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  1. Just put mine Blu-Ray player on order today. I got the Sony BDPS500P player, and found out that the local store ( JB HI FI) was informed to "dump" all it's HD DVD players and movies as it will no longer be stocking the format. They have already dropped the price of the HD-DVD from $700au to $300 overnight. It is to be seen how long it is before the HD-DVD format is pronounced dead in Australia. But it is to be expected with the sales figures of players sold in Oz between April and October of last year being HD-DVD (3800) and Blu-Ray (97400). Just have to wait for Paramount to start releasing it's titles back onto Blu-Ray, now they seem to have asked for a release from the HD-DVD contract.....time will tell as allways.
  2. It's funny you should mention that. I thought that I was ok and just had a high fever (41c). It wasn't until I woke up and found the ambo's standing over me trying to get me awake that I realised I might need to do what they were saying and go to the hospital. At least I know better now, as they told me your muscles start to "melt" at 42c. Learn something new every day.
  3. For some reason the only movie that jumps to mind in regards to Elissa's old man's office and the pictures there is "From Dusk till Dawn". Not sure why, but I know I have seen that sort of layout in a movie before....need to go back through the movie collection, and that should only take about a month....hehe.
  4. While I can see people's points in the thread about a grown adult knowing how many pills would be too many. After going through pneumonia and knowing how much that knocks you around, what with the 41C fever I had before giving in to my wife to go to hospital, I could see how a mistake could be made. Not really being able to remember the last day at work, and having messed up a patch panel I was working on so bad that our company had to spend another full day to fix what I had done, a couple of pills in the wrong amount of time would not seem like a hard thing to do. I guess I am on the defencive a bit due to Heath being an aussie, but I still have a open mind on the findings, and like most, will have to wait for the reports to return to see what happened. Like always, only time will tell......
  5. This sucks. Sorry to be so blunt, but don't really know what else to say about this. Just sick of hearing this tragic scenario over and over, that is, young, terrific young family, everything to live for....no longer with us. Maybe the song was right after all.....Only the good die young. God Speed HL.
  6. Good luck, needed some good news after hearing about the death of Heath Ledger, another good aussie leaves us all too soon. Now if I can only find a baby sitter the boss and I can go to watch Juno while it is still at the flicks.
  7. Console's Number is 3496 2486 1615 7017 Does this make me the first Aussie or did someone else beat me to it?
  8. My Little Rant. Being stuck in Brisbane while my home town is in the worst flood trouble it has had in the last 10 years. I was only out there over x-mas to wire up the new shed at my parents house, now to find that they have about a dozen fridges from people who have needed to evacuate their houses. I guess I should look at the bright side, my work is going to be put to really good use. If interested google "Charleville Floods Australia" for all the pictures of the weeks floods....and the worst part is that the main peak of water is not due for the next 24-48 hours. "Keeping fingers crossed"
  9. ^Same, my first coaster was at Wonderland on the Beastie. Went there during a trip to Sydney at the end of 1988, and was able to drive past the Expo 88 site in Brisbane on the way to the airport. The Demon came from the Expo site as one of the three coasters that they had there during 1988. Now that is one that you maybe should post about also...will have a look to see if i can find the old park maps from that time. The Wonderland park was sold and turned into a industrial estate, but if you are interested about the park, some of the best people to ask questions about can be found at this thread at Roller-Coaster.com.au... http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/forums/index.php?s=50783d55dc07779b86c0a218575de5d0&showforum=9
  10. That the Cyclone Roller Coaster at Dreamworld was "The best in Australia and one of the top 5 in the world". Sad thing is that this was from a park staff member, and more than a year after Superman Escape had opened no more than 5km down the road.
  11. ^Find it interesting that you say that Gav. After looking at the video before I got to ride it, my thoughts were the same. Now after the first ride I can say it is a nicely paced ride for the family based attraction that it is meant to be. As far as the ride having "uncomfortable trains" I must say I don't agree, as I found them quite comfortable and that is rare for someone of my now very large size (don't ask, I am working on it ) To answer a question from the early stages of this post, yes the ride at Dreamworld does have 16 seat trains, with two of these seats being sidecars for the not so large kiddies. P.S. Happy 8th wedding anniversary sweet....time flies when you are having fun.
  12. It has now been a week and I am able to remove the water proof wrap off my arm, but sadly no gore. All that you can see now is what looks like different coloured skin....will try to get more recent pics up in future, trust me when I say there will be others. To make up for it I guess I will just have to post some pics from Dreamworld and Whitewaterworld next weekend after our next visit. Either that or I could post what happens when you try to take out your own eye with a pair of electrical pliers.....your call.
  13. All from White Water World, Shirt for Jarryd.. Wallet for Daniel, Shirt for their mother, and a little gift for a little girl that we have yet to meet to try to convince her parents to visit Australian Theme Parks..hehehe Might even send that stuff one day......
