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  1. Nice report. Mine Blower was the surprise coaster of our Florida trip this year. I thought it blew Mako out of the water.
  2. ^I would go on a Sunday. Get there at park opening and head to Twisted Cyclone. You should be able to get a few rides with little to no wait. Hit Dare Devil Dive next, if you care to ride. The rest of the park should have reasonable lines. I used this strategy when I visited the park last month. The longest line we waited in was DDD and that was only about 10 minutes.
  3. Got four rides on Twisted Cyclone today. Man, RMC doesn't mess around. I used a roller coaster tester app to see how strong the airtime was. Backseat had the strongest reading at about -2.2. Not sure how accurate the reading is but I believe it.
  4. Mindbender- SFOG Phoenix Space Mountain-WDW Rock n Roller Coaster-WDW Blue Streak-CP Magnum- Using the seat belt trick Mummy- USF Scorpion-BGT Speed the Ride RIP Dania Beach Hurricane RIP These aren't in order. I might finally get to take another trip to Knoebels next year. It's been about 20 years since I've been there.
  5. I'd probably pick Fury or Dania Beach Hurricane. Fury because of how complete of a coaster it is. Dania Beach Hurricane because it was the closest coaster to me until I moved. I wish ACE would have gotten off their fat asses and actually tried to save a coaster worth saving.
  6. ^ All Slayer and early to mid nineties Miami Booty music. In all seriousness, I think the music selection is fine. They play a lot of pop music that my daughter likes. I did hear a lot of country, but it was pop country. We're trying to do a fall trip this year. I'll pay more attention to the music selection.
  7. I disagree. Especially with the country music. Country music should be banned.
  8. Great report! Man, I really need to get my ass up to this area and check out these parks.
  9. ^The stank enthusiast I've come across are few and far between. I wouldn't even have known the two guys were enthusiast before they started bitching about Fury not having a speed hill.
  10. My daughter and I were in line behind a couple of uber enthusiast waiting for Hurler last year. When we chose our row she said, "Dad, why did those guys smell like pirates?" I lost it and laughed for a good 20 minutes. It was the best Hurler ride I've ever had.
  11. I've had a train before mine and after mine rollback before. I was pissed. It was still a great ride.
  12. Viking's Voyage at Wild Adventures is pretty bad.
  13. ^You have a point. The only B&M hyper/giga model I've ridden that's better in the front rows is Fury. My first ride surprised me. Definitely the strongest airtime I've felt on a B&M, by far.
  14. A few things, I like the standard train design better, I like the layout better, the last few airtimehills and the s-bend is fantastic, the atmosphere in the queue and station is way better and finally the operations on Silver Star are fantastic, even on 3 trains no stacking whatsoever! I agree about the trains. The older style trains have better pacing, IMO.
  15. I have plans to visit SFOG in a couple of weeks. Slow loading times and craptacular food are the only complaints I really have about the place. No more VR on Dare Devil Dive should help.
  16. ^That's why I like TPR. You're not bashed about your opinions if you're respectful.
  17. I still like Kumba and Raptor more. I guess I never really got the hype with Magnum.
  18. I've never kept track of my credits. I've tried to count recently and I was at about 200, give or take. I have a funny "enthusiast" story. My family and I visited Cedar Point in 94. I had ridden my first enormous coaster, Kumba, the year before. I immediately wanted to ride bigger and better coasters. I had been to Cedar Point before but this was the first time I wanted to ride every coaster there. I remember getting to the park and immediately, by mistake, riding Raptor. We must've waited two hours to ride. I loved it, but Kumba was still my favorite. After Raptor, we went to ride Magnum. I was so nervous climbing that giant lift hill for the first time but when all was said and done, I thought Raptor was better. Later that night, we were in line for Magnum again. We were behind this guy wearing a jean vest with numerous roller coaster patches sewn on. I'm pretty sure he was an ACE member. We started talking about Cedar Point and eventually roller coasters. He asked me what my favorite coaster was and I told him Kumba. He said, "That's because you haven't ridden Magnum yet." I told him I had and still liked Kumba and Raptor better. He flipped out on me and told me I didn't know anything about coasters or Cedar Point. It was like I murdered his family because Magnum wasn't my favorite coaster. He was so mad, he actually left the queue. It probably didn't help that he was getting heckled pretty bad by the people around him. I was 13 at the time and promised myself I would never be like that guy. That night ride on Magnum was spectacular, by the way.
  19. I was in the Air Force for 14 years. I was medically retired before I hit my 20 years in. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask.
  20. Last time I was in UAE was 2010. It's insane how much that area has changed. Awesome report.
  21. There's always a need to be an A$$. I'm an ass quite a bit myself
  22. I guess if I read every thread in the forums I would have known about the whole dueling vs dauling thing. I didn't know there were prerequisites for this thread.
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