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  1. With there now two major water parks on the Gold Coast, it looks as the parks are trying new things with Wet'n'Wild taking delivery of track this week for the rumored new Half Pipe Roller Coaster. http://ozcoaster.net/content/view/51/27/ I think that looking at the track it is unmistakeably a Half Pipe coaster, but where in park are they planing to put the ride. This is a good start to the year for the Australian Theme Park with Intamin AG announcing that their version of a Motorcycle Accelerator will be built at Dreamworld this year. http://www.parkworld-online.com/news/fullstory.php/aid/188/9_new_Intamin_coasters.html Maybe this Xmas would be a good one to visit Australia after all....
  2. Finally getting better.....now that the doctors know what is wrong with me.....pneumonia suxs
  3. Mellisa Jane Alvey Would like to offer more names, but have to keep some for ourselves...
  4. Loving the update guys, and congrats on the wedding anniversary and expecting arrival...I know I am a bit slow there..... Jew...don't worry about everyone bagging you...come on down under and not only will we get you greatly drunk, but will also get you laid...even if you wake up next to the Rabid one!!
  5. Two reasons.....one because I now have the time to post on one of my favorite sites again, even if it is because I am sick.. and Two because of this illness I might get tomorrow off as well....as if 5 days in bed is not enough... P.S. Just thought of some others...New water park and new space shot rides opening within the next month, not to mention the new coaster for Dreamworld next year
  6. Yeah, the charity has been going for a little while, and they are asking that you contribute to it now after Steve's death to show your surport. The Peter Brock death has been another blow to all us Aussies, the man was a legend of Motor Sport within this country and will never be forgoten. Can you only imagine what it is like in heaven with those two up there now....chaseing all the crocs at over 200km per hour. These things seem to happen in threes, so who is next?
  7. Elissa, Steve and Teri had set up www.wildlifewarriors.org , and the local media are asking that any donations go to this site. Please don't worry if you find it down, as it has crashed many times over the last couple of days. While my family and I visit Australia's Zoo at least 5-6 times a year, it will not seem like the same place without been able to bump into Steve running around the park, even though I am sure his spirit will live on in that place well past my time on this planet. And to confirm what people have said, when you have had the chance to meet Steve away from the park and the camera's, as I once did, you realise it is no act on the TV...that's just Steve. Thanks Bloke for the memories.
  8. I posted back at the beginning of this topic only on what had happened, not how I felt, as I was still trying to figure that out. Let me start by address some of the things posted in the last 7 pages... First thing is I think that Steve is laughing his arse off at the "Thumbs" picture. He was well know for his humor, and I think that one he would have liked enough to want a copy. Second thing, is that Steve himself said in one of the last interviews he did, that he fully expected to die on the job, but he always stated he would die for the animals, as he loved them that much, second only to his family. As for the "Baby Bob in the croc pen" incident a couple of years ago, what the media did not state or show, is that he was surrounded by helpers in that pen, and when feeding the croc, there was one within arms reach of Bob, should anything go wrong. (This was shown on home video of ppl there about 4 days later). I think if anything did happen on that day, Steve would have gone first and let nothing happen to Bob. On a personal note, I think that Australia has lost one of it's favorite sons and while he will be missed for years to come, his ideals and legacy will continue for decades into the future. As for those who did not like him, that is your right as a free minded person, he often said that he was not out to make friends, but to open our minds to animals and the environment around us, and that is all that matters. P.S I forgot to mention, he was in the area filming a doco for the world deadliest marine creatures, but due to poor weather, they stopped and Steve went looking for some footage of the "Pussycats of the Ocean" (Sting Rays) for his 8yr daughters series on the Discovery channel. According to reports, there have only been 20 deaths worldwide by stingrays, only 2 in Australia.
  9. Extremely sad news. Queensland and Australia have lost a great ambassador, a loving father and a all round top bloke with this freak accident. According to the latest news, Teri and the kids have taken a chartered flight home, and the children have been informed that there father is not coming home, the day after Australia celebrated Fathers Day. The news is that the stingray turned around suddenly and Steve was struck in the chest by the barb of the ray's tail. The camera operator did not even know at first what had happened until he saw blood in the water. He was raced in a small inflatable back to the main boat where a doctor worked on him for the next 30mins, on the way to a nearby island, where paramedics had landed and were waiting. When the boat arrived however, it was too late and there was nothing more that could have been done. A day that most Queenslanders will never forget....I know I won't.
