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  1. Yeah, I will be there to ride it as soon as it opens, but will be visiting the park this weekend to have a sneek peek at it yet again. Great pics Ian and looking forward to the rest of the pictures of the pull through.
  2. The only footage that I have is of the Thunderbolt and that is post 1980. I thought that I had some video of the two wooden coasters at Wonderland but I have not been able to find it....maybe anyone from Sydney might have some footage of the coasters for the show.
  3. ^ Your a great inspiration for those of us trying to loose weight, and I will keep trying to loose it before we come over for our visit to the states. Although I am 6ft tall, I still need to loose about 15kg (50lbs I think) and if you don't believe me then see for yourself.... My better half and I (she is only a little short)
  4. Dude, I don't know where you are getting your info from, but you should back up your claims with some proof. Unless you have this proof for the rest of us to view, then your claims remain as stupid and meaningless as your first post on these fourms. There are some people who are on these fourms who work in the Gold Coast parks and know a lot more than you claim to, and have the crediblity to back up their statements on these fourms, so as a rep of Australia on these fourms, please behave yourself.....
  5. The order has been sent thanks guys, and it has the new address at the bottom of the email....enjoy your trip away!!!! Wayne"X-Mas gift for my wife taken care of...."C
  6. ^ Joe, the two chicks in the avatar picture are from a soap here in Oz called "Home And Away"(Ian will correct me if I am wrong). That is the upside of Ian's job, he meets all the famous people and now calls them friends. Wayne"Still liked the pic with Robert Patrick better"C
  7. Sorry to hear about that Eric, but as everyone has said, you have all the support you need right here, take it from someone who knows. In the last 2-3 years I have lost more loved ones then I care to number, but have got through it all with the support of loved ones and my "Second Family" here and at Westcoaster. The best advice that I can give is to think about it and mope around for a couple of days, maybe a week and then go and do something that you have not been able to do since you were with your ex. Go and grab life by the throat and squeeze until it turns purple, and then live again. I am sure that you will find the one that you are ment to be with and trust me that she is out there. My best friend spent 31yrs as a single man and has now found true love with a lovely woman and her 3 kids. Try not to worry about it as it will happen, just don't go looking for it as it will find you when you least expect it. Wayne" PM if you need to chat" C.
  8. ROTFPMSL.......Only you could do something like that Ian...11/10 for pure skill in getting that out of the mail box, and who said that watching Macgyver would never be usefull....GREAT WORK. Wayne "Watching A-Team for ideas on how to get cat out of tree" C
  9. I once was a world junior champion archer who played the Mozart on the violin, and sadly this is a truth. I am still gealous of my wife cause she got to see Garth Brooks in concert and I missed out due to work. Everytime I look at my kids, I am scared that I will never be able to give them the life that they deserve.....
  10. Say no more, say no more, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Don't stand there gawging like youd never seen the hand of God before!!! What is your favorite colour? Red, no Blue aghhhhh...
  11. While the storms in Brisbane/Gold Coast can get pretty wild, the worst weather that I have seen was all in the outback of Queensland. I went through major flooding in both 1990 and 1997, and in between those dates there was a 5 year drought and more bush fires than you could poke a stick at. Been through a cyclone up near Cairns when I was a young fella, but the earthquake is something that I can't say I have experienced. More storms coming in at the moment but they are away from the Gold Coast and more towards the western suburbs of Brisbane....expecting to hit in the next couple of hours. Wayne "Chasing twisters in a couple of years I hope" C.
  12. Nice pictures Brent, and I still have the one for my desktop (the nice picture of Nitro and the other coasters). Can't wait for the rest of the pictures from your trip...
  13. The bad weather is ment to return on the weekend with more severe storms forcast. This storm hit around the theme parks on the Gold Coast with Dreamworld coping a battering....waiting to hear the news on the storm. Wayne "Not a good time to go for a walk" C
  14. ^ You are more than welcome to visit anytime.....and I will be trying to get some POV footage but will have to go within the parks guidelines for anything that goes on the site. That and Ian has to OK it as well. The new site looks great and it is not as clutted as the old one, my hats off to Ian as he really has put a lot of time into the new site. Hope you all like it.
