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  1. Thanks for not making a liar out of me again mate.....nice pictures as allways and it looks like all the action is about to start down under. It's nice to see the parks down here are finally chatching up with the new advances that have been made within rollercoaster construction around the world. A lot to look forward to in the next 18 months of construction down under.
  2. Just to let everyone know that there should be another photo update of the superman coaster by this weekend, but Rabid has put some pictures of a small little Aussie "playground" (for lack of a better word) and some pictures of my two sons at Steve Irwins Australia Zoo as well. And if it was not obvious enough then BUMP!!!
  3. I think that there should hopefully be an update either today or tomorrow, and will also have a trip into the past to remember the Cyclone construction that happened a few years age. As far as driving from Sydney to Brisbane, you are looking about a 8-10 hour drive depending on the speed you are going, so you can save a lot of time by just flying straight into Brisbane. But I am a little bias 8)
  4. ^ Cheers, I looked at a couple of site that were no help on the 3D rumor or not, still after reading about the opening death footage, it sounds like a movie worth going to just for the first 5 minutes. However as I am a fan of the first two movies I would be watching this one reguardless.
  5. I have found some pictures of the opening scenes of Final Destination 3 and from looking at the pictures it looks great. Rumor is that the movie will be in 3D, but here are some pictures for you to see.... http://www.countingdown.com/movies/3219913/multimedia/images?item_id=3714634 and the director with the coaster train on set http://www.countingdown.com/movies/3219913/multimedia/images?item_id=3714640 Enjoy....
  6. There was a rumor that the top speed was ment to be 100mph but it was later known that this was a mix-up and it was ment to be 100km/ph. The good news is that it looks like we might have a B&M heading down under before the end of next year, but it is still unknown as to what type of coaster it could be. It would be nice to have a hyper or giga in Australia, but only time will tell I guess, first thing is to see if this is just a rumor again or if it is truth this time. Fingers crossed
  7. Just to let everyone know that the new Intamin AG / Accelerator Coaster has started construction at Warner Brothers Movie World in Australia. If you would like to follow the construction of this ride we will have weekly updates and we will be following the construction of the new area at Wet'nWild Water World and at Seaworld on the Gold Coast. For all this construction just visit http://www.ozcoaster.net for further updates. The coaster is rumored to have a launch of 0-62mph in 2 seconds and will have a max height of 131ft. It is due to open sometime between September and X-mas of this year. There has been a delay with the start of construction so the correct opening date is not yet known. Wayne "Thanks Elissa" C.
  8. ROTFLMAO...... I just showed my wife and told her that the photo was going to be a new kiddy coaster. She looked at the whole picture and said without missing a beat "I don't think that our son will do that!". That was 5 mins ago and I have only stopped laughing. Wayne"Blonde hair dye does effect the brain"C.
  9. I have a on ride video of the Thunderbolt from Dreamworld lying around somewhere if you guys would like it. Should also have a bit of off ride footage as well of the ride, with a few still pictures of the demolition of the ride as well. Let me know if you are interested in the footage.
  10. So I take it that the lack of Coaster and Park based shows here in Australia and therefore not having seen or heard of this person is a good thing? Wayne "Bonus for living in Oz" C.
  11. If memory serves correctly, there were two sets built on two of the 8 stages at Movie World, and they went and filmed in the second set to finish the movie. It took about 4-6months to rebuild the sound stage and it is now back into full use. Will try to find a news picture of the fire for everyone.
  12. I wonder if the DVD release of House of Wax will contain and footage of the sound stage at Warner Brothers Movie World burning to the ground during the filming of the "house fire" from the movie. It was rumored that the crew did not have enough safety provisions in place and flew in a new special effects manager due to the first refusing to go ahead with this part of the shoot. But this was only rumor and I am sure some of the members of this fourm will have the truth behind the fire. Anyone???
  13. Thanks Eric, but I will stick to kilo's, it sounds a lot lighter
  14. I was told it was the only sound that my team-mates could hear when I was running towards them while playing Rugby League. What do you expect from a 6ft 1in, 113kg (not sure on the conversion for weight) football player.....that I can run without making sound?
