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  1. Only thing known for sure about the water park, is it will be getting a large wave pool, similar to the one at Wet'n'Wild. Everything else is said to be the latest in water park thrills and spills....sadly that is about all we know at the moment. I will be sure to keep you updated on this thread as soon as I find more out.
  2. The construction machine at Dreamworld in Australia has started up and looks to be in full swing. With new roads being created and the first land being prepared for the new $56million Water Park, it looks like the park will have a busy couple of years ahead. The first of what will be weekly updates is now online, so check it out.... http://www.ozcoaster.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=69&Itemid=2 This is just the start with a new B&M rumored to start construction either this year or next year, so will be sure to let you all know......
  3. ^And by looking at the pictures he can remember where he was the night before.. Wayne "Already waiting for the next coaster to photograph" C
  4. It seems to be loading about one and a half to twice the speed that it was before now.....great for the chat room.
  5. Picture yourself going through a subway setup with the walls caving in, water pouring down stairs, a couple of police who need driving lessons and that is the start of the earthquake area.... Wait till xmas and then there might be something else worth coming to MW for.....
  6. Happy Birthday Robb, hope you enjoy your little "gift". I guess you could wear them for Elissa when you she gives you your "birthday present", if it gets there in time. Have a great day and we all hope that there will be many more to come. Wayne "Glad i'm not that old yet" C.
  7. I wonder if any of the parks rides will find there way down to Australia.....after all, we sent you back a boomerang coaster last year. This could be a good way for payback? At least the park is trying to sell the rides first so we might see some of them around the parks in the future....
  8. I might be catching onto this a bit late, but after hearing what was said, I think my first reply might have been, "Could be worse...I could look like you!" After giving some thought, the only other thing I might have said is "At least I did something with my education" A bit late, but that is an Aussie point of view.
  9. Found a couple of other shots from Superman, one of those two crazy asian gents again trying not to loose their heads. The second is of a young lady who was quick enough to put herself back in order before I could take the picture....you'll see what I mean. Her hand was quicker than my eye, or trigger finger... Duck or loose your heads....
  10. While the first pair look like they enjoyed the ride, the kid in the other picture looks ready to blow chunks.....and I thought Superman was ok. Stand clear as he looks ready to blow...... Very happy chappies.....
  11. Great update Jim, we should have some more construction updates for you from Australia as soon as it starts up again next week. Keep up the great work.
  12. Love the trip report guys, it looks like u really are haveing a wild time. Can't wait to see what they get up to over there for New Years Eve.... looking forward to seeing what will be next. Happy New Year to you all......bring on 2006
  13. I really hate the fact that my family lives in the middle of the Queensland outback, and that the one year I chose to visit them this great new ride opens. Nice work Ian and it was good to see that you kept your mind of beer for as long as you did.....another beer would be good about now. Will catch up with you when I get back, lucky bugger.... EDIT : Now that I have ridden the ride, I have to agree with everything that the Kiwi has said....now that hurts! A more complete view of the outside layout!
  14. For anyone who wants to see a POV of Superman then follow the yellow brick road.....or this link and click the top picture.,....enjoy http://www.supermanescape.com.au/se/the_ride.aspx?docId=26
  15. Here is the picture of my son after he tried to jump off his brothers top bunk. The trouble is that he hit his bunk on the way down and used his face to break his fall......Kids, what are you going to do???? And my wife has been playing around with hair colour and went from the first one to the second one just to tick off her mother over xmas.... At least we know he bounces..... two days later it changed again... First it was blonde and then....
  16. And it allows for you to drink twice as much beer over the 4 day xmas weekend.....yah for Boxing Day!!
  17. After all that time spent in the carpark on Saturday night and the only shot worth looking at was taken by mistake....how sad. At least I did get the chance to see this ride in action. This would have to be the quitest coaster I have ever heard, with the noise about the same level as The Claw at Dreamworld. Looks great in action and I am just ticked off that Ian gets to ride before me.... But if you want great blurry pictures then check this out....
  18. Went down to the parks last night to take a few pics of Superman testing, and then laughed at my own poor photography skills.....for your enjoyment I bring you Drunk Photos... More Beer Required
  19. Dreamworld has announced a $56 Million water park to be completed by next Christmas. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=74746 However this has not gone down to well with the owners of the current Gold Coast water park, http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=74732 As far as I am concerned, this will be a great plus for the Gold Coast Theme parks. Every summer Wet'n'Wild is packed and as you drive in and see the crowd, you start to have second thoughts about going in. With a second water park in the area, it will give more choice and it will also allow for you to change your mind if one has more people than the other. For the latest update on construction at Dreamworld then visit www.ozcoaster.net and make Rabid a happy sheep herder.
  20. It is a sad loss to the world of wrestling and it is even worse when you realise what he had overcome in his life. Drugs, booze and everything else, including a near fatal car crash and he goes out brushing his teeth... RIP Eddie, you will be missed by fans world wide.... Who's your Papa!!!
  21. I have also had the "yo-yo" effect with weight loss. It all depends if I am playing sport and the seasons of the year with my work. As an electrician, I allways loose weight over the summer months due to working in crawl spaces, and the heat that it gets to in there. Over winter as it is not as hot, I put a little weight back on due to football season. I don't loose weight when training, but put it on. Weird but I guess building muscle really does increase weight. The picture on the first page is just after football season finished, so I am at my lowest of the year or near to it. Nice to see you have lost over 100 pounds, but I would have never guessed you were that big looking at you now Robb....well done.
  22. The cable seems to have been installed and we hope to see the train in full testing in around two weeks time. Counting the days down to when we get to ride this baby....
  23. Still waiting for mine to arrive, but with the move and the mail redirection, it should turn up in the next couple of days.... I just hope that it fits the better half, as it is a gift to her for putting up with me and my love of coasters.
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