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  1. Six flags because they realized it was such a loss when the removed Darien Lake. It was relocated to SFMM to add to their coaster count record, but because of Six Flags' awful maintenece Ride of Steel fell apart and killed...
  2. I went on with some friends and when we got off everyone loved it but they were surprised it was considered a family coaster it is definitely an intense family coaster.
  3. Thank you for the link! Very interesting Check this out!
  4. Sorry i miss spoke. No im not an engineer, and i guess you are right it wouldnt be as iconic. I just dont want to see this coaster go. Again sorry for my supidity
  5. For that matter, make it permanent at a park close by. Putting a coaster up and taking it down probably causes alot of wear on the coaster. They just need to do something with this classic!
  6. I feel like it would be too uncomfortable. The only way i see this is if a flying coaster was launched above the track, but B&M hasnt even done a launching flying coaster yet. (Im hoping with the new holiday world addition that B&M may create a launched flyer)
  7. I want to see more on Darkmare. I like how it looks like a movie studio with giant set buildings to house rides and how the rest of the park is like a giant movie set! Definitly on my bucketlist now
  8. I have to agree that im in a good position. Im about 4 hours from Hershey and SFGAdv, 3 hours from SFNE, Knoebles, and Dorney, and like 2 from SFGEscape. Im going to college 30 minutes from Chicago so SFGAmerica will be an hour, plus Cedar Point is on the way down if i drive! Im always complaining that theme parks are so far and i dont have one thats less than an hour but i have quite a few around even if it takes alittle longer to get to.
  9. Well i give universal props for the lake but that show building is awful! On paper it may sound like it wouldn't stick out but it is very prevalent. They really should put some rock work on it and some giant trees in front to hide it. Im sure that the rest is great because of universals great work on the one in florida (which also has a prevalent show building), but they need to work on hiding the ugly parts. It ruins the magic
  10. Loch Ness Monster! I was so nervous and excited before and after i came to the conclusion that roller coasters with loops are not that scary. Of course i didn't do Alpengeist that day but i did go on Apollos chariot after!
  11. Cedar point spontaneously combusting. Whats worse than DarienLaker taking over all of the random games on here? Oh wait...
  12. CEDAR POINT IN LIKE 4 WEEKS!!!!!!! First time ever and im so excited i might pee myself upon entering!!!!!!!!!!!! Its understandable okay
  13. Well i found it on here in the templets and i am too lazy to change it....
  14. Granted, but there was a sand storm instead. I wish for a new DSLR Camera
  15. I HATE SATELLITE INTERNET!!! Because we have satellites we have HughesNet which if you dont know requires a data plan. We have 20gbs during the day and 20 at night. I woke up at 6:45 so i could update my phone which had 1.4gb download so i thought i had enough time since the intenet would switch to the daytime in an hour and fifteen minutes. (We only have 800 mbs lef during the day). It got to 30 % when our intenet dies. Of all times it dies then! So i waited and finally it came back up and it continued to download. Since im up way before i should i slowly fell asleep waking up 10 minutes before 8 to find the dowload reset....... Im soooooo ready to leave and go to college. Im seriously about to murder everyone afiliated with HughesNet.
  16. WOW!! This park is amazing! I almost forgot about it and saw it on the thread again. WOW WOW WOW! All i can say!
  17. Small fix for capacity, make it a duel loding station like Mr Freeze. If at all possible, increase seating on the cars and maybe even add another car. The ride looks so much fun even if it is a clone and im glad Busch chose this type of clone because of its uniqunesse. Its not a skyloop, its not a boomerang, its not an SLC, its an awesome Premier clone! I havent been on one but they look fun and i have heard positve things besides their capacity. Im excited and being optimistic
  18. Wow amazing pictures!! This gets me excited because SFGAm will be my new home park. Cant wait and great report!
  19. Wow that looks freakin awesome! Id be interested in how the riders are brought back up. Very unique
  20. When put that way, it does sound pleasunt, but the theming isnt really an airport and an upgraded simualtor would have helped this. If im not mistaken, when this was added, Busch was having finacial issues so they couldnt work with much. If they were to redo this i feel it could work, but they would have to improve all of it possibly and make a new building and ride system similar to soarin just to make the ride decent. Plus then they could make it more of an airport feel rather than a castle dungeon. Obviously they wouldnt redo it but they should do something just to make it somewhat enjoyable. Although as ive already said before, why not bring back Corkscrew Hill and just overhaul it?
  21. Completely agree. I was there last week and felt that Italy was ruined by the red, white, and blue. Nice decor and fireworks thats all id want.
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