2 Comet Great Escape NY,y,n,3 Wildcat Hersheypark PA,y,n,4 Rolling Thunder SFGAd NJ,y,n,5
  7. Just saw "Frozen" and was absolutely blown away!!! I liked it better than "Tangled" and thought that the music and animation were breathtaking! Seriously go see it if you haven't already! It has humor, love, and adventure! I can't get enough of the movie
  8. I have so many theme park dreams! Most of the time I end up walking around a park (usually Magic Kingdom) trying to get to a specific ride before the park closes. I then I get to the station and wake up. :/ sometimes I get to go on one ride but usually I'm aimlessly walking the park getting lost.
  9. The other day someone told me that Buzzlightyear Space Ranger Spin was closed in Disney World and has been closed for a few years. My response was "no it's been open and I'm pretty sure Disney plans to keep it open". Went home and checked my computer because I got really nervous that I missed some information and was right that It did not close..... Always follow your gut never the GP.....
  10. I have a Nokia Lumia 520. Its a value smart phone but does everything i need it to. I have a go phone account so i don't have to pay for data which is nice since data is crazy expensive and WiFi is basically everywhere. The camera is 5 megapixels so it isn't great but it isn't terrible. Its a windows phone and since I'm used to Apple products it was different, but it got easier to use the more i use it. I'm happy with my phone so i guess that's what matters.
  11. If the sky were green and the grass were blue, having a blue sky and green grass would be just plain odd...............
  12. I honestly don't want to have to pay for a park-to-park pass if I want to go on the Hogwarts Express. I hope they have an option where you can go on the train round trip, but I completely doubt that for universal wants $$.
  13. I always bring a drawstring bag or something to carry my junk in. - wallet - money - phone - camera (I always bring a camera just because I love photography) - sunscreen - sunglasses (when I had them need to get a new pair.....) - hoodie (if it's kinda chilly) - comb (If there is a water park) - Swim shorts - Towel I think that's everything....
  14. I love drop towers but they definitely startle me when they drop. Griffon scared the crap out of me (front row)! Just waiting to drop and then BAM straight down 200ft! I was intimidated by just the drop, but the rest of the ride is not as intense. (Still fun though)
  15. I chose universal for it is like disney with all of the movies and outstanding themeing, but with thrill rides. Yes they are two completely different corporations, universal has that edge i want in a theme park. Disney is fantastic and magical but it is for families. Plus Universal has Harry Potter so that pits it up and over Disney for me
  16. Probably stand up coasters, but if I were to go by brand: Arrow. (Except the Loch Ness Monster! Can't say about many others because I haven't been on many but the ones I have, have not been good.) Vekoma is probably second
  17. Im new to the forum and have been playing Tapped Out a bit Add me I believe it is rptiger (Tried logging in online to find out but it kept on asking me questions that I couldn't answer. rptiger was my name anyway so I'm assuming it's that ) Edit- my internet is slow so I don't go on much (once a day) also excuse the mess.... Remodeling EditEdit- I don't real money on my town so don't judge her size haha
  18. I would hate to be working on Goliath. It looks so cold...then again I live in NY, but it's still cold!
  19. Log flumes are so under rated! When I go with friends on a log flume it is just hilarious! Everyone is always having fun and no one knows who will get the most wet because of the weight dispersed on the boat. Really any water ride is fun besides Roman Rapids in BGW... That gets you drenched not wet. Dumb waterfalls
  20. Is this going to be a typical El Loco or is it going to be custom? It appears to be a typical one from what I have seen, but I'm not completely sure.
  21. Hi I'm Ryan, I live in upstate NY. It's pretty lame and not many theme parks close by. I'm sad to say that Six Flags Great Escape is my home park, but I prefer to go to other parks just because it's so tiny. I'm a high school student and am going to major in Architecture in college. My life time goal is to work with Disney or Universal some day, but I have a long time until then. I have been obsessed with roller coaster my entire life! I don't remember when it started but I just knew I loved them besides coasters, I enjoy drawing, HARRY POTTER (that's a biggie haha don't judge me), and hanging out with friends (typical teenage stuff ) I honestly don't know how many coasters I have been on but I have been to quite a few theme parks on the east coast of the USA. Umm so yeah that's me haha nice to be a part of a theme park community though. Not too many roller coaster geeks where I live (there are none...)
  22. ^^Okay thanks! What program do you use? I know sketchup won't export obj. unless you have pro.
  23. Could someone give me some 3D software that can export 3ds. I tried Sketchup but found that i had to buy pro to export 3ds, and I tried Blender (maybe I just need to get better at the software) but it was really hard to make objects. Thanks!
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