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  1. That is absolutely doable. Depending on the day, you might even be able to knock everything out in one day. Bad news...no single rider lines at the park. So...good luck with Backlot Stunt Coaster, lol. Niagara Falls is quite a ways from Toronto and is a full day type of thing. It is worth it if you've never seen the falls before. If you want some beer, my favourite spot is Bier Markt. They have a couple of locations in downtown and a fantastic selection. They're always worth a stop.
  2. Anton Schwarzkopf Werner Stengel Walter Bolliger Harry Traver This is actually tough. Other people I could have included and deserve to be there are: John Miller Ron Toomer Claude Mabillard Stan Checketts
  3. The only rides to make me grey out were I305 and Titan. I greyed out on I305's first turn and on Titan's bonus upwards helix. Still had fun though.
  4. ^ Fun fact: I'm in this video (albeit for like...2 seconds) at 5:39. I'm wearing the striped shirt at the top row of the Leviathan queue.
  5. Panzer - "Temple of Doom" Just picked up the debut album from these guys. They're a supergroup of sorts with the lead singer/bassist of Destruction and the guitarist and drummer from Accept. So far, it's pretty killer.
  6. The latest coaster to be added for me was Rollo Coaster at Idlewild back in July. That was a surprisingly fun little ride.
  7. Hey there...Dragon Fire isn't that bad. I still ride it multiple times whenever I'm at the park. Now the rest? Well...yeah. The less said about them, the better.
  8. The rattle on Behemoth was really bad in 2013, but whatever work they did during that off season paid off as it was running great in 2014 with not much of a rattle to report. Leviathan is still glass smooth. Those are the only two B&M's I'm able to ride with much regularity, sadly.
  9. The one thing going against a dueling coaster is that it's a massive capital investment, especially for a steel coaster. Dueling woodies would probably be much cheaper. Both options though would take up a massive amount of land. Based on where we're seeing markers, I don't see that happening.
  10. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I won't believe this project is actually happening until I start seeing vertical construction. I've been skeptical since the start, but would love to be proven wrong.
  11. First coaster: I want to say Mighty Canadian Minebuster, since it's the first one I actually remember. First steel: Big Bad Wolf First woodie: Mighty Canadian Minebuster First 100+ foot coaster: Big Bad Wolf First 200+ foot coaster: Apollo's Chariot First 300+ foot coaster: Millennium Force First 400+ foot coaster: Top Thrill Dragster First looper: Alpengeist First B&M: Alpengeist First Intamin: Ride of Steel (Darien Lake) Firrst GCI: Wildcat (Hersheypark) First invert: Alpengeist First launched: Rock and Roller Coaster First standup: Skyrider First flyer: Time Warp Favorite coaster: Outlaw Run Favorite steel: Skyrush Favorite wood: Outlaw Run Favorite 100+ foot: Maverick Favorite 200+ foot: Skyrush Favorite 300+ foot: Intimidator 305 Favorite looper: Maverick Favorite B&M: Leviathan Favorite Intamin: Skyrush Favorite GCI: Lightning Racer Favorite invert: Alpengeist Favorite launched: Maverick Favorite standup: Riddler's Revenge Favorite flyer: Tatsu
  12. I've been on a grand total one one Eurofighter (Untamed), so I'm really not in a position to say which is best. Untamed was fun, I suppose. It was definitely on the short side, but the last inversion was pretty fun.
  13. Just from personal experience, I'd be hesitant about doing Dorney and Knoebels in the same day. Unless you're doing a quick "get in, get out, hurrah Fast Lane" credit run approach to Dorney, you're looking at a full day. And Knoebels is definitely a full day park. Plus, it's about a 1.5-2 hour drive between the two parks. As for your questions: 1. It'd be safe to assume the parks will open roughly when they did in 2014 (give or take a few days) 2. My favourite time to travel is early June. By that time, most of the new rides are open, the kids are still in school and it's not too hot yet. 3. Memorial Day is a a good bet. But, it can definitely be hit and miss...I've been to parks in late June and their new ride still isn't open. 4. Honestly? The only reason to go to SFA is if you need the credits and happen to be in the area. 5. I usually hit parks working my way south to north, but that's for convenience purposes since I have to drive back up into Canada. 6. There's some smaller stuff, but it's not really worth making the stop. Well...maybe Lakemont between Knoebels and Hershey for Leap the Dips. If you're interested in a non theme park related excursion, you could find your way to Centralia, PA, an abandoned town not too far from Knoebels. 7. Fast Lane/Flashpass can be bought online. I always buy it ahead of time since it lets me rest a bit easier. Though, it's always a safe bet to see how busy the parking lot is when you get there before buying. 8. Buy good walking shoes. Dear god, I cannot stress that enough. Your feet will be thanking you by the time the trip is done. Also, be sure to relax and roll with the punches if anything goes a bit out of plan. Most important though...have fun!
  14. 1. How do you most often watch videos? (DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Download, Streaming.) - Streaming services 2. What streaming services do you use the most? - Netflix 3. How many DVDs or Blu-Rays do you buy a year on average? - About 10 4. Do you use a device like Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast? - No 5. How much do you watch videos on YouTube versus all the mediums listed in the poll? - Much more often. It is where I primarily watch video.
  15. Equilibrium - "Stein Meinen Ahnen" Seriously. I love this song so much.
  16. Count me in as another vote for SFNE Bizarro. I absolutely love the "come my friends, it not too late to seek a newer world" as you crest the lift.
  17. This only really happens to me when I have my first ride on very intense coasters. These include: Top Thrill Dragster, El Toro, Intimidator 305, Skyrush and Outlaw Run. After these, I had to stop and catch my breath before instantly running back in line.
  18. Sabaton - "40:1" Well...actually I'm just listening to the entire The Art of War album.
  19. Random question because I was thinking about it...did anyone see the Halloween themed version of Dimensions during Haunt?
  20. Let's see here...rather than "best", these are my favourites from each state I've visited: Arkansas: X-Coaster California: Xcelerator Connecticut: Boulder Dash Florida: Kumba Illinois: Viper Indiana: Voyage Maine: Excalibur Maryland: Superman Ride of Steel Massachusetts: Bizarro Michigan: Shivering Timbers Missouri: Outlaw Run New Hampshire: Yankee Cannonball New Jersey: El Toro New York: Ride of Steel Ohio: Maverick Pennsylvania: Skyrush Texas: Titan Virginia: Intimidator 305 Wisconsin: Cyclops Bonus Canadian round! Ontario: Leviathan Quebec: Goliath
  21. I've been on all the Backlot Stunt Coasters? Hurray? There are actually a few sets I've completed. As far as I can remember they are: All North American coasters over 300 feet tall (well...before Fury 325 opens at least) All North American Intamin Accelerators All North American Premier spaghetti bowl coasters It's not much...but whatever.
  22. I travel pretty light when I'm at a park. Normally, it's a wallet, cell phone, keys, camera and sunscreen. Basically, just things that will fit in my pockets.
  23. Canada's Wonderland is so far away from the other Cedar Fair parks, there really is no inter-chain rival. I mean...I guess Cedar Point, but that's one hell of a stretch.
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