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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean crowded with people, I meant crowded with rides like River Quest and Colorado Adventure's rocks right over the pathways. I know English isn't your first language so I thought I would explain
  2. I'm not sure how expensive it is, but we had it included with our package when we visited. It was brilliant for us. We ate lots at the breakfast buffet (free with the hotel), and then the Halfboard vouchers are valid in pretty much most of the major restaurants in both parks and City Walk. You also get the teatime treat of a cake and drink. If you are planning to eat properly at restaurants I would say seriously consider it and maybe read up on the menus on DLPGuide before you buy just to get an idea of dining options. If you are normally just happy with grabbing fries and burgers then maybe it's not for you. Our favourite meals were at Chez Remé (very limited menu but nice food and great decor) and Blue Lagoon, both of which are proper sit down restaurants and were included on the plan. The buffet restaurant in the studios was good too and we were amazed at the portions at Annette's Diner (by European standards anyway) If you have any specific questions let me know
  3. ^ Yep, same for most of the rides, I love Colorado Adventure, Talocan, Black Mamba for similar reasons
  4. It's amazing how quickly the ride has come together. It only seems like yesterday people were sitting in the bottom of that hole for the ride announcement. Speaking of fast, that lift hill is pretty quick huh?!
  5. Some parts do feel quite crowded and compact (not in a bad way) such as the area around Colorado Adventure and some areas such as around Wuze Town feel quite open with the lake next to it. A lot of the rides criss cross paths and other rides and on Black Mamba for example you are never more than a few feet away from a path, tree, tunnel, rock etc. The funny thing is that although the park is compact I always feel there is a lot of walking because the layout isn't the most obvious. I'm not sure about a height limit, but the park does have very strict restrictions on noise pollution which is why most of the rides are virtually enclosed or surrounded in sound barriers/fake rocks and why Mystery Castle is enclosed.
  6. From the videos it looks a lot better than I expected and seems to go through the whole course at a decent tempo and looks like one of the better small Dive Machines. Amazing photos thanks Oblivion100! It looks really beautiful.
  7. The dive loop into the tunnel and then the twist afterwards looks like a delight!
  8. It's amazing how quickly this has all come together. This looks like it could be a great Gerstauler (helped by the fact it has lapbars)
  9. Oh my god, get out of my head, I nearly posted the exact same thing this morning The amount of crossovers really is crazy though, it will surely look like an explosion in a spaghetti factory. It will be good to see if the trains will ever pass each other as they often do on Smiler.
  10. Thanks for all the updates and photos today guys Here's my thoughts: - I love the contrast between the ultra-modern "hub" and the Italian themed street - It's bit of a shame that there's no camelback on the coaster, but then it's not the main part of the ride of course - I quite like that the tower rides are now separate from the coaster as they have more impact - I hope they keep the price reasonable bearing in mind the park is quite small - Layout wise it looks really good, it will be interesting to see what is in the main building/hub - Oh and the entrance plaza looks like a Breakdance
  11. I guess it is a good record to break because economically it isn't an expensive record to break (unlike tallest coaster) but one that the GP can relate to. The steepest lift hill record... less impressive
  12. I've not ridden the 'new' Thriller but that is my gut feeling too. I think as with a lot of rides the train is a big part of the problem although the accordion restraints were really horrible but could be easily fixed by having them lock in place so they don't get tighter. It's a very small market, for sure. Hopefully a park in Mexico or somewhere like that can give the ride a new lease of life like they did with Bullet. Problem is if you are a small park who wants a big coaster, you have more options nowadays such as Gerstlauer who can give you a pretty large coaster for a small price rather than take on what will be a very difficult ride to maintain. PS, thanks GeorgeT
  13. I don't think it's as easy as that because the showmen wouldn't have anywhere to take it because the major fairs would already have had their quota of big coasters as Thriller was replaced by Eurostar, plus Olympia and Magic Mountain (as it was) were all touring. The ride never had problems on the fair circuit and it is no bigger load-wise than Olympia Looping. Laser has bit of a different timeline in that there are fewer coasters travelling now. I might be wrong, but this has always been my understanding
  14. I know people who have ridden it and they far prefer it to Olympia Looping without exception. Both have/had horrible accordion restraints, but Thriller had the more intense, exciting layout. I know one person who rode it both as Thriller and Zonga and said it felt like a totally different ride As for Olympia/Thriller and why Olympia is still travelling, it's a different comparison to make because they were owned by different showmen who made different decisions. I might be over simplifying things, but Thriller was replaced by Eurostar and this was done at a time when showmen almost always were looking to sell their coasters to get the next big thing. Eurostar was that next big thing and had Barth had the chance to sell Olympia then I'm sure he wouldn't have looked a gifthorse in the mouth either because there were constant rumours that he wanted a new multi looping coaster or at least wanted to extend Olympia Looping to include more inversions. Unfortunately the German fair market has changed and it seems Barth missed this opportunity as there just isn't the market for these huge coasters any more. Bruch managed to sell on Eurostar and hasn't really replaced it with anything, and Barth apparently wants to sell Olympia Looping too.
  15. Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris. I love it as a thrill seeker, and kids love it too, and the fact you can sit three across with small kids makes it even better!
  16. Thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to hearing all about this. I spend about 25% of my life out in the Emirates (normally Dubai), so am really excited for what's happening at Ferrari World. It really sounds like they've decided what works for them and are REALLY going for it!
  17. Oh fantastic, I'm looking forward to some concrete statistics about this project, and really interesting that it seems all the Ferrari news will be on the same day!
  18. It says one launch goes into a panorama curve and the other into an immelman (with a drop track at the beginning of it), but in the photos we have one going into an overbanked curve and the other into/out of a high speed turn. Who knows, I could be wrong, Screamscape could be wrong.... but like I say, no reliable source has confirmed those elements and a site that is right 'most of the time' isn't reliable IMHO What will be will be... I'm just enjoying the construction pics. There is no point getting our hopes up over things that might not happen (This is the best picture of the layout so far: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1575305#p1575305 )
  19. It was rumoured a few pages back, but I have not heard it from any reliable source yet. There were a couple of trick track sections rumoured including one that slides down to the side (not sure of the technical name!)
  20. I love how they're breathing new life into so many of their rides this year. So much for a quiet season
  21. Here is a great article on SouthParks about some of the details from the fourth and final round of consultations including transport plans and what happens next: http://www.southparks.co.uk/2015/05/01/final-consultations-underway-for-london-paramount-entertainment-resort/
  22. I think the artists' impressions we're seeing are deliberately vague but aspirational at the moment because I guess a lot of the details have yet to be hammered out in terms of IP. I think they're generally just to give a gist of how the land lies as opposed to actually showing any of the rides or themes in any detail.
  23. Yes, yes and yes! What a great report. I've seen pictures from here before and it does look like a lot of fun and I had no idea that you could actually get behind the controls of some of them. I didn't realise Spin Lizzy spun so fast either, so thanks for the video. I never even thought of the fact they could change the angle of the bucket thing either. Thanks so much for the report! TL/DR:
  24. That's a fair point, although often the norm for most roller coasters unfortunately. I do think it will be integrated quite nicely into the area though because it comes back past the station, although it's hard to get away from the fact it will be a 'normal' Dive Machine once you start climbing the lift hill. It does look like a fun coaster though and although none of the ride is themed past the lift, the theming on the station and lift does look exceptional
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