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  1. Cool update as always, can't wait for this years DVD if it happens. Looking forward to the rest of the trip report. Wayne "Hoping that the will be a DVD this year" C.
  2. Nice TR, but I could never understand why people shot archery using a trigger release. I shot for 15yrs and allways used a finger tab to release the string. Still miss the sport now but it is just to costly to get back into, I guess Rubgy League will have to do.
  3. Pictures of my reasons for living...... My First and One Love. The Two Terrors....Gotta Love Them.
  4. There are some good one's here also.. http://www.bundabergrum.com.au/flash/index.php Click on the advertising button and then to commercial Try the ones marked "Chopper", "Drop Bear" and "Inflatable". Good for a laugh.
  5. An Irish sign???? Hang on.....my family is from Ireland....Doh
  6. Seen this ad on the TV and after I picked myself up off the floor, I thought that I would post the link here. Enjoy. http://www.bigad.com.au/
  7. When you find yourself inserting random words between your first and last names when signing a letter. Wayne "Like this bit here" Currie
  8. Rabid, you look like you have lost weight....is that possible???
  9. ^ Good call DJ, mid to late Feb is the best time as all the schools are back in and it is only crouded on the weekends. And on a good note, it looks like the ride will be ready for x-mas without a problem.
  10. All of the footers are in place and more of the supports for the tophat have been put inplace. There is also a lot of track going into the building, but we will have to wait to see if Rabid can get any sneak peak pictures from inside.
  11. Wonder where he got this from.... New Shirts for the Theme Parks???
  12. Could not have said it better Dan, and that launch track goes the full length of the building. I will try to get a picture of the building so as you can see the length of the building. And the inside track is in the buildings used for the old Movie Magic Studio Tour, so it is big enough to house 3 stages used for the show. This would lead us to believe that the pre ride show will be one of a kind. I have said it before and I will say it again, can't wait till December.
  13. Superman going Vertical eh......Rocket Launched Wheel Chair?? Nice photos as allways Rabid, look forward to coming to the park soon so I can get the kids to bug you while you work Can't wait till December......
  14. You forgot "Live from the Hollywood Bowl", that cracks me up everytime, nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say no more!!
  15. I have been getting a lot of great pictures from a friend of late so I guess this is the place to share them. And you would pay this how??
  16. The Meaning of Life... "Get the machine that goes "PING", and the most expensive machine in the hospital". Woman giving birth "What should I do?" Doctor "Nothing dear, your not qualified!" "How are you feeling tonight sir?" "Better!" "Better?" "Better get a bucket, I'm going to throw up!!" Anything by Monty Python will be watched with interest by yours trully. As will "The Young Ones", "The Goodies" or "Mash". Wayne "More movies than your local Blockbuster...maybe not!" C.
  17. Just like to say Happy Birthday to the Senior Citizen of TPR, have a great day Eric and don't loose to much sleep tonigh. Have fun Eric.....
  18. I have yet to visit the park, so I am hoping that someone might be able to help me with a thought. The marking pegs that are away from the general site of the construction, the ones Elissa pointed out in the last lot of pictures. Could these be for the removal of the tower, should they use explosives to bring it down, would it fall in this area??
  19. ^Sweet Dreams old mate.... Also I think I have found the real reason that Robb enjoys Europe so much.... And now back to the update's from Robb.... Can't say I blame him.
  20. Found the fat guys life partner..... This must cross some country's law.
  21. Found a picture of Rabid Disney's dream date.... The Future Mrs Disney?
  22. Has anyone heard if the rumor about the holographic images in front of the riders is true or not. It would be interesting to see how they would do this to allow for the image to be projected directly infront of each rider, without interference from the design of the train itself. Anyone???
  23. Have not yet had mine changed either, and I have to thank Elissa for that also. And I still need more sugar than I am getting, but down to 1 small can of soft drink per day now so that is a good thing I guess. Wayne "Getting sick of Tuna every lunch" C.
  24. Then you would be happy to know that at McDonnalds in Australia, you are able to get your 40c cones and sundays with a flake. Just another reason for you to visit our fair shores Robb
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