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  1. No, they're not on their way out. I think that there are more inversion types than ever before, though, and coasters can only have so many inversions so I guess there'll be coasters without them as coasters are less formulaic than before. Certain inversions suit certain coaster types, so I don't think the end is nigh by any stretch of the imagination.
  2. But what if the chain snaps? Isn't that the point of anti-rollbacks?
  3. Since current capacity is zero, this will infinitely increase capacity. Good positive spin there You should work for Vekoma's PR department Actually, I've just remembered I seem to recall reading that it rarely got long lines anyway (TPR members might disagree? I'm not sure). The article I read suggested that the Battlestar theme was 'lost' on the locals to a certain extent (and speculated that it might actually have been getting a retheme during the closure, which obviously doesn't seem to be the case).
  4. Yes Efteling uses the same uniform across the park, even the major rides don't have themed uniforms. There are some rumors this ride wil have themed uniforms but nothing has been confirmed. And about the steampunk uniforms, this ride has nothing to do with steampunk. The idea behind this non-themed-outfit is that every visitor immediately can see which people are employees of the Efteling and which not. Also you can't see where someone is working, so for every visitor is the employee the same (from vacation worker until manager). So the idea is you ask easier questions to them.When you look at Phantasialand, you know that employee belongs to that ride so you don't ask him/her (as easily) of there are any lactose-free-menu's available in the park. This is the outfit for the themepark (left women, right men). In the hotels they have the same outfit but in other colors! What a classy uniform. And thanks for the explanation - I wasn't criticising the park but thought it was surprising, but it totally makes sense when you explain it like that Thanks also to Sven for the reply!
  5. I bet Universal are 'delighted' that the capacity has essentially been halved (assuming it runs the same number of trains), but hopefully this fix the problem. It looks like there is bracing underneath the seats too, a bit like on B&M's Mk1 inverter trains (eg, Batman, Nemesis etc)
  6. Do Efteling use the same uniform across the park? That's quite surprising to me if they do as they strike me as the kind of park (like Europa or Phantasialand etc) that have themed uniforms per area or at least for the major rides? Maybe they'll make an exception for this ride (like Alton Towers have done previously for some of their bigger rides when they first open).
  7. 960pph isn't too low considering the typical capacity for a large coaster is typically 1200pph (excluding places like Disney etc) - this coaster looks like it's suited for smaller parks, anyway, which wouldn't need a people eater.
  8. TOT is such a great dark ride. It's like theatre, where there is so much going on behind the scenes that you are totally unaware of, but it's all about 'the show'. That diagram is so fantastic.
  9. For me it's the tunnel at the end of DLP's Big Thunder Mountain. Such a great ending to the ride. The drop feels like it goes on for ever.
  10. Bling went to Skyline Park, and there is another one that tours in the UK called Air. I love the Star Shape, I'm surprised there aren't more!
  11. That's OK I guess the spin rides look very nice with good theming, but you are right that none of them are very exciting, especially because Port Aventura run them so badly.
  12. Olympia Looping for me. I like the first half, but the second half is fairly dull and the restraints are horrible and crush my shoulders. Also, if I can include rides other than coasters, I'd nominate BPB's Valhalla which I find massively overrated.
  13. I'm really confused as to why the BCN resort is going to be built right next to the park in such a way that it limits expansion. I know the park has plenty of space for rides to built around each other, but having so much space around the park is a luxury not many European parks have. @chokeslamcena - all of those rides were from when the park opened and were just filler rides in addition to the coasters and water rides. The park didn't really have any dark rides as the designers didn't think there would be an appetite for these in such a hot country. A lot of the rides were from Huss too so they probably got a good deal because they bought so many rides: Volpaiute is a Huss Flipper El Trono de Pakal was a Huss Rainbow Kon Tiki Wave is the Polynesian themed Huss Pirate Ship Crazy Barrels is a Huss Breakdance Teacups, Cobra Imperial, Serpiente Emplumada and Yucatán aren't Huss, but I think they're from the same manufacturer. Spin rides were just a cheap and effective way to add lots more rides into the park for when it opened in 1995 to support the big coasters and water rides.
  14. Oh I would be so happy to see Mission 1 back. I really do not like the half hearted Mission 2 revamp where it is a modern theme (with the video, the mission control radio messages etc) inside the Jules Verne themed building with the cannon etc. It's two completely different themes that don't work together. Plus the music is so poor compared to the original.
  15. Got back from DLP last week and had an amazing time. I was glad to see so many wet paint signs up, buildings being renovated and rides being worked on, but it is sad to see how bad the park did get. There were a few effects not working which annoyed me; magic carpets in Its a Small World, the ghouls in/on the car on Phantom Manor at the end and the watersplash on BTM, and Mark Twain looked TERRIBLE even from a distance. However what they are doing to tidy the place up looks promising and it looks like they are doing it properly (eg, the Newport Bayclub refurb where they are replacing all of the cladding outside, and refitting all 1000+ rooms). Pirates looked great inside too, and WDS has grown a lot since I last visited - the difference in quality between rides like Tower of Terror, Ratatouille etc are like night and day when you compare to the original rides the park opened with. Operations seemed fine to me. There were a couple of late openings, but staff were extremely polite. We stayed in the Newport Bay Club and although our room hadn't been re-fitted it was immaculate and the renovations had absolutely no impact on our stay. I thought food and drink was very good as well and we ate at a lot of the resort's nicer restaurants. I will say that it is obvious that the resort hit rock bottom and that should never have happened. I am happy to see that they are working on fixing the park.
  16. The catwalk seems very narrow and pretty low, so I wonder whether you'll even be able to see it on the train. It seems pretty tucked out the way.
  17. Good timing I guess. At least the project has only just started and there are presumably other parts of the ride they can work on while the lift is fixed. It's obviously a setback, but had it happened closer to the ride opening it would undoubtedly have had a much bigger impact as they wouldn't have had the time to play catch-up as they do now. The important thing is that nobody was injured.
  18. I wonder whether rides like Intamin's Gyrodrops and Falcon's Fury are slower because of the wind resistance caused by the larger ring, and also presumably because the brakes start higher up the tower?
  19. Oh right! What causes the delay? Is it that the car park is too close to the entrance or something and traffic backs out onto the main road? Or do people have to wait to turn into the entrance? It doesn't sound ideal to be honest, but then I can't imagine a small ride would really make that much difference which is what is worrying I guess.
  20. This is surely bit of a watershed moment for the park. If a ride this small gets refused, then what exactly can the park add?! I'm not sure where they can go after this Any locals know how fixable the traffic problems are?
  21. It would be sad to see this coaster go. I agree with Rob actually about storing it locally. It would be a shame to see German fairs only have KMG rides because of the increased cost of transportation. I can see why new rides of that scale would be expensive too as they have to be a very specific layout to look good from the midway, easy to transport, super high capacity (3000pph), easy to construct etc. I hope it doesn't go to some random Russian park to rust away like Eurostar did
  22. Worst I've ridden is El Condor or Goudurix. Best I've ridden are either Big Thunder Mountain or Expedition Everest. I think their family coasters are pretty decent to be fair.
  23. Do they? The ride is a few years old now, so I don't think a ride manufacturer would routinely check their rides? I don't see why they would, unless TM had a problem only Intamin could fix.
  24. This sounds really excellent! The nerd in me wants them to extend the park's monorail system to go to the waterpark instead of a bus, though. Not a complaint, just a pipe dream
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