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  1. ^I thought you were correcting his spelling of dueling, no need to be an ass.
  2. Cheetah at Wild Adventures. It's running very well this season.
  3. In all seriousness, the shed is better than I thought it would be. Cedar Fair isn't Disney or Universal. I wish Kings Island did a homage to South Park and made the shed the Chamber of Farts.
  4. Nothing scares me more than Hall and Oates. Awesome video, by the way.
  5. ^ I've never ridden La Ronde Goliath. I think it looks pretty good. All the V shaped seated B&M hypers are fun coasters, but I'll take a Goliath or Nitro over them any day. Intimidator at Carowinds feels like I'm sitting on a couch when I'm riding it. The trims on almost every hill probably add to that. Same with Diamondback.
  6. I think Goliath at SFOG is underrated. IMO, it's the best B&M hyper. The last bunny hills gave decent ejector air. I also think it has the best pacing compared to their other hyper models. The Dania Beach Hurricane was also underrated. I wish it was relocated instead of demolished.
  7. My wife and I thought the same thing. Having a 9 year old who's not too keen on big coasters really has nothing at SWO to do besides Atlantis, the Shamu coaster, and the shitty penguin ride. She loves Cheetah Hunt and she can't wait to ride Cobra's Curse.
  8. Stay away from the Clarion. That place is definitely a shit hole.
  9. I really enjoyed the cabins at Camp Wilderness. If budget is not an issue, I would recommend checking them out.
  10. Was it going to be like volcano at kd? The press release made it sound more like an inverted dragster or kk. I believe the top speed was 120 mph.
  11. I wish the Orlando Thrill Park would've been built. If I remember correctly, the park was supposed to have a Blue Fire clone, an inverted Intamin accelerator, and a 4D coaster. The flat ride collection seemed pretty good, too.
  12. Gwazi was very good its first couple of years. I think the humidity and year round park schedule had a lot to do with its later condition. I really miss the Dania Beach Hurricane. That's one that should've been relocated. Blue Streak with buzz bars was amazing, too.
  13. I really don't care when it opens. All I know is that there's going to be a kick ass RMC next to Maverick. I may never see the front of the park again. Seriously, having two coasters of that caliber next to each other should be illegal. And Skyhawk, too.
  14. I'll second everyone saying every row on Fury is good. The front row has the ejector air on the last three hills but the back has that funky flojecter air on the turnaround. I've never felt anything quite like it.
  15. My family and I made our first trip of the year to Wild Adventures yesterday. Thunderstorms rolled in and shut down most of the rides. I found it odd that the park only closed rides taller than the tree line at the park. Does this happen at other parks? Jungle Rumble packs quite a punch. Definitely the most intense magic carpet type ride I have ridden.
  16. Would've been Fury 325 but my daughter made me ride Hurler one last time. Only an eight year old would think marathoning Hurler is a good idea.
  17. Mako looks like a solid ride. I was just hoping that it would be unB&Mlike like Fury. I'll temper my expectations and enjoy the hell out of it. If it's anything close to Goliath SFOG, I'll be stoked.
  18. ^ I agree. Fury has the strongest airtime I've felt on a B&M and it's not even close.
  19. I'll be there the 19th and 20th of May. I might see you there.
  20. You obviously have not ridden a dive coaster. Both dives are great in the back row at normal operating speed. Um, I've ridden Griffon and Sheikra. I had one ride on Sheikra where the MCBR didn't grab as hard as it usually does. It was awesome.
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