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  1. Definitely go on Magnum if you go to Cedar Point this year. I've been on both of them and Magnum was not a let down after going on Millennium Force. It was still fun and exciting and all that good stuff we all like. However, that was back in 2003. I didn't get a chance to ride it when I made a trip to Cedar Point in 2005, so I don't know how well its aged since then. If you're concerned about taking on Millennium Force, definitely ride Magnum first. If you like it, chances are you'll love Millennium Force.
  2. I used to ride only rides I thought were good. After starting to come here, I've started to ride anything I can in order to say "yeah, I rode it". Thanks alot TPR
  3. perhaps it meant full circuit? Yeah, that's what it means. In all of the records that I've ever seen posted, it says "highest and fastest full circuit coaster". Because, Superman in SFMM was 400ft and 100mph, making it the tallest and fastest...technically.
  4. I'd probably ride Millennium Force for 104+ days. Its the only one I enjoy that much and is smooth enough to do.
  5. 1. Millennium Force (Ranked 3rd) 2. The Incredible Hulk (Ranked 28th) 3. Alpengeist (Ranked 36th) 4. Top Thrill Dragster (Ranked 22nd) 5. Big Bad Wolf (Ranked 84th) 6. Magnum XL-200 (Ranked 44th) 7. Superman: Ride of Steel (Darien Lake) (Ranked 12th) 8. Vortex (Ranked 153rd) 9. Montu (Ranked 8th) 10. Raptor (Ranked 32nd)
  6. I got the Soaked! expansion to RCT3. Nothing else ride related. I usually get that stuff in the summer when I go to the parks.
  7. You know, its weird. I really wanted to go to Knott's for years, but after starting to come to this website, I really don't want to go there. From the stuff Robb and other members have posted, it really makes me want to stay clear. Is there any reason at all that I should go to Knott's while on a future California trip?
  8. Well said. I've been on a Zamperla Volare and I almost fell asleep while on it. The trains themselves were needlessly uncomfortable and the ride was boring as all get out. It also worries me that you have to get on and off of the train while its still moving. Something about that doesn't quite scream "safety".
  9. Oh, I was quite upset at CP during my last trip. For every ride except for TTD, there are tents and fans. Well, there were fans for the 3 hour queue for TTD, but they weren't working. I ended up with a case of sunstroke because of it. I was out of commission for the rest of the day. Not happy.
  10. It is definitely a very long queue. When I was in line for it, I was like "OK, this isn't bad, we're almost there"...then BAM! The line just kept going and snaking around itself. Ridiculous.
  11. I'm going to have to go with B&M on this one. I've been on some absolutely amazing Intamin rides (e.g., Millennium Force), but B&M just has more variety to them, and some of the rides are simply fantastic (e.g., Alpengeist). So, my vote goes to B&M. Matt "I still love Intamin" Bryane
  12. Like many people that have replied, Top Thrill Dragster scared the bejeezus out of me. I was on the second train and I saw the first one get shot out and I was thinking "OK...gonna die". When we were waiting in the launch area, it felt like forever just looking at the stoplights, waiting...just waiting for that green light to go. I had never been so nervous on a ride in my entire life.
  13. I'd much rather take a quality coaster over clever theming any day of the week. Tomb Raider is a perfect example of that. The theming looks pretty, but the ride is garbage. But then again, my Paramount experience is limited to Canada's Wonderland.
  14. The last coaster I rode was the Vortex at Paramount Canada's Wonderland back in August. I hate winter.
  15. The closest park to me is Paramount Canada's Wonderland. Yeah...weak. My favourite coaster there is the suspended Vortex. I've always liked it, but then again, I have a major fetish for suspended coasters like Vortex and Big Bad Wolf.
  16. I suppose the only types of rides I won't go on are those space ships that go upside down. I went on the one at Paramount Canada's Wonderland and after getting off, I vowed never to go back on it. Brutal and painful.
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