  15. ^ Dude, just expressing my own opinion that the Thunderbolt was the roughest coaster in Oz, not taking the P$## out of you in any way, so chill a bit. And I would never waste a cupcake at all, just look at my picture to prove that. And I have witnessed the after effects of the Thunderbolt more than once, when the parks first aid officers have had to help people after ridding the coaster. Mostly with bad headaches, and one with a back problem, but it would not surprise me if this was a pre-existing problem with her back. This happened about 4 years ago for the back problem and only 2 years ago with the headache trouble(happened when we taped the ride from the front seat). Still if you believe it was smooth, then that is up to you....I just beg to differ...
  16. A couple of hours every night to catch up on all the news and helps me to unwind after work. A nice way to relax until the kids come and bug me for something or another....
  17. Hurricane, I guess that if you put Lethal Weapon as your worst ride, that you did not get the chance to ride The Thunderbolt at Dreamworld while it was operating. When that coaster closed, so did over 30 chiropractors on the Gold Coast. It was so rough, that my wife would ride it to fix her back and save the cost of going to the bone doctor, I would even go as far to say that it was rougher than sandpaper on an open wound...ouch!!! Wayne "Thank Good it's gone now" C.
  18. Not yet known if the trains have done a pull through, but you can bet that when it happens we will have photos for you all to see. Ian has just relaunched the site with a new design so if you would like to see the latest pictures from within the construction site, please visit ........ http://www.ozcoaster.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=16&Itemid=2
  19. Great Idea guys, pitty we are heading into summer here in Oz. But I will order one now for the 4 weeks of winter that we are likely to get here next year. And if the grey is available, I will have that colour thanks. As far as the name on the hoddie goes, put mine on the very top of the hod so that when the hod is on, the name is visiable then....just a thought!!! Wayne "Waiting for the leopard print TPR Undies" C.
  20. The death toll is now up to 32, with over 100 more injured. Sadly the dead included a 16yr old Australian boy, and my heart and prayers go out to all those involved in this latest terror attack.
  21. I am sitting down watching the late night movie and a news headline has flashed along the bottom of the screen about some Bomb Blasts in Bali that have injured tourists in the area. Just waiting for the movie to go to an add break to get more info on these events... http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/asiapcf/10/01/bali.blasts.ap/index.html http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4300274.stm http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,170975,00.html
  22. Hmmm.....after listening to that I might have to reconsider the offer to meet Elissa at the parks. Not sure if I want her to meet my wife......a wild combination that would be.
  23. With all the TV adds for the new "The Transporter 2" movie coming out, the better half and I both thought that we should watch the first movie to see what the hype was about. First thought about "The Transporter" was WTF....is this guy for real...found another Jackie Chan style of movie. The Transporter was one of the best movies that we have seen in quite some time. The action starts from the first minute of the movie and does not let up the hole way through, with multipule attackers in each fight scene and some of the best car chases since The Fast and the Furious. And the big surprise was when we realised that the main good and bad guys have acted in movies that we rank as our favourites. The bad dude was out of The Fast and the Furious (Vince), and the good guy was out of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Guns (Bacon). Well worth the look if you haven't allready.
  24. The Angry Beavers ride is built into a mountain and is just a spinning flat ride, but the type of ride escapes me. Cool for kids, but I dare say you have been on this type of ride plenty of times before. And the SLC is my fav coaster at the moment, and I normally get one ride on it every trip to the park, but was down for some reason on the weekend. This used to be a very smooth coaster, but is slowly getting the old Vekoma shake....only hope that it does not get to bad....
  25. ^Is it working???? Wayne "Ticked off Lethal Weapon was out of action" C.
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