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  1. I LOVE Towet of Terrors theme. Its so creepy and wonderful! So ToT is my favorite runners up would have to be: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (im sorry im a HP nerd) and The Mummy. Edit- okay so i guess i should give something non Disney or Universal Verbolten was outstanding! It is fun and adventurous, but it also has an eerie story to accompany the ride.
  2. Id be fine with almost anything (almost ) but they need something! I like the family atmosphere, but other parks have that same feeling and still have some great roller coasters (example: Hershey Park) the park does have potential, heck it has its own hotel which no other six flags park has. If they started getting some smaller coasters now like El Loco they could increas attendance and then slowly get bigger rides like a Sky Screamer or a Mega Lite in place of Seamin' Demon. They should stop focusing on the water park and work more on the theme park. Okay im done with my rant.
  3. This sounds fun And the end spikes would curve far beyond 90 degrees so it's even more negative Gs! Sort of shaped like a giant mustache! I made something similar to this on No Limits. It isnt a straight coaster, but it does have a giant hump and past 90 degree spikes. https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/inertia/7046 ^u can download it on the nl exchange (i think it should work, but i cant search my coasters anymore since NL2 came out and they changed the website.)
  4. Looks like another successful family coaster! The scenery is outstanding! I skipped the dark ride section because I'm saving that for when i ride it myself, but the coaster looks fun. Im happy to see the rocking seats move a bit more on the second coaster section. This one actually looks more fun to ride in the back just because it swings more. So now that New Fantasyland is complete, Now Disney can put Avatar and Star Wars into high gear!
  5. I NEED to go to England some day! Alton Towers is definitely one of the foreign parks i want to visit on my bucket list. These reports must suffice for now :/ great report by the way!
  6. Exactly. I'm a fan of Premier launched coasters, myself; then again, we really don't know for sure yet, do we? Would it be possible to add an extra car or more seats to the two cars? This would increase capacity on top of the duel station. I am excited for an addition like this. It has a unique look plus an twisty layout.
  7. ^ohh and two backward launches with a tilt drop section!! This thing sounds epic hahaha
  8. Ive always wanted to own a park, but the more i think about it the less i would want to. Im not a money person so that would be hard to mange and on top of keeping what guests want and i want balanced would be hard. Yeah i could hire people, but id still have to manage them. So i would rater design the rides. Just knowing that there is a small piece of my imagination multiple places around the world sounds fantastic! Now i would hope id have engineers and other people to make sure the rides are safe. Im a creative person so i would want the credit for the concept not the math.
  9. I guess i was expecting lots of fire with a huge theme and show building. Im still excited, but my thoughts were a bit off so that leaves me kinda disapointed. Im very happy for another wooden coaster and im sure that it will top the wooden coaster lists though. Oh well, i guess ill have to wait alittle longer for a launching wooden coaster and an indoor woodie as well.
  10. I guess my only complaint is that i don't like the rooms that much besides the bedroom. The kitchen doesn't look very nice to me. It was probably at some point considered nice, but i cant complain because it fits the theme, retro. Overall very well done even though its not my taste, the resort is spot on. Cant wait to see what universal will do next.
  11. Wow those are some nice looking trains! I love the little ornate details everywhere. Nice eye candy
  12. I am very disappointed in you Atari! This is just awful and not even worthy of being labeled RCT! If i wanted a mobile game i would want the original RCT not some cheap recreation! Maybe they thought they had no competition with Theme Park Studio or NL2 to create a PC version, but still they could have tried to make improvements. I have followed RCT from the beginning and i have a feeling I'm done with RCT. Atari please fix this awful mess! PLEASE!
  13. Humans are mammals right? Although it is part of the queue Giant Krusty head!
  14. Thank you so much! It is absolutely a luxury and it is well worth the price!
  15. In the tv show "Revolution" they used the Freestyle Music Park in SC. I'm not sure what episode but it was near the beginning of the first season. I kept asking myself "this has to be FMP." And then I saw the giant guitar in the background and was reassured
  16. Dark rides and roller coasters are starting to blend. Look at The Revenge of the Mummy in Universal. What if a roller coaster and a dark ride turned into a hybrid dark coaster. This would be implementing similar technology of Spider-Man in Universal with cars similar to Mummy. The cars would start off on a roller coaster track but then go onto a track that is attached to a base like Spider-Man's. It would switch to a motion base and then when the ride is ready, the base would align itself with the coaster track and then the ride would go back to a roller coaster. The use of this technology would allow dark rides to become more intense. Indoor roller coasters require much space and more height than dark rides so this technology would decrease space but allow for more thrills.
  17. I love all of universal so to chose one ride is near impossible for me! I guess if I were to go by parks (excluding Forbidden Journey) IOA- Spider-Man. It was the first of its kind when it came out and it is still one of the best. Runner up- Dragon Challenge. I can't make my mind up on which is better since I only rode each side once, but both sides are outstanding. Just wish I could have ridden it dueling :/ Universal- Revenge of the Mummy. I kinda ruined the ride by watching videos of it and researching it before I rode it, but it is by far my favorite indoor coaster. With all of the special effects and animatronics it is outstanding! Runner up- Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket. That vertical lift and noninverting loop! If it wasn't for those elements this ride would be low on my list. The air in the non loop is so great!
  18. I feel like banning smocking completely is a bit insane, but if the deignated spots are somewhat hidden and smokers stay in them, I'm fine with it. I am very much against smoking since my grandfather was a smoker and died of cancer. If people want to do it, be my guest just don't do near me.
  19. I honestly love the design. It is a great blend between the metal and the wood. It does make hard to decide if it is a woodie or a hybrid, but does it really matter. If it is a great roller coaster, it is a a great roller coaster. Even though the lift hill has a metal structure, it gives a more insecure feeling since there are fewer supports around you creating an open feel. I think this is an upgrade not a hindrance to the ride. Cannot wait to ride this when it opens
  20. I like the trackless shooter idea! It has potential and I like the idea of cars shooting other cars. It could be the next level of shooters! The only thing it needs now is a great theme and an engaging atmosphere
  21. Those would be similar forces to the ones on S&S Space shot and those are fine so I don't see any problems with that. What he said
  22. Don't spoil the moment I'm still happy about this
  23. There I one at my fair every year that is really the only good ride
  24. I GOT 23 ON FLAPPY BIRD!!!!! Don't judge I'm really happy right now
  25. I have to get to Japan some day! Disney Sea is definitely on the top of my list of must sees in Asia. For that matter, top theme parks to visit anywhere!
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