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  1. I think it would be awesome to ride Valravn with no brakes like in the testing video. That dive off the brake run would be sweet.
  2. My family and I are staying in one of the Camp Wilderness Cabins May 19th and 20th. Does staying here include early entry to the park? I tried to call the park but got nowhere. Thanks.
  3. It was an awesome coaster, top five in Florida when it was running, IMO. It would've been awesome to see it relocated. Oh well...
  4. Kumba back in 1993. It was my first big coaster. Still one of the best.
  5. I think it's sad that USO might be playing the bully in all of this. I seriously doubt that the sky plex would take away any noticeable business from City Walk or USO. City Walk has the huge convenience factor of resort guest and park goers that have to navigate through its restaurants and shops to get to the parks. Maybe I'm oblivious from being an enthusiast but I really want this project to get done. (Because it involves a bad ass Intamin poler coaster.)
  6. Failure, Hum, and Torche at Freebird Live in Jacksonville. You guys need to catch this if you can.
  7. Intamin- Disaster Transport B&M- Vortex GCI- Gwazi in its later years. It was awesome when it first opened.
  8. Have you considered the old strip? You'll probably get a bigger room for cheaper. Just stay away from the Glitter Gultch.
  9. I think this concept would be cool on something like Jurassic Park River Adventure. Have a scene where you have to haul ass to get away from the raptors. A launch and a drop would be awesome on a water ride.
  10. ^I'm not saying anyone here is dumb. I was commenting about the screen grabs that were posted. I love all you guys here!
  11. Lightning Rod and it's not even close. The fact that it's at Dollywood makes it even better.
  12. ^ If you you guys don't behave, cedar point will take the coaster track back to the coaster store, and there will be no coaster for 2016! Seriously, is it that important?
  13. I always thought the hand slapping on Gemini was pretty cool. I caught a guy's hat on Goliath at SFOG. I thought it was cool until I gave it back to him. The guy was a total douche. I should've let it go.
  14. ^ Lightning Rod is definitely a must ride for next year. What RMC has done the last few years is amazing.
  15. Fury 325. It's my new favorite coaster. I highly suggest riding it if you haven't yet. This is coming from one of the more hardcore Intamin fanboys that you'll meet.
  16. ^ I agree. All B&M hypers have airtime. It's not super violent, but it's there.
  17. I think Mako will have the normal floaty airtime found on most B&M hyper coasters. That's fine with me. I'm mostly excited about the first extremely banked hill/turn after the first drop. That thing has to be close to being an inversion. For those of you guys who want great airtime on a B&M, ride Fury. The three airtime hills compare to strong Intamin airtime. Fury single handedly changed my opinion about B&M. Hopefully Mako stays that course. I still like Intamin better but B&M may be closing the gap.
  18. I know this is out of left field but do you guys think the employee could've acted with malice? Disgruntled employees sometimes do horrible things. Not saying this is the case but you honestly never know.
  19. I love Zippers. IMO, they're the best flat ride ever made. You get a different ride every time. I swear I've pulled 6 gs and -2 gs on the same ride. Definitely recommend it.
  20. Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson in Atlanta. Awesome show. Smashing Pumpkins played a damn near perfect setlist. The highlight for me was Mayonaise and Through the Eyes of Ruby. Manson was great too.
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