  14. Never got to ride the moto coaster as the kids were bugging me to go to the water park, and there was some trouble with two of the trains restrants... It was on the green snake slide in the Temple of Huey...and Jarryd still wanted to ride on it after it all happened, he was yelling and laughing the hole time...I was not
  15. Yeah, am all ok, have to keep the cover on it for a couple of days to make sure nothing is infected, but as soon as it comes off, I promise I will send pics. Just realised that I have not yet sent a TR of the new water park and the new moto coaster at Dreamword in, so will do that in a fortnights time when we do our next visit. Promise
  16. We were taking the terrible twosome to the new White Water World theme park here in oz yesterday, and myself and our youngest got a ride we were not expecting. We were riding a two person Pro Slide water slide when half way down, the raft started to ride right up the walls, and I mean RIGHT up. To try to balance the raft out, I stupidly put out my arms to the side of the fiberglass slide. The only thing I was trying to do was to make sure my 5yr old stayed in the raft, and not thinking about the speed I was traveling (I would say...QUICK) at least not until the skin on my arm was no more in one spot. To cut a long story short, I gave up on the raft, grabbed my boy and sat him in my lap, and let the raft ride us to the pool down below. Still trying to figure out how it happened, but the funniest part was that my son wanted to go again.....Without the raft. On the plus side, hats off to the park staff, as they were right over to lend a hand and the first aid officers were perfect in every way....arm still looks a little bad now, will take a pic in the next day or too when it is not as gross.... Has this happened to you in a park, or have you managed to loose something in a slide that you would rather not have?
  17. Thought I might post some updated pictures of some of the rides in the two main Australian Water Parks. The Rip: http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/gallery.php?gid=170 The Temple of Huey: http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/gallery.php?gid=169 There have been reports of more construction happening around this tower of late, with plenty of area to expand into. So needless to say we are hoping for something mind blowing. Super Tubes HydroCoaster..The LIM version: http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/gallery.php?gid=168 The Green Room: http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/gallery.php?gid=163 I know that this can get a bit freaky when you are only inches from touching the water pipe on the first run through...have pics somewhere of that. The Nick kids area seems to be a standard set up, or at least from what I am told : http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/gallery.php?gid=167
  18. Our friends over at Roller-coaster.com.au have got a new update online of the track and first supports up for the Intamin Motorbike coaster at Dreamworld on the gold coast. http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/gallery.php?gid=180&page=1 And with Ian at Ozcoaster following the new Half Pipe coaster going in at Wet'n'Wild it is looking good for an Australian summer. http://ozcoaster.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=65&Itemid=27 Enjoy and hope to see you down here soon....
  19. After reading this tread from start to now, there are two things I have learnt. One, loose weight before invading the USA next year. Two, the OTSR that we have here on Superman: The Escape seem to be suited for the bigger gents, as I have seen some people that would have to be over the 130kg mark ride the coaster. Even myself, while pushing 120kg, can still ride with comfort and without having to squeeze myself into the seat. Think it is more an issue of body size rather than body mass....
  20. The bonus helix is one that I know well with the Lethal Weapon, and I think it might have even been the first with it...so I guess we can blame LW for the extra ear bashing moments?
  21. Oh crap that suxs, my thought and prayers to his family... I do remember the name from posts and the like, and I am sure that he will be missed here. WillMontu, words well said...
  22. Cheers for the pics Rabid, with this and the moto coaster that Dreamworld is building, should be a good year for Gold Coast Theme Parks
  23. Rather than start a new thread, I thought I would bump this one back up a bit for an Australian update. As far as the construction of the Half Pipe coaster goes, there is none as I know it yet. Parts are still on site but have not yet received any reports that the ground work has started yet. As I am talking of the Warner Village Theme Parks, Movie World has announced that the Matrix walk through attraction will be closing down to make way for a New Attraction. Now with the space that they have there, I am hoping to see a Sally Dark Ride, as was rumored a couple of years ago. Either that or it is the real location for the Half Pipe coaster and the park is playing games with the general public. Only time will tell on that one. Now as I have not heard anything from Seaworld, we will head over to Dreamworld who have closed a number of attractions within the park, and are installing a Intamin AG Launched Cycle Coaster this year. The most logical place for this is the area under the Tower of Terror where the Vintage Cars were until late last year. The park has also closed down the chair lift ride, which also operated in the same area of the park as the TOT. The other ride to close, all be it out of the blue, was the Eureka Mine Ride roller coaster, which has been explained as closed due to maintenance, or letting the park tell it there way, http://www.dreamworld.com.au/content/standard3.asp?name=FamilyRides this also tells that the Vintage Cars will be reopened after construction of the parks new attraction. Now that I have a bit more time away from work and in good health again, I hope to be able to keep you guys up to date with all the Aussie News either here or with the Rabid One at Ozcoaster.net Enjoy.
  24. Nice to see KT is doing a lot better now. Will send some goodies to KT in the mail this week, now that everyone is home again.
  25. A somewhat late congrats to Robb and Elissa...and welcome to this crazy place we called earth to Kristen. Hope all is well, although Elissa has made my better half jealous, 4hrs? Poor Lj had to go through 14hrs for our first son, who's "Star Wars" birthday party we have been busy planing for the 22nd of March, with sleep over.....I must be mad. Best wishes again to the Alvey family and we will see if we can send a traditional aussie gift for Kristen....heheh. P.S...Did I mention that I have the upmost respect for women after my wife dislocated my thumb while in labour, she was happy after that I also was in pain....
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