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  1. While it is not confirmed, we believe that it will be a single tower with a height of 200ft (60m). Will should not have to wait for much longer to find out with the ground work well underway, and there are rumors of new attractions coming over the next two years as well.... As far as the B&M goes, rumor has it that there will be one built at Dreamoworld next year after all the water park construction is finished. As allways, if it happens in Australia, you know where you can find it....
  2. A hint on what Sea World will be getting....OK! It is something that they don't have.....Hint delivered, you will have to wait till next easter to find out..
  3. Didn't you know that she is now the town bus, not bike. Fits more ppl in that way.
  4. I have some video here from the ground with the Giant Drop and the Tower of Terror in operation at the same time....will try to do a quick edit on it tonight and post something in the video fourms for you to see.. The best part of the ride is standing in the que and pointing out to other people how much the track for the Tower of Terror moves when the car goes up it. The amount of people that have sworn off the TOT after that is crazy...I guess they can't see the funny side of it. EDIT... After looking through some old photo's, (pre-digital for me) found the photo's of the ride stuck at the top. They were taken at X-mas of 1999, acording to the date on the picture. Maybe any Dreamworld Fan Boys can check to see if they know about this one????
  5. I had my 1000 drop earlier this year on the GD, and you are spot on....just before you are let go, it feels like you have stopped climbing. But the ride drops you the sec you hit the top of the tower, so you really never stop moving. I was at the park one day a few years ago when something happened and the car stayed up there for over 5 mins before the ride dropped it. Never did find out what happened there. I figure if I post this video (credit of the find goes to a post on a aussie site) this might help Elissa convince Robb to come down under for a visit in the future....and here is a picture also just to help the cause. The ride from the outside of the park
  6. While this is only a little onride video, it is worth watching just for the look on the guys faces.....very funning stuff. Also gives you a look at the view from the tallest drop ride in the world
  7. Looks like a great trip so far.... We had the official Sour Grapes tour here down under for Brent, as he could not squeeze onto the trip. But all went well, after the rain stopped and he was groped by a ride op....but that is another story to ask downunder when you guys get back.....have fun and be safe---that's goes for Lou and Jeff double.
  8. Same here Robb..... When you do start to work on the parks Outside the US, be sure to let us know....have enough pictures to fill out at least a couple of pages, although with the quality of the Pict's so far, I need to keep practicing my photography.
  9. Hey all, A new update is now on the site from today, with the first pieces of water slide now on site. The only question is where are all the slides going, with there now being more footers on site than a normal coaster site. Enjoy and more next week.
  10. So in the states they get Elissa to represent the coaster community and here in Australia we get Rabid??? WHERE DID WE GO WRONG!!! From all accounts he did a great job and we will just have to wait for it to be on Discovery or what ever other channel will broadcast it in the future....
  11. Can I please put my order in for one of these at any Australian Park within the next 3 years. Putting a woodie like this in any park down here would be a great addition to what is slowly becoming a great range of coasters in a small area......a person can dream can't he.....
  12. Coming from someone who has never been to either Disney park, I now feel that the ride will not hold up to the vision that I now hold in my head after reading your idea. That is some serious work and I have to agree with everyone else about getting a job with Disney, but don't wait...Send It Now!!! It can never hurt to try to get into a company like Disney as early as possible....GO FOR IT
  13. For anyone who is interested, here is a picture of the catch car emergency stop on the Superman Escape coaster in Australia. It is a large hydraulic piston at the end of the launch track, and from the writing on the cylinder it is pre-set, I guess, to suit the speed of the catch car on that particular ride. http://ozcoaster.net/photos/main.php?g2_itemId=2315& Hope this helps with any questions...
  14. Posted a new thread and a couple of replys and it was all on the old setup.....no troubles on this end. Must be that British weather again???
  15. Ian and I have started to follow the construction of the new $56million dollar water park being built at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. While there is a lot of dirt rides at the moment, the interesting part is trying to figure out what they are building around the Cyclone Roller Coaster.... For updates as always check out www.ozcoaster.net Enjoy
  16. Why is it that I can see this ride being built within an Aussie Park within the next 5 years.....
  17. I know some guys on the Gold Coast that would be glad to show anyone exactly how fake it can be.....not the right words to use around them, trust me on that one
  18. ^ Have not seen the trim brakes on the west side of the tower used for quite some time. If I had to guess it was about three years ago that I last noticed the trim on the other side of the Giant Drop. At least I get to ride a different type of tower ride after September here in Australia....and only time will tell how tall that will be.
  19. Good luck mate, hope all goes well and you will be on your way before you know it.
  20. I have been to 3 water parks here in Australia over the years. 1 Wet'n'Wild 2 Amazons 3 Grundys Water Center Not to sure if the name is correct on the last one, as that was quite a few years ago and it is no longer there. It was a single level of a shopping complex on the Gold Coast that had all these slides out the side of the top floor right beside the main beach. But then again, we are currently in the construction process of the new Dreamworld Water Park that is due to open at the end of this year.... updates weekly at the normal site for those interested. EDIT : The name was Grundy's Entertainment Centre
  21. The original video link was done a while ago, but the other two are new videos. When watching, try reading his lips on the take off section....I wonder what he said? I also love all those pictures on the site of the construction, but get the feeling that I have see them somewhere else before
  22. Damm.....feel sorry for the poor bugger who was driving the black car at the end.....once again....DAMM!
  23. I can't believe that I have only just found this thread... After reading all 15 pages, I feel both happy and sad for you Soren and here is why. Happy that you are able to follow your dreams where ever they might take you, and that you are taking the chance for a new experience... Sad because you are going to be working in the German area at the same time as Octoberfest and there will be one Rabid Disney in your area around this time, just look in the nearest gutter to find him. Mate, I wish you the best and hope that the next year will bring you nothing but joy and happyness while in the USA....have fun....
  24. With only one SLC here in Oz, I find that the roughness of the ride depends on how you ride it...i'll explain. I have found that if you push your head back into the seat the entire ride, it is quite a enjoyable ride. If you leave your head "loose" while riding, you end up having your right ear on the left and vise versa due to the restraint system. But I can only judge from one SLC and truth be told, I am just greatfull that we have that in Oz.....but that might change soon.... Wayne"Did someone say B&M is coming?" C.
  25. Now that EBL is an ASSistant, I guess I will have to lay off the beer while posting on the boards... Good luck to both of you.....
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