  10. ^HAHA...sorry if this sounds nasty Slick...but you have built yourself up as a self confessed Dreamworld Fan (which we know you are). But as I read your post on page one, something did not seem right...error in buttons I think. Just for the record, the Tower of Terror uses 2.2Megawatts of power during the launch...not 2kw as you mentioned before, as that is about what my toaster uses. As I said, incorrect buttons used, but I could not help myself.
  11. What a choice to make...do the family and I come on the USA trip, or try to fit it into the two weeks before the Japan trip to tag along with that... I think that we will have to wait till the end of the month when more info is available to make a call. There is always 2008 I guess.
  12. Well that would be the case, as the email I was talking about was back around April...so I am happy to say that I stand corrected. One case of rollback for Superman Escape to add to the list.
  13. ^Funny you should mention that...downunders first ride on Superman was in the front seat after it reopened after rain...no rollback...just a lot of bugs in the face...
  14. Superman at Movie World has only ever rolled back during testing when it was meant to. I have had words with people who claim to have been on the ride when it rolled back, but according to the park, this is not true. During the first couple of weeks of operation, there was a sensor issue which made train evacs on the launch a common thing. The good news is that this has not happened for a while and seems to have been corrected.
  15. Will have to let us know when you are going to be heading to the coast again so that we can organise with Clint to have a few more ppl on the next Sour Grapes Tour Brent. Just make sure to let us know when ever that will be.
  16. Have I had surgery...No! Surgery's meant to have had....alot. The big one's are two knee reconstructions due to ACL damage in both knee's. Never had it done. On waiting list to have spinal surgery for 3 disc's (and that is all that they have checked on) bulging onto the spinal cord in my lower back. The doctors have told me that they won't do the surgery until I loose some weight. So now on a diet and exercise plan that should have me loosing about 20kg in the next 6 months or so. Funny thing is that if I loose the weight, they might not have to do the surgery.....less weight = less stress on the spine. So I guess only time will tell.
  17. That would be right...invite Clint to use the pool...and I miss out again.. And when were you planning on telling the rest of us Au$$ie's about Lou's visit next year....cunning Clint...very cunning.. Will be visiting the parks almost every weekend in the upcoming months, so might catch up one weekend if you are around before Vegas, if not, have fun.
  18. Hey Clint.. What sort of trip report would come from Australia without a photo of beer... Although it did make for the best laugh of the day, trying to explain to the other half that you do know there is only one nose on the wiggles door...she though you were serious...HA! Thanks for the trip report and will now submit my application for membership to the AA Group!
  19. Got the dvd in the post today thanks Robb, loved every minute of as did the kids. The best part was watching my wife answer our 6yr olds question "Why is that doggie jumping on those men mommy" Will put up a review on Ozcoaster over the weekend when I have watched all three. Wayne "Paying for kids therapy for many years now" C.
  20. Sorry Wally, never drink wine...must be cause I am the ignorant one! Could get into a great long chat about beer, but let me just say that I was comparing to the commercial beers, like Budweiser and Coors etc that you would buy in your normal bottle shop here in Australia... Now if we want to talk home made and the special stuff, would be happy to do so and try quite a lot of them when I get to the states next year....as long as you buy the first round.
  21. After trying quite a few American beers, the only way I can describe them is, as Monty Pythons said "It is like making love in a canoe". Figure out the rest of the saying and you will get my point.
  22. After shareing the "Big Add" with everyone, the guys in marketing for Aussie Beer have let the cat out of the bag as to how Beer is made in Australia...enjoy. http://www.fortheloveofbeer.com.au/ and then click on "Watch the Love". And in case you missed the big add, then here it is again, http://www.bigad.com.au/ Hope you like them
  23. As long as you guys are all home in September of 2007, as I will finally be able to come good on all those beers I owe people. Will be visiting the Southern Cal area for around 10-14 days and if the timing is right, join some of you on a little TPR tour. But as that is yet to be decided, I am happy to settle for the states at this stage.
  24. As far as I know, which is not often much, there has not been a rollback on Superman outside of the testing stages. I will leave this one up to the Rabid one to find out and answer with 100% reliability. It had a couple of issues for the first two to three weeks with a sensor alignment, but now it hardly has any troubles outside of the weather related ones anyway. I just hope that the new Batman tower will be as good as Superman....about time we started to get some new toys down here. Wayne "B&M 2007" C.
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