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  1. I would like to see the look on the face of the other dude with the broom up his date. And no need to worry Greg, at least you are game enough to show your face in public. I got sick of people suing me for damage to their camers after they would take my picture.
  2. Waiting in line for the Lethal Weapon SLC, heard a young girl and her friend... 1st Girl "How does it get up the hill." 2nd Girl "There are motors on the train" 1st Girl "Are they wireless controlled" 2nd Girl "They must be". Did I mention that they were blonde.....
  3. We have never had the One dollar menu here in Oz, but the meals start at just over $5 for a small meal, and up to $6 for a large meal. The burgers are around the $3 - $4 each.
  4. Ok, will take you all on a spin with the Aussie Beers.... 1 is the great Queensland beer...XXXX (4 X) 2 would be Carlton Cold 3 is Tassie beer "Cascade" Very nice drop all round. There are so many different beers here in Oz that it takes a while to try them all....still worth trying to fit them all in. The number 1 in my eyes. Number 2 in the list. Very Nice Drop indeed.
  5. I think that someone had written all of his notes on a small notepad (fit into your pocket type) and had to pause every time he turned the page. The video on a whole was just nasty, with the worst part being when he told you about other attractions with pictures of storm runner. Someone who watches this could go to the park expecting all the rides to look the same. Just a thought.
  6. Giant Drop at Dreamworld Australia. 394ft tall Intamin Tallest in the world.
  7. I think I found the first mobile phone used by EBL.... You can only hope that his feet were clean...
  8. ^ I thought that you could remember back before there was history. The original series of the Transformers as well as the first release of Star Wars toys. Anything Lego and the first showing of the Air Jammer Toys, that are now back on store shelves. As far as TV went that was easy, The Goodies, The Young Ones, Dr Who (with Tom Baker) The Two Ronnies, The Kenny Everitt Video Show, You Can't Do That One TV, Battlestar series and V The Mini Series, Speed Racer, Astro Boy, Monkey and that is about all that I can think of at the moment.
  9. Yeah, a day later and I think that not stopping was the right thing to do. It could have been a lot worse for me and the kids if I had, and as it stands now, my eldest (Dan) still talks about the "Angry man in the green car" but he is happy about it at least. Hope this happens to no on else......
  10. I was thinking of using the steering wheel lock actually but my other half would not let me stop the car and pull over to do it. The urge was there and I fully intended to show this guy some moves I learnt with years of playing rugby league football. But as I said before, the boss told me to keep going and I think that was the best thing to do.
  11. I was heading down to Movie World to take some more pictures of the track turning up for the new Superman Coaster when I found myself in the middle of a road rage incindent. I was driving along with the kids in the car, when another car pulled up along side ours with the driver waving his arms all over the place. I could make out by his actions that he was saying "Are you blind?", but that was it. Then came something that was not expected at all. He pulled in front of the car, forcing me off the road at 110km an hour. I had to keep going as he was trying to get me to pull over, but if I did that, I would have done something that I would have regreted later. I waited till I could get off the freeway and away from this idiot. I went to the nearest police station and reported the guy. The officer said that he will call and get the other dudes side of the story, and give him a warning, as I do not have the time it takes to go through court over this. I just needed to get this off my chest, so now that I feel a bit better, time for to watch The Pacificer.
  12. Don't worry to much Elissa, you could allways leave Robb to do the buisness trip in December and come on down to Oz yourself. That way you could have a few credits that he would not have, just a thought.
  13. Sorry to hear that Elissa. Both my wife and I have had our childhood dogs put down within the last year so we know what you are going through. My boxer was 14 and was in a lot of pain due to arthritis and L.J's dog died of old age, we think it was about 15yrs old. I hope that Rattums will not suffer and that he will outlive all expections, and he would not be the first pet to do so. Have fun with him while you can.......
  14. Using IE and have not seen any change with the site, or any other all day. Very weird indeed!!
  15. Well I can only go from the ones I have ridden, but down here in Oz they all ride with little or no head banging. Even the SLR at Movie World is a smooth fast ride, and it is coming up to 10yrs old.
  16. thunder001


    I have one of these on order from a friend who owns his own computer store. Does the trick for the wet rides from what I am told, and not to much damage on the pocket either. http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/eCS/Store/en/-/USD/SY_DisplayProductInformation-Start?ProductSKU=SPKHCA&Dept=cameras&CategoryName=acc_DIAccessories_DICarryingCases_SportJackets
  17. ^Thanks man, I was starting to think that you were going to make a lier out of me....can only hope that the surports turn up soon.
  18. The update will be on the site in a couple of hours, with pictures from both inside and outside the construction area of the park. We got the ok from the park today and Rabid will have the update done soon. Hope you all enjoy... The Old Man...
  19. Rabid will have some new pictures of the track up later tonight Aussie time, with some great close up shots of the end of the launch track wheels, of which I was able to fondle with great pleasure. Should have an update from within the site by the end of the week, and another update on the track and hopefully some surports as well by next weekend. Hope you all enjoy.... The Old Man...
  20. No it's not just you. I can only see it in one spot, so you could start the guessing as to what section this would be for. I guess only time will tell as always. Wayne "Got to touch Superman track wheels on weekend" Currie
  21. From someone who has never been to the park, what would all the yellow caution tape be from around the tree. It is the picture of the old gardens so I am guessing it could be from that, so it is marking the tree for removal. Just a thought....
  22. No offence taken, and remember that terrorist attacks have allready hit the Australian and Great Britan People before. Please correct me if I am wrong, but the IRA allways targeted Police, Political or Military people and not just the every day person on the way to work. I simply ment that it was a surprise to see him in that area when the bombs went off. I have heard that the bombs were either ment for London or Paris after the Olympic annoucement, and it was only a matter of time. Anyone would have to be pretty small minded to believe that these terrorists are not allready in every major country in the world, and ready to go at a phone call. I, like everyone, only hope that they are caught before anything like this happens again.
  23. The scary thing is that former Mayor Giuliani was walking past one of the train stations when one of the bombs went off. Makes you wonder if that was a random bomb or one ment for the former Mayor. It really is a small world after all.
  24. They are now saying a total of 7 bomb blasts, although the government here are saying that there will not be any travel advisory against going to London. They are saying that they have not received any threats against Australian targets in London, but that Scotland yard did receive threats a couple of minutes before the blasts occured. I hope that there are no more blasts anywhere in the world.
  25. Just got back from football training and turned on the news. They are saying that there is 90 casualty's with 2 confirmed dead. They are now confirming that all the blasts are from terrorists bombs. Unconfirmed reports put death toll at over 100.....a very sad day indeed..
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