  15. Great work as always Elissa, and what a ride!! A ride video like that just makes me wish that I could fast forward time so that we can finally ride the new Superman Coaster that is coming to Warner Brothers here in Oz. And on that note, Rabid should have some more construction pictures up by the end of the week at the usually site. Great work again Elissa....
  16. I have mentioned this movie before(Undead) for all you fans of "Shaun of the Dead" and if you liked the last in the Evil Dead Movies. It will be released in the states on July 1st and if you want to see the trailer then have a look here. http://www.apple.com/trailers/lions_gate/undead/large.html I have worked with two of the actors in this movie in the past and from what I was told, there may be a second movie in production very soon. And the trailer makes the movie look a lot scarier than it is, get a few more laughs than frights out of this movie....just so you know.
  17. thunder001


    It happens around the allfoil in the mouth psyche-out, just so you know where to look. 8) (chapter 8 around the 36 min mark) Wayne "I watch way to many movies" C.
  18. thunder001


    Ok so you are both correct....in the first scene there is an instrumental of Beer playing in the background when the Beers are playing New Jersey and then it changes to Roses are Red when they are playing San Fran. Hope this helps.
  19. Here's a couple of songs that I thought might fit into any of your DVD's and some from the land down under. Lit - Over my head...from the Titan AE soundtrack Creed - Higher Reel Big Fish - Sellout? I think that you guys might have this allready and the country one I would recommend an instrumental by Keith Urban called strangely enough " Rollercoaster ". As far as Aussie stuff goes try Killing Heidi - Superman-Supergirl Killing Heidi - I Am.....Spiderman 1 soundtrack Thirsty Merc - Sunday The Cat Empire - SLY Will try to think of some more for you guys as the grey matter is not working to well this morning.
  20. I have to have the 2XL as I need the extra length and would have to add a M for the "better half" as well as a couple of S for the kids. Maybe we could do a swap for a couple of ozcoaster shirts as soon as the Rabid one gets them up and running. As far as a logo for next year, should it happen, how's "Reality is a Rollercoaster, Life is everything else!!" Looking forward to seeing the design guys..... Wayne
  21. Jumped on the Gold Coast and at the time, the company had a swear jar for those who happened to let fly a few words of the 4 letter variety. To cut a long story very short, I have to put $5-00 into both of the swear jars that they had there. Both very good causes and next time I will keep the "Construction Language" to myself. Would recommend jumping to anyone thinking of going for it, don't think just do it.
  22. Ok so here we go... Archery Rugby League Rugby Union Golf Cricket Darts Paintball And I think that is about it....my memory is not as it once was due to all the hits to the head from the two football codes! Will try to have some video up on the ozcoaster web site after next weekend if Ian lets me :?
  23. I am also using a Sony ( HC - 20), but would like to know what software you use for the editing process and burning onto DVD. Have tried pinnacle for the editing, but have trouble when burning. I found out that if I use pinnacle for the editing along and then use Nero 6 Reloaded to burn to DVD the process works, but it lacks quality with the footage. Any thoughts on how I can inprove the quailty?? Wayne.
  24. For the sheer thrill of the ride, it has to be the Giant Drop, but I won't post a picture as I am sure Slick has done that to death. If the themeing of the ride is included in the overall ride, then it has to be Space Probe with the cover and screens at the top of the tower, I know why Elissa liked it so much. Don't worry Elissa, it might get a second life somewhere, and pigs might one day fly!
  25. Let me know when your trip to Australia is and I will see if we can organise a meet at one of the parks if you are heading that way. As far as trips this year go, only to the local parks within the next month. That's Warner Brothers Movie World, Seaworld, Dreamworld and Wet'n'Wild Water World. Still have the trip to the USA planned for 2007 so apart from that, it is only waiting for the construction of the Superman coaster to start at Movie World. Bring it on!!!
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