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  1. There has been no info out yet for the layout of the coaster, but going from what is on site, it looks like the themeing will make this ride a lot more intense then the layout would suggest.
  2. That is a good reason just to ride it. If you didn't see the train do the rollback before you got onto the ride, it would be an experience and a half. Hope to see the ride video of that on the next DVD Robb. Loving the trip updates, keep them coming. The Old Man...
  3. Just checked it out and it still has all the videos for download. This is not right and should be shut down as soon as possible.
  4. Great Update guys, and with the last picture is it just me or does the person in the bottom right of the picture look like she has only half a face? Wayne "Great look for a horror movie" Currie
  5. WOW...Movie Parks main street is Identitical to Movie World in Oz. You would have thought that they would have made them a little different between the parks. Nice pictures as allways Robb, look forward to the rest of the trip reports, although I have a quick question. The SLC at movie park, does it have a helix style loop at the end of the ride or straight into the station? Wayne "Wondering if the SLC's are the same too!" Currie
  6. Great TR, looks like another place that I have to add to my list of parks to visit. And it looks like Gregg beat me to the important questions about those two pictures...and in reply to greggs question, I think that you might be right, it is not right to feel those feelings....help required Wayne "Awaiting answers to the important questions" Currie The Old Man...
  7. The photos are now up with the parks ok, and can be viewed at the usual place www.ozcoaster.net For those who don't know, Movie World Australia had changed their policy about allowing pictures from inside the park to be displayed on web sites without permission. The pictures of the track where taken without paying an entry fee to the park, but we asked for the parks ok anyway. We hope that we will still be allowed to display pictures of the construction process for the new coaster and with the parks permission. We should have a update around the weekend if more track shows up, so keep an eye on the site. The Old Man....
  8. The ride, we hope, will not have the same trouble as it's big brothers. The thing to remember is that this coaster only has a top speed of 100km/ph and a height of 40mts. With this lower speed and height, we hope that the trouble the rides are having in the states will not happen here.
  9. The first peices of track has arrived at Movie World for the new Superman coaster by Intiman. All the pictures will be up at Ozcoaster hopefully by tomorrow or Tuesday Oz time, until then here is a sneek peek.... First pictures of the track...view the rest at ozcoaster.net
  10. Just to let you know that we have revisited the construction pictures taken during the Cyclone construction a couple of years ago at ozcoaster.net . These pictures were originally posted at Twisted Rails and now that the site is up and running, Rabid has put them up in an update for everyone to view again. I hope that this will hold everyone over until the next Superman update, as there is only more footer work happening at this time. Only a couple of weeks until we should see some suports and track on site. Hope you all enjoy the update. The Old Man.....
  11. Nice report guys. I hope that you continue to have a great trip with no problems. Look forward to the next update guys. Wayne "No more poor attempts at humor" C.
  12. Nice pics as allways. Can't wait for the next update from the trip, just remember to drive on the other side of the road now. I would love to see how many times that Robb forgets which side of the road is which. Have fun and enjoy guys....be safe.
  13. During my life in Western Queensland, I had the joy of being in 3 different houses that were struck by lighting, all due to 40ft masts ontop of the houses. These were used for 2 way radio communication on the propertys and the highest points around when ontop of 2 story buildings. The worst part was having to fix the masts after the strikes....not fun. Wayne "Knows how Robb feels" C.
  14. Hey All....Rabid has put another update on the site as of today. A lot of cages for the footers have arrived on site and the work is coming along at a great speed, so it might be up for the October opening as planned. Not to long to wait for the track to turn up with only 2-3 weeks to wait. Hope you all enjoy and keep watching for more updates soon. The Old Man....
  15. will have to check on the time difference to make sure that I am not at work at that time, so will let you know. Wayne "Hold'em for me" C.
  16. Count me in, depending on the time of the game of course. It can get a bit boring playing online when you don't know the other players. Let me know when you get it going......
  17. The Australian WBMW is owned by Warner and Village Roadshow Australia, and is seperate to the other parks around the world. The newest big thrill rides built over the last couple of years at the park have all been original design due to the limited area that the park has to operate within. So with that in mind I would guess that it is going to be an original layout and from what little we have heard there will be no inversion elerments (excluding overbanked turns) within the rides layout. Hope this answers some questions.
  18. Great update guys...just ticked off that I am on the wrong side of the world to make it. Will have to make up for it at a later date with lots of beer....hmmmmm I guess I could start now, cheers! Wayne "One for me and one more for me and ..." Currie
  19. Wet'n'Wild are currently undergoing a $20million referb of the kids area, the changing of the current Mammoth Falls slides (Large tube style slides), as well as the rumored inclusion of another ten slides of various styles. A tornado has been rumored, but not from any of the parks. The kids area will be upgraded to a more modern feel with a large "Bucket Dump" somewhere in the setup. We will have more on this upgrade of the park as it is released to the public. This is one of those things that I am sure Rabid will know, but is not allowed to say due to employment contracts. The park is also rumored to be spending $50million on a complete new park at the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane) somewhere close to Australia's Zoo. Have not heard much more on this as yet, but don't expect to have to wait for too much longer for the official release. Rabid will be posting regular updates from all the construction at the parks on the Gold Coast, and there will only be more as the construction goes vertical. Wayne "new coaster....happy happy joy joy " C
  20. Hey guys, just letting you know that the construction down under is really picking up. The new Superman coaster is coming along with allmost all the footers in, and with Wet'n'Wild starting their major upgrade of the park it is full steam ahead. Also the building is almost up for the Outback Spectacular Show that will start this coming X-Mas, with the building right between Movie World and Wet'n'Wild. Hope you all enjoy the update with many more to come. Till next time....... Wayne
  21. Thanks people, another year older and two more grey hairs.
  22. Congrads man, and you will now be able to get all those K-Nex Roller Coasters to fill up the room. At least that was the excuss that I used...
  23. The original rumored opening date was in September and now the talk is for an October opening of the ride. This keeps with the parks latest opening of it's new attraction for the school holidays in September as well as the start of the spring/summer period here in Australia. And to think that this is just the start of all the upcoming construction down here with Dreamworld rumored to start a large amount of construction within the next 6-12 months. Add onto this the $20million revamp of Wet'n'Wild water park and the construction of the Outback Spectactular beside Movie World, then it is all happening on the Gold Coast. Enjoy....
  24. Is that your next summer or ours?? Let us know when you are coming and will let you know what is open and what is not. Keep an eye on the site as there is a lot of construction to happen over the next 18 to 36 